Contestants Get Dizzy in a New ‘Game of Games’ Episode

It’s an honor, honestly,
to be filling in for Ellen. I can’t believe she hosts, not
one show, but two shows, right? She also hosts Game of Games. I decided– right? Isn’t that something else? I decided to guest host this
show because, that other show, it’s so mortifying. But I can’t not watch it. It’s like a panic
attack with guests. Here’s a sneak peek
from tonight’s episode. This is Dizzy Dash. Listen very carefully. If Shelly sells sea shores– if Selly sells– [LAUGHTER] –seashells by the
seashore, and Ellie Kemper embarrasses Elon Musk
on the Expressway, where were the sea
shells being sold? Spin them. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, God. OK, OK. All right, head back up there. Oh. OK. Ryan? On the seashore. That’s right, Ryan, seashore. Wow. You guys watch the show, right? Is it me, or is Ellen
enjoying that way too much? Did you see that? She’s got that, like– would I say she’s evil? Not while sitting in
this chair, I wouldn’t. You can see more crazy games
tonight at 8:00 on NBC.

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  3. sagi yahya

    RDJ should host a show too


    This is light balance please watch

  5. Laetitia Lilly

    He is so different than rest of the hosts, breath of fresh air, love it!!!

  6. k s

    RDJ can literally do anything.

  7. Raja guru

    I love you robert

  8. Seceret Talkies

    RDJ is irreplaceable..🧡❤️🧡🧡❤️❤️

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    1000x comment

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    Omg I’m so early

  14. Supernintendogirl 73

    “Welcome to Game of Games, Ellen’s new fun way of amusing herself while torturing you! Enjoy!”

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    Early x

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    Shu cuz wanna go to the park

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    Is there anything that RDJ can’t do

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    i love him :')

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    I love Robert so much

  20. I am love

    Please have him more often please 😘😊

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    I love you 3000

  22. Denis

    man, Ellen must be busy indeed if she can't even host her own show..

  23. Archana Bhat

    Rdj is my role model ❤️

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    I want Tom Holland to this😍

  25. Sara Zonana

    Now he really needs to have his own show, he is so good at this

  26. Chingu Sunshine

    RDJ really said she is the evil


    RDJ ,U Need to host a show …. Tony strak is the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. Sarcastic Klutz

    did he get false teeth he just sounds diff to me

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    At least they didn’t rip the ball this time.

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    All hail RDJ 😘😘😘😘

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    I feel like I won’t watch Ellen anymore after RDJ

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    if rdj hosted a show ill watch it forever

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    there is an other voice in the begging of the video

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    What was that accent he was using?


    Goo oooooooooo ooo [oo [ooo [oo [oo [oooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

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