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  1. Nicholas Shang

    Where is the freedom of speech for the case of former clippers owner….
    From wiki: In April 2014, Sterling was banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 million by the league after private recordings of him making racist comments were made public.

  2. Y Z

    You are wrong! It hurts Chinese people's feeling badly, each one of them. A group of outsiders broke into a beautiful, but vulnerable home a hundred years ago, beaten them, robbed them, and forced them to give up the right of their child. They successfully raised this child by educating him that his mother is a mean and evil one. They tried their best to erase the memory of this poor kid. A few generations later, they have to return the kid back to his home by the agreement they made. After the pain and humiliation for a hundred years, this mother is trying her best to respect this poor kid's feeling and agree to treat him not like her brothers and sister by giving him the extremely freedom to take care himself. But, the hate in his brain has been a hundred years long, which is never easy to go away. He still think the outsider is his dear mother. This mother is so heart broken! But she is still trying her best to be patient with him. Because, he is her lost son for so long. Her love to him is too deep! However, she can tolerant her own son be reckless. But, she dose not allow any other outsiders to point finger at her and claim that this kid should leave his real home AGAIN and keep hating his mother and families. I hope you understand the story. You don't judge when you don't understand the history and culture of a 5000 year old country, a venerable home but not vulnerable any more…

  3. KiatLeong Len

    Many people cannot discern spreading US values through peaceful and instigating movements. I will support 100% if NBA spreads good value through peaceful acts and messages. But in this case, it's classified as instigating. Sad.

  4. K Cruz

    Thank you Adam Silver for making things more difficult for our president to handle negotiations. Adam Silver is trash!

  5. David Garcia

    I'm glad the NBA is involved in a contract or labor dispute or political dispute because the NBA of all our professional leagues is the most moral and it's been the most sensitive to being morally and politically correct I trust the commissioner mr. Silverman and the other NBA owners GM's a professional athletes who do know right from wrong who do know what it is to be American and represent America will be able to shed some light on the situation because China does not want any part of a war with the United States of America you're better off trying to spy subvert or bribe your way in because China you will get your nation destroyed Beyond Your Wildest beliefs it will have to be a Slaughter of biblical proportions

  6. Ding Allen

    When you say Hong Kong is fighting for freedom, please spend more time on this 4 months event to learn more the whole story. It is not fight for freedom, Hong Kong is freedom area, that is why 2 system 1 country. These protests are fighting for separating Hong Kong from China, setup their own government. They are destroying the city, using mask to act crime.

  7. incendie21

    The purpose of the ban is not to stop people from watching the NBA, its to stop the NBA from taking money from the Chinese economy.

  8. David Garcia

    That lady was right about the guns to the Chinese people's heads and that man is right Americans should always take the opportunity to stand for America and American values it is more important to show the world we the people are indivisible

  9. Gary Cruz

    China vs Nba? Money money money money money?

  10. chen shawn

    i think these compere are funny,because of anyone can support freedom,kobe can support freedom,James can support freedom,Jordan
    can support Freedom。China wont do anything about people support freedom。But Morey not just support freedom,he also support the insurrectionist in Hongkong。It means Morey do not think hongkong is not a part of China。Even Trump got no ball to say that hongkong is not a part of China,but that stuip Morey think he can say whatever he want。Just like the former owner of la cliiper,he is free to say anything,but he should not say something bad about Magic Johnson。And the ending is Nba force him to sell the team。Because of all the best player in NBA are black people,when a white guy say something bad to a black people,that‘s race。If all the black people reject to play basketball in NBA,then who will watch NBA?so I think Nba have double standard。that sucks

  11. Song

    It's pretty weird to me that, in a world of freedom, people are only allowed to have opinion against China, if any one in anyway show support to China, then it is "bow to the censorship", has anyone free right to support China? No? This is so called freedom of speech, where the only voice allowed is to be against China?

  12. Al Wa

    The African American guy must be suffering from stockholm syndrome. Quote Martin Luther King.. The white man makes you hate yourself and your own people

  13. Al Wa

    I support the freedom fighters who brought down the WTC on 911.

  14. zhuoer ye

    We had no free speech??????WHAT a joke! You guys really don't understand us holding different values and without any respect.

  15. zhuoer ye

    I just wonder what you feel when somebody support terrorists in public.

  16. Y Sun

    Pro-Police in HK posts on facebooks are also deleted under the guidelines of freedom speech. It’s alright I don’t see any issue with it.

  17. FC C

    Free speech is an US' core value, without this core value, basketball is not basketball.

  18. Adam Rose

    The NBA needs to get the hell out of China, they are the Chinese Communist Party for a reason. We keep trying to give them more and more power, taking their fake money over the people. Every company that fails to get out of China and come back home deserve every single penny they lose in sales when the CCP steals all their technology and copy it then kick them to the curb. Thats what they have been doing for the past 40 years you bunch of greedy idiots.

  19. Richard Yang


    NEVER EVER offend, vilify, condemn, badmouthing YOUR BOSSES, CUSTOMERS, FANS, Investors or Benefactors if you really want REPEAT BUSINESSES with TONS of PROFITS.

    LEARN from TRUMP. He won't fuss about Mr. Kashoggi case or lecturing the SAUDIS about human rights and make them upset because
    He loves money and Saudis buy billions dollar of US made weapons.

    Look the other ways folk…….please look the other way……………..

  20. jian cao

    There is ban on tweets in China. Business are ban by Ccp not by the fan. Trust me, the ban of NBA will just increase the resentment from the Chinese fan who are so sick of the current government

  21. Tim Shi

    The speech in the name of FREEDOM does offend Chinese people. NOT CCP GOVERNMENT !!!!

  22. Yellow RoseOfTexas

    Who cares

  23. Chatla Suresh

    So all NBA players put the ball in the basket? It's goodwill putting balls in the basket's?🤔.

    NBA hot many ball's and basket's.

  24. Chatla Suresh

    Companies of retailer's removing their lot of stuff for Hong Kong love in Tokyo🤗😂🤣.

  25. Chris P Bacon

    Western sports like the NBA are a multicultural social engineering program. The fat stupid chicken wing eating westerner is the target. China is best to boycott this social poison.

  26. Chris P Bacon

    Western sports like the NBA are a multicultural social engineering program. The fat stupid chicken wing eating westerner is the target. China is best to boycott this social poison.

  27. Chris

    the only people looking bad is China, country that has abused human rights for centuries.

  28. maoss40

    American so proud of Democracy, but it may not for every countries. I'm sorry say sometimes democracy is a disaster to some countries

  29. Marcus H

    Chinas stupid 😆

  30. Sheltered Lives

    I so love this. ONE person (GM Houston Rockets) makes comment supporting Hong Kong. NBA leadership rushes in, apologizes to China.. has Houston Rockets GM cave and apologize. China responds by banning NBA. Thank you creators of South Park.

  31. Michael CHEN

    Company A do business with Company B, and A make billions of dollars each year  from B.

    One day Employee X from B claims that he has been treated unfairly, and destroys B's office and hurts the security guards of B. 

    At this time, A tweet: Fight for freedom, stand with X.
    B respond: Your speech has hurt our feelings and cooperation. Please explain and apologize.
    And A: This is my freedom of speech. I don't think I have done anything wrong. But you cannot prevent me from making money from you, otherwise you are too narrow-minded and disrespect the freedom of speech.

  32. TaeNyFan

    "Freedom of expression" as defined in America:
    Daryl Morey: "I support Hong Kong."
    Americans: "Hell yeah freedom of speech!"
    James Harden: "I support and love China."
    Americans: "You can't say that."

  33. Mark Zeng

    Ok, I guess a marjority of Americans have no idea what'd happened in Hong Kong or where is Hong Kong exactly. It is really stupid to make a generalization before you figures out the real story.

  34. Charles Foley

    Cheena, the most disgusting filthiest place on the planet

  35. Greg Kisinger

    Let's stop apologizing for our beliefs. Who cares what China thinks and if someone says people in Hong Kong should have the right to protest then that's okay. At some point the World needs to develop thicker skin and not let words affect them as much as they apparently do now. These aren't real issues people!

  36. 2tsuprem

    UUH , China says what people think. yep, that will work.

  37. luci78 Cozma

    You speak too much. You get punish !

  38. luci78 Cozma

    Now some teams from Burkina Faso or Trinidad Tobago they will got the Chinese sponsorship Say bey bye to USA. Seems they don’t need the money

  39. thewelford

    I don't watch any sports as it is a waste of time and does not matter; so screw foot ball, and base ball and basket weaving. Who cares? China cares and thinks sports are important. Chinese basket weaving how manly. Beijing basket boys. Boy , do what Master china tells you, boy. China's yo masta, boy.

  40. Xuanming Lu

    You are free to say what you like to say, but you aren’t free from the consequences of what you’ve said.
    In short, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, period.

  41. Tu Tuao

    Now I believe all CEOs in USA are worrying. If one of the employees in their companies tweets something that China dislikes, the whole companies will lose money. Freedom of speech? You are kidding me.

  42. Sy Fan

    It is getting so ridiculous. An employee of a company offend a customer with his inappropriate words. The customer decide not to buy anything from this company. Now some people said the customer is bullying the employee and the company by not buying their things. Who is bullying who?

  43. Steve C

    Should Apply, GE, Boeing, McDonald Starbucks , Walmart, Costco all pull out of China?

  44. Steve C

    Should we ask all the companies who do business in China take a stand on this Hong Kong movement? They should all pull out of China

  45. Jaded Cynic

    China is about to get a global smackdown. Bigtime! People are sick of that murderous CCP!

  46. 黄帆

    where is Donald Sterling's free specch?

  47. Kevin Fan

    Carol Roth talks like she knows Chinese public opinion about this NBA issue. She just assumes average Chinese are empty-headed idiots who know nothing or react nothing about Morey’s tweets. The fact is millions Chinese people are outrageous about what Morey says and how NBA react. I know for sure these arrogant and condescending people actually don’t give a fxxk about what Chinese people’s real opinions are. PLEASE don’t fxxking act like you know it.

  48. foot ball

    What is American value ?? meddling into other country internal affair …Yankee just mind your own business because you have more problems in your country than other had…

  49. Ray H.

    gun to the head? clearly she's not been to China 😂

  50. AngelMyst

    Hong Kong has Got To Stand Strong. Fight with All Your Might.

  51. dtvqa

    You have the freedom to speak your mind, but it doesn't mean I am going to like you afterward nor care to do business with you thereafter. F*&k off little girls, you won't be airing your NBA games on our network anymore.

  52. 李麟

    Crime and punishment

  53. Floyd Brown

    Evidently the NBA stupidly doesn’t realize the aspect of the governing rule in China.
    What if they stop making nba clothes, shoes!

  54. Green Anthony

    NEVER watch NBA, no effect to me

  55. informationOD

    Where are all the self righteous "elite" NBA players that spoke out about human rights in US but when it is China bullying HK they are no where to be found….where is loudmouth Lebron? Hurting your purse string huh?

  56. Taxi Girl McHolland

    they shouldnt be standing behind CHINA

  57. Taxi Girl McHolland

    they plan on world domination

  58. Kim Newell

    Is that Howdy Doody?

  59. Askcleft Kuizon

    its not only the color red of communism that censors people, i just realized that the color green of money also censors too.

  60. Yong Zhou

    None of these people have any idea what is really going on in HK.

  61. Yong Zhou

    I don't need a gun to my head to find most Americans idiotic.

  62. mcoo465

    I want to hear comments from all the rich, hot shot ballers on this.
    *crickets*. Yeaaaaahh….
    They know who their daddies are.

  63. Michael Sun

    It is stupid to make any comment on the protest without first understanding of the true nature of it. The protest is not about the freedom based upon human right, but freedom to extreme individualism.

  64. YUN YUN

    I do business with you, but I announced to all my friends on Twitter that I tickled your mother last night. You are not happy and very angry. so You decide to use your business power to announce that you will no longer cooperate with me. I claim that these are two different things. You can't suppress my freedom of speech and thought. I want to defend my right to freedom. My friends told me. "You can't bow to money," or "you can't bow to dictators." “ We are open and free". you resist me, you are evil. LOL

  65. bionic26

    money talks NBA fake wokeness 😂

  66. Brian White

    NBA is a cowardly organizations.i am sorry mr Chinese dirty dictator.boycott all NBA in America.let them cowardly people go live in china

  67. Brian White

    Blizzard is a cowardly company.

  68. Brian White

    Tiffany is a cowardly company

  69. Brian White

    Apple is a cowardly company

  70. Brian White

    Boycott all cowardly companies that want to deal with the dirty chinese dictator ship government.

  71. D W

    Oh no the $$$$$$$$$ NBA is going to loose. ……. wait till all this Liberal go begging the Communist to take them back!!!

  72. Jiang Zhu

    you have the freedom to express yourself, Chinese have the freedom to defend themselves by backlashing. There is one NBA, but at the same time there is only one China

  73. Mark C

    Well done China!

  74. Rekko GT

    China is going to force their ideals on the US through are own companies how sad

  75. J T

    Yes, it do offend Chinese, how will American like if Chinese support activist throwing petrol bombs at government building in America? It sensitive time, US been attacking China Chinese, like blacklist Chinese companies, restriction of Chinese visa entry. Each time before trade talk US will hit out at China, US never sincere at reaching out any deal with China. China have every right to react and stand up to such bullying.

    I do agreement everyone have freedom of speech, but public figure should be more cautious of their words. Saying support for protest in HK = supporting rioters burn building and attack law enforcement officer, such notion meaning support of terrorism activities? Well if that happening in US American will call these rioters terrorist!

    Same as when Trump made public speech about massacre all North Korean, yes I do believe he have the intention to wage war.

    Thus freedom of speech don't mean one can say what they like, and there consequences.

  76. Jimmy Joe bob

    money above Honor…

  77. Indie Jones

    The problem with all these US media. They get people without a grasp of issues and let them blare their stupidity and insensitivilty . And keep talking about free speech without acknowledging there are limits .. Someone says he should redefine 9-11 incident to that of work by freedom fighters. Yes its offensive and disrespect. Buts its freespeech still.

  78. Udoeze David


  79. Andry soesanto

    Who want to hire this six, as GM? 😂😂😂😂

  80. pathnativejam

    take away the NBA from China and take away all American influence in china and watch China fall. lol They need us more than we need them period. The NBA changed the world ! Older than china , the game of basketball .

  81. 9981v

    All know NBA needs CN. CN well done. Am Chinese. No apology, No business! HK is part of CN like child of a family. If a man said your son not belonging to you, how is your feeling?!

  82. Hunter Jones

    So they cut you off even when you bow down and suck their Chinese dicks….

  83. Armo

    Frig China & the NBA

  84. K Kim

    Typical childish china crap..money is not everything and nba doesn’t need china..well done commissioner

  85. Teh Mu Jin

    China freedom of expression, NBA your service no longer needed.

  86. Y S

    The reason why sports and even e-sports can develop in the world is that he is a movement away from politics. After the development of sports and e-sports in a politically neutral position, attempts were made to use the traffic and audience of the platform to promote their political views, which must not be allowed. If we do not resolutely stop this kind of behavior, everyone will talk about politics in sports or e-sports platform in the future, which essentially hurts the foundation of sports and even e-sports. Morey took full advantage of the NBA's identity and popularity. If you are not the general manager of the Rockets, I will not pay attention to your Twitter, I will not know who you are, what you like to say. The reason I care about you is because I like the Houston Rockets, I like the NBA, I am a sports fan to pay attention to the general manager of my favorite team. You use the popularity and influence of the NBA and basketball sports to promote your political views and hope to achieve your personal goals.

    So what is the purpose of Morey? He is likely to be planning to go to politics, thus making full use of his identity and influence in the field of basketball. Morey and the NBA and a large number of politicians, under the banner of freedom of speech, have used sports that are supposed to be neutral and far from politics. It has destroyed the achievements and social image of the NBA's efforts for generations in the past 20 years.

    If this matter can be tolerated, all kinds of sports can not continue to survive, today is the NBA, tomorrow may be football, the day after tomorrow may be other games. Everyone in the sports event went to play political banners. At the 72nd Munich Olympic Games, 11 Israeli athletes were killed. This is the most shameful page in the history of the Olympics and even in the history of mankind. What is the purpose of terrorists? Of course, it is to express political appeals. You are allowed to talk about politics today. Tomorrow is to play banners. The day after tomorrow, people who play A-banners and B-banners on the game scene are jealous of each other and even become violent conflicts. By then, there will be no more sports events in the world to watch.

  87. Paradigm

    Remember, America FIRST. Don't ask or expect money from China. Afterall they earn, what is it? $1.90 a day? They can't afford NBA tickets or even buy US grain. China is so soo poor. Why are Americans looking at China? Americans are rich. They can afford tents Chinese have to save a year to buy.

  88. DFirst StAr


  89. jon davis

    As an average guy, am I suppose to give a pooh about this? I am not sure why I care any at all about this. Actually if the nba ceases to exist I can't really think of why I would care or be affected..

  90. Lutz M

    So why you crying over China's decision taken against NBA if you don't want them there.

  91. aprk mago

    War is coming

  92. Lutz M

    Those illegal protestors in Hong Kong are not protestors! !!!!!! But domestic terrorist rioting terrorising the city and burning it down with molotov cocktail bombs.

  93. N Ex

    American corporations need to stop selling out to China the way so many politicians have (Biden and crew).

  94. N Ex

    SJW's complain about how CEO's make so much more than their workers yet you hardly hear them complain about how much Le Bron James makes compared to the concession stand workers.

  95. Jonathan Smith

    Quit apologizing and grow a spine you gutless morons.

  96. 不好意思我真的不会取名字

    These people never understand the situation and still think it's the matter of so-called freedom of expression. You are supporting the SEPARATISM of the country, understand? idiots. All they talk about is NBA's revenue. No respect in the slightest. Pathetic!

  97. Hell Raiser

    Let China create their own version of a basketball league…lol

  98. yang ji

    Listen up America. Your problem is you only respected Chinese money and never respected the Chinese people. We will not accept your arrogance and stupidity.

  99. Bao Chen

    Dont support Chinazi

  100. Bonnie Valls


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