Champions in Season 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends

I’m Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, the Lead
Producer on the Champions Team at Riot and I wanted to talk a little about our
plans for 2020. We will be kicking off the year with
Sett, The Boss. Sett is a new Juggernaut releasing today. He is a bad boy from the Ionian underground,
but don’t tell his momma what he really does for a living it would break her poor little heart. What his Momma doesn’t know
is that Sett actually spends his time breaking the faces of his enemies,
with a defining new mechanic that builds up any damage he has recently taken as grit. Sett can then unleash this pent up Vastayan energy,
dealing extra damage based on how pumped up he is. He can also pick up an enemy champion
and body slam them into their whole team, doing extra damage based on the
health of the target he grabs. I mean, who doesn’t want to grab
a 5,000 health Cho’Gath and smash it into a squishy marksmen like a damn boss. But enough about Sett, let’s talk about
what else we have planned for 2020. Up next after Sett, will be the two
champion updates you voted on for last year: Fiddlesticks and Volibear. With Fiddlesticks our goal is to really
deliver on its horror thematic as well as revamping his kit to be more
centered around fear both mechanically and psychologically. You can read more about the progress on
Fiddlesticks in a new Dev Blog coming out today. Now let’s talk a bit about Volibear. After the last Roadmap, many players
thought the latest Volibear concept was cool but not as exciting as Fiddlesticks. So we took that feedback and we worked on
him more, beefing him up a bit and making him even more savage. We also saw that some players were disappointed
that we didn’t take Volibear in a more… “Eldritch Horror” direction he has been portrayed as
in some of our recent lore. While we thought that direction was interesting
and it definitely excited some of us on the team as well we ultimately felt it didn’t stay true enough to live Volibear. So here’s what we are going to do. We’re going to take the demonic concept
of Volibear across the finish line and make a kind of “Eldritch Horror themed Volibear” skin. And when Volibear’s VGU launches we are going to
give it to anyone who owns Volibear already or picks him up during his launch patch
for free. After that it will join his collection
as a regular, purchasable skin. This isn’t something we plan on doing for future VGUs
but in this case we felt like it was the right decision. We’ll have more to share in a Dev Blog later this year
that will really deep dive into Volibear’s production. One last thing on the topic of VGUs,
we are planning to do another champion update poll where we let players decide on the champion
we will update in 2021. Keep an eye out for the vote later this year. After the Voli & Fiddle updates, we will primarily be
focused on New Champions for the rest of 2020. We’ve tried a few new tactics with Champions
over the last couple years. One thing we tested with Kai’Sa was taking
a character players knew from the lore and fully realizing them in game as a playable Champion. Bringing the legends to life
that we’ve only heard tales about has led to Champions with impactful stories,
but also made the whole world of Runeterra feel more alive. Since we felt it went well with Kai’Sa, we started
working on bringing Senna out of the Lantern for League’s 10 year anniversary. We have heard loud and clear
that you all want more of this accompanied by exciting new stories
that drive the world of Runeterra forward so expect to see another familiar face
hit the Rift later this year. Another tactic we tried in 2019
was tying all New Champions to big events like Lunar Revel, Battle Academia,
Arcade, True Damage and lastly
Aphelios in Night and Dawn. A big part of events is having
something new for players to experience. Outside of game modes Champions are one
of the biggest gameplay experiences we release so adding them to events made a ton of sense. This is something we are going to continue to do in 2020 as we feel that grouping a lot of content together
creates bigger and more memorable moments throughout the year. On the topic of events, Champions team
has been hard at work on two Champions that will be part of a big event this summer. The event will blossom
with a new Jungler to fawn over followed by a masked Champion
who refuses to die. We know it’s been a while since we
dreamed up a new Jungler but we were split
on what we wanted to make. Early on we didn’t know if we wanted
the Champion to be a team fight focused bruiser or an agile, prancing Assassin. It felt like every 5 minutes
we went back and forth. So did we shy away from the decision
or meet it head on? You will have to wait
until the summer festival to find out. And as for the masked stranger, well…. some demons should remain in our past. Apart from those 2 Summer releases and
Sett, we still have a few more Champs up our sleeves for 2020, but you will have to wait
until later in the year for details on them. One last thing before I go. Some of you might have shown Sett that
you’re worthy to fight in his Arena. Over the last month, players who
consistently got first blood in their games received a unique but mysterious invitation. If you did impress Sett
and got one of these unique calling cards make sure you go into your inventory and open it now to unlock Sett for free! So get out there, and smash some heads
with Sett on the Rift today.

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