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  1. Truett Kordes

    First comment but this moment with acuna and bases loaded was crazy #chopon

  2. XimerTracks - Sub To Me

    I like it! Don't Stop. let's be youtube Partners 😀

  3. Tim

    awesome content you deserve more views

  4. Bjsocool Rentz

    Ronald Acuna is my favorite player

  5. SwagRangerK123


  6. T Clark

    Can the season get here any faster? #bravescountry #chopon

  7. T Clark

    Umpire: You may not have a run across.
    Ronald Acuña: Ok, then I'll have 4 runs across.

  8. Tyler Stephens

    I was at this game and man what a moment when Acuna hit the grand slam! The place was shaking!

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