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FrostRunner: FREE SPEEDRUNNING GAME 2019! – Gameplay Walkthrough (Main Story)

hi guys gameplay vids 24/7 here welcome
to the first and maybe only part of my Frostrunner gameplay walkthrough series
for the PC guys frostrunner is a free-to-play running game pretty much
you have to try and beat every stage as fast as possible without falling and
dying pretty much you guys know that the bunny hopping what’s a word for it
surfing I think it’s called in counter-strike terms surfing bunny
hopping either way the games that focus mainly
on that let’s see how well I can do I do hope that you guys do enjoy you can play
this right now and staying for free just keep that in mind okay I try and beat my
scores I am no way gonna be really good at this game but I will give it a solid
try let’s see how good we can go please remember course hit that like and
subscribe and if you did enjoy leave a comment as well tell me what you think
of Ross runner I’d love to hear it alright so yeah I’m gonna switch back to
the other view now let’s take it off I will switch between scenes here and
there what I want to talk to you guys one-on-one but for now I will go to the
default face cam alright let’s do this so I want to try and jump straight away
here try to a skip jump dad so 5 point 6 9 6 seconds the highest
score of how early is five point five three nine okay so that is intense let’s
go to the next level here that was level one quick beginnings come and see how
it’s gonna go down now so I’m a little bit worried let’s see I have to jump
over there should be fine just did a jump there was a little secret then what
was that what’s this here you think didn’t think I saw that game but I saw
that buddy achieve unlock do you did it whatever that means they’re just an
achievement unlocked you did it okay so I just got some sort of secret there no
problems nice jump jump jump nice okay got that
done how fast was our five point seven seconds highest score is five point five
four five now people pulling off these scores of
five point five Wow okay it’s getting a bit intense straightaway
I snowfall here we go can we use the walls as like walking no
we can’t okay you can’t use the walls oh there’s another secret though okay I got
the secret that’s fine I thought we could maybe use the walls
and like you know glide off them but you can’t not submit then enter me 5.6
seconds high scores five point four seconds ha ha people are dominating this
game that was snowfall completed good ok finding treasures let’s do this I’m
gonna go for that bonus straightaway apparently we have to collect
unlockables to unlock levels cool just died that male that’s alright just wanna
cut as many coins as we can yes that was good that was actually pretty decent but
I still did not manage to get even on the top ranking man
my tie is four point eight five five highest scores again by Zeus this guy
Zeus keeps destroying everyone 4.6 seconds err guys bloody h### that is
intense prologue 5 final test okay let’s hear the final test I just
sucked up instantly what if I jump here nice doing alright we’re gonna keep
hopscotching across here hopefully this works alright that was okay that wasn’t
bad right speedy beginnings did you even read the tool tips so got a couple of
treatments a lot there okay not bad dude we did it nine point four eight three
high score is nine point two oh I will prologues completed guys through a loop
okay through a loop it shouldn’t be too hard surely reims activate moving
platforms I can’t read the rest of it sadly that’s okay too late now Masumi
just to jump through the ring yep there we go
so 5.2 seconds one with 6.5 literally bed in that booster cross nice that was
okay 5.9 seconds just then good it means a
little bit better maybe oh yes did a little bit better five
point nine still how are people how guides how are people pulling off 5.2
seconds whoever is doing this these scores
Zeus actually got beaten then so whoever is actually pulling off these scores you
guys are freaking legends out there man I don’t know how you’re doing it for
real you gotta show me on YouTube definitely
stair-stepper ringing – okay here we go oh wow okay
oh I’m dead I was gonna try an Abba Scotch that they’re a didn’t work out at
all jump jump come on keep going keep going
nice eight point eight seconds some of the eight point seven eight but still
don’t get on tenth position there can I go a little bit faster you reckon or not
Marty Larry we’re into next level so this is pretty good for a free-to-play
game I’ve got to admit keep up okay I got
keep up as long as we keep jumping like this like a madman we should be okay I
don’t want to miss like that obviously however to do is probably gonna
concentrating it jump jump nice
I still don’t know how to help people going so quick by the way it baffles my
mind bro I would okay then seventeen second alright so got 11 seconds to 17
seconds ladies and gentlemen there you have it go around here we go next one I
just wanted to see what happened I did just sacrifice myself then Oh God oh
well okay this is a bit intense that was pretty fun 12 seconds is around here
enjoy do I have to go on that platform I think I have to go on that platform them
at a while hey I’m just trying to figure out the best way to do this yes nice
gotta unlock nice run-up beautiful eleven seconds just then it’s got a ring
to it faster than a blue hedgehog then I’m just doing really good then I’m not
because I got 11 points 16 seconds nine point nine seconds was the highest so
they are the highest one that’s alright let’s go to next level
dude I’m liking the game so far Lachie I’m liking the game so far give this a
try guys don’t try and beat my school I want to see how fast you guys are going
right because as I said I’m not the best spot you know I do try my hardest here
slip and slide I can’t even go what’s gonna happen oh yeah slip’n slide is
right brother Jesus Christ now slide off the edge yes I can’t cool
I’ve gone that far I want to show you this unlock got it okay good I want to
try and get on that edge if I can there we go nice that was good but actually we
did okay then three point three two I’m at three point five for put a little bit
better oh come on zero point is zero zero one
second slower okay that’s enough for now slipping slides done slide to the left
ice – okay I want that pickup got it nice okay all just missed them I was
trying to try and slide into that oh god it’s ping pong then but I get
three point nine two so that should be good a little bit better three point
eight other people at three point two zero point zero four nine seconds three
point seven seconds still people again three point two unbelievable scores
right now half pipe press space to start okay
let’s do the half pipe I do it if I could leave all the way to that side
that’d be fantastic I don’t know if I can pull that off though oh man I reckon
I can I kind of trying to look a little trick okay big jump there we go that was nice
eight point seven seconds not bad not bad not bad
keep sliding Icefall the only problem is trying to land that jump the first time
properly there we go nice that was good four point nine eight five
seconds there on the timer snow cross press space to start here we go
Oh God okay this is gonna be intense big jump big mess
I died yes game I understand cool so obviously you can’t jump why’d you
hit that for Kenya a little bit fast and last time I don’t know how people got
six seconds on that do that’s incredible if you get six seconds in that getting
40mm press space to start okay cool that’s click nice about six seconds
there sure and sweet all right here we go I’ll do a big leap legally worked out
okay for me there 8 seconds oh that’s trying a little bit faster here nice little bit faster seven point nine
seconds so so far we’re doing all right I’m not doing terribly not failing every
single jump now you’re hooked okay here we go
Oh God you have to climb that perfectly okay nice
Oh God straight over dude I jump straight over the door get ready
everyone I reckon I can do it this time nice excellent straight through a little
bit faster there twelve point two seconds Wow so pretty much we we are
never gonna get first place in this game so far by looks but wall I shot myself
really far then I’d say I can do here can I be sneaky with a boost let’s find
out not too sure where I’ll go exactly oh okay I’ll go through here apparently
whoa um okay twelve seconds that was just then somehow people actually beat
me though well bro people switched on here
they’re doing their tricks as well excellent
nine point seven seconds I actually did okay that nine point seven seconds hey
Candace here we go what the h###’s gonna happen here died straightaway – slow easy whoa nice boost there that
boost was great cool that was a quick boost 14 seconds
Oh too slow for other people apparently hope I cut through here maybe put a
boost jump down I’m not too sure 13 seconds that time bling okay
got it nice hey six point six second bling – big
leaps that was a big leap then cool oh oh oh cheeky game assuming you get this
guys yes beautiful I did okay look a little bit faster ten point three four
nice I’ll take that air time here we go again okay I guess the game once we really
start learning to use these boosts properly that was good
that was very good that was nice and quick ten point 64 let’s try and hunt
down that bonus now till we get through here
time okay let’s do this properly again nice straight in beautiful ten point
three seven okay that was good watch the landing here we
go a big jump just made it buddy how this is a hike isn’t it quite slow 17
seconds seventeen point eight seconds left and right okay and try make it all
the way down dad bloody h###
nice big boost across I should get me boy nice just made that through good
stuff sixteen point two four seconds man that was intense
alright so so far really liking the game it is a h### of a challenge bro I don’t
know how some people are pulling off the scores that they are then if they found
exploits they found the best way to do it I cannot wait to see people’s videos
on YouTube that’s all I can say for real it’s a nice level gonna be chained it
together Oh God chained it together here we go get all right mister the boost jump now
the boost jump is hanging me all the way to the end isn’t it
excellent 14 seconds first place got 11 seconds down the middle that’s a big
jump got a eight point three seconds there guys max score was eight geez
falling softly here we go I shall want to leap off that won’t I now go over the
barrier I guess I can tackle and here excellent that was all right seventeen
seconds someone beat in 14 seconds though I love it
up and over okay nice boost there directly here got a fourteen point four
seconds actually did that pretty decently legit I went okay finish line doing okay nice big boost there beautiful
dude we did heaps good then like that was that was good chain reaction the
floor is lava 12 seconds to 0.0 to avoid 16 well that’s it the game’s done
credits yet see we’ve done it everyone alright
cool bro I didn’t even get a hundred percent there either but we did actually
did pretty decently pretty happy with that
these are the credits good job team very cool man love the graphics in this
game as well feel free to play game man’s pretty solid 30 minutes or so
thirty minutes to an hour reckon to be every level I know we do have any sanity
ones but I probably won’t bother with them just yet as you guys that she want
to see me play them there was a level there hang on what’s that level I die I
wanna try and grab that bonus level p.m. and um I like the game legit like I had
no problem with it if you guys play for Asrani please let me know in the
comments below I’d love to hear it I’d love to know what your scores were
as well on what you user names are so I can see them in the leaderboards because
yeah I try my hardest but the game punished me we think it’s a pretty look
we’re gonna do terribly of course I’ve been in attitude that bad it’s just not
what I I didn’t get Tom to ten hello legit under it though I think with you
know okay no should I finish this credit level here
I speak very beautiful done ball bro okay so what’s this insanity what you’re
doing sanity I don’t know what that means and sad I get to collect all the
yeah who won’t worry about that just now if you guys want to see insanity levels
let me know in the comments below but either way thank you so much for tuning
in guys I hope you all enjoy today’s video a good way to start off 2019 with
a fun game that keeps you on your toes so yeah I therefore recommend you guys
all try out frost runner thank you again for tuning in
catch you all later guys be sure to subscribe I play new games every day see
you and everyone

2018 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 4×4 VS 2018 Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 – Autodeal Comparo

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages Tod.. that’s kind of redundant isn’t it? Anyway Today’s match up is between the top 2 selling Mid-size SUV’s in the Philippine market for the year 2017 In this corner With sales surpassing 19,000 units taking home a few awards including best 4×4 SUV of the year from CAGI The Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 4×4 and in this corner No stranger to awards either currently on its 3rd consecutive Automobile of the year award from AFPCA and selling nearly twice as many than its competitor The Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 Game! The Mitsubishi Montero and Toyota Fortuner are both equipped with LED headlamps, LED foglamps DRL’s, and as you’d expect, generous approach angles The Fortuner, well the Fortuner got simple and organized lines Its got a certain calmness to it if you know what I mean Sure its been called vanilla from time to time but look at it, its got confidence and it looked like it’s ready to lead, right? Where as the Montero exudes youth, nouveau lines, its got the right amount of radical it looks like it delves in more risk Now, the front clip, Its not disrespectful but it’s also not the type of thing that’s gonna be happy in the 9th of 5 if you catch my drift Now, while both automobiles have turn signals on their side mirrors, side steps to help people in and out of the car and sits on 18-Inch tires, the Fortuner sits on a ground clearance total of a 193mm while the Montero sits on 218mm Down the sides, the Montero’s windows are much more organized really it’s got a beginning and an end it got structure Kind of an odd thing to say when I describe something that won’t fit 9th of 5 right? But clearly it does The side panels however that’s a bit much Look at it, it’s a little too out there, it’s not like its a drift car, you know, the things that they snapped on the sides No, no. No naman, but if you look at the Fortuner The side panels are well, tamer, nicer, classier it’s not out there, it’s not OTT, well, it’s neater that’s what it is Now, in terms of length, width and height Well, that’s just gonna be a lot of numbers thrown in your way But what is important is that the Fortuner is bigger that’s what she said on all those aspects by as little as 10mm to as much as 40mm save one aspect, the wheelbase The Montero is actually longer by 55mm bringing it to a grand total of 2.8 meters And now, for the rear. A very sensitive issue Well at least for the Montero Obviously because of the taillights See, people have been up and arms over these reflectors that go all the way down here to a point where some people have actually gotten body colored panels to cover this section right here They are literally tongue lashing the heck out of this thing like it was Optimus Prime that got stabbed and his crying blood from his eyes Its not naman as bad as the 3rd Transformers movie I mean, yeah, it’s quirky but it doesn’t look that bad On the other side the Fortuner Well obviously, it’s mildly stylish, it’s classic and it does what it’s supposed to do Not vanilla, its got more style than its front clip You know I just realized that I’ve seen two things during the days side by side but I’ve never actually seen them at night Let’s check that out right now, beepity, bopity boop! Lights please! Ah! Much better See, it wasn’t that bad but I have to admit the classic look of the Fortuner at night Yeah, I’m gonna go with that It’s very plush up here, it’s very nice Now, there are plastics that you can find all around the cabin but they’re actually okay save maybe by the shiny one by the shifter because that, it really looks like its a scratch magnet The seats are very well bolstered They’ll definitely keep you in place on long drives on twisty roads but not too much that’ll give you a strain when you’re unfortunately, stuck on EDSA traffic or you know the type right? Now, but if that happens, rest assured that you do have 6-speakers and a sub woofer that sound absolutely great Now, in the dash it’s your average 2 meters with the computer in the center, nothing great but the amount of toys that you have up here That’s special, you got parking sensors, blindspot sensors you got a reverse camera, paddle shifters, cruise control adaptive cruise control too which is a trip If you wanna see what’s it like check out our review on the CR-V diesel, it is the bomb you’ve also got a nice knob here for your 4×4 controls which are much better than the Fortuner and check this out Sunroof So inside, you got your standard configuration on the dash with your computer in the center, there are plastic all around and some fall wood which is kinda okay you’ve got your controls everything on the steering wheel and your 6.5-Inch infotainment system which definitely needs an upgrade. Speaking of the stuff on the steering wheel you do have cruise, and you do have a backup sensor but you don’t have a backup camera and you don’t have adaptive cruise. Now, if this is the top of the line It’s kinda fallen short on the Montero there One other thing that I should point up here is that the seats may not be as bolstered as that of the Montero which means that you actually have wiggle room which is really nicer. But the problem is that when you’re taking turns at speed, yeah you might be flying around a little bit Oh, and it has to be said that the Fortuner does have only power seats for the driver and none for the passenger The 2nd row doesn’t have extra special toys just your standards really. Down here when you put you center armrest down you got 2 cupholders that like appear out of nowhere, you got no air vents or charging ports here upfront but you do have 12V/120W power socket there while there are no vents down there as I mentioned the vents are on the ceiling though which is great including the controls which reaches all the way back to the 3rd row. Now, you can slide the 2nd row forward so that you can position yourself for people in the 3rd row which obviously is a plus for them Now, up here in this position, it’s okay but in its normal position Yeah, I don’t see fitting 3 adults back here as a problem at all The Montero too doesn’t have a lot of toys in the second row Almost the same as the Fortuner really. No air vents on the bottom just your center armrest with cupholders that appear out of nowhere But other than that its pretty standard, no air vents down there but there are air vents on the ceiling which is nice, it cools the cabin really really quickly with your controls up there Now the seats, I like the seats here a little bit better because well, they’re much nicer and feel good to the touch too Space? Very adequate 3 average size adults, no problem The level of comfort for passengers on the 3rd row is almost identical, it’s good for smaller individuals and jonts anyone taller or any trip longer, well you wanna get out of the car and stretch your legs every once in a while advantage at this point does go to the Fortuner because the 2nd row slides forward creating that much more space for the 3rd row Toys at the back, pretty simple. Fortuner, Power Tailgate Montero, none. That simple. But it does have a 12V outlet in the back for those coolers that have refrigerating components but that’s about it. Space? Not that simple. Allow me to explain In fact, let me show you These are your standard 20x20x20 boxes filled with old toys, old clothes, hopes and dreams pretty much useless stuff and we’re gonna try to see how many of these boxes fit in each of these cars. Simple As you could probably tell, the 3rd row seats are kinda bothersome because they don’t fall flush to the ground rather they’re suspended and that’s gonna cost problems if you’re trying to fit well, these boxes inside the car, so you can get 1 into it pretty easy but the 2nd one, you know, your box of hopes and dreams yeah, unless you crush that, nothing else is going in there However, if you do fold the 2nd row Now you got room for both boxes Do you have a room for a 3rd however? Nope, sadly, that’s the max. 2 and a half boxes and well, half a box doesn’t really count does it? Now, the Montero however, completely different story See, it does have a lift but it doesn’t have hanging seats the 3rd row seats are flushed to the ground So how many boxes with the 3rd row down? 1, no problem. Will it fit 2? Yup, that looks good to me. So even with the 3rd row seats down You already know that the Montero has more space But how much more space with the second row seats down? Let’s find out Just as I expected You could be a baggage handler-ful pal and still get the job done Power is fed in gently and smoothly by a 2.4L 8-speed automatic transmission. Now, if you need more kick well, accessing the 181 Horses and 430 Nm of Torque can easily be found by getting aggressive with the accelerator The paddle shifters are there but the Montero will downshift and hold that gear depending on the terrain and the manner of your driving, unfortunately the the paddle shifters are on the steering column which means they don’t move So it might be a problem if you need to change gears, mid turn However with that being said, all in all it’s still very intuitive The suspension well, it actually drives more like a car than it does an off-roader, it’s soft but not bouncy. It’s a surprise really considering this car’s 4×4 capabilities Now, while the paddles shifters are much easier to contend in the Fortuner because they are on the steering wheel which allows your hand to remain on the steering wheel you know to react to the changing road conditions ahead it must be said that the Fortuner though has a if you can tell it’s a much stiffer ride. Now, its got 7 Horsepower less at a 174 compare to that of the Montero but it has 30 Nm more than the Montero and tops up at 450 Body roll? Yeah, its a little bit more pronounced in this car and plus it dips too every time you accelerate and break you really can feel it. But I gotta say, that engine? Oh boy, that engine is tried tested and true So? Here it is. The Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 comes in at P2,245,000 while the Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT come in at P2,162,000. Now, you may argue that the Toyota comes with a bigger engine, true but for that much less money you got a car that essentially rides better, drives better, looks better has got more interior space and has got all those toys on the inside So clearly, to us, the winner is definitely the Mitsubishi Montero Who’s a good boy? Yes you are!

Criminally Underrated Games – Game Sack

December 8, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Criminally Underrated Games – Game Sack

(Game Sack Theme) (logo booms) – Hello, and welcome to Game Sack. Let’s talk about some
criminally underrated games that hardly anyone ever talks
about for whatever reason. On Twitter, I asked you what games you thought were underrated,
and I got like 500 answers in the first six hours, or so. Of course, I can’t cover
those all in a single episode, so I’m gonna really milk this idea. (laughs) Anyway, some of these
games were already pricey before I’m talkin’ about ’em, so I don’t wanna hear anyone blaming me. If anything, hopefully
this raises awareness of these games’ existence,
so maybe they can be included in future compilations, or a
virtual console type of deal so everyone can play them far more easily than they can today. The first game I wanna talk about was only released digitally,
and I’ve mentioned it in that context before, but,
y’all need to play this more. (console beeps) – [Computer] Hard Corps Uprising. – How about Hard Corps Uprising, on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360? The first thing you should know is that this is a Contra
game, and it takes place 20 years before the original Contra in the official timeline. It was developed by Arc System Works, whom you may know from
the Guilty Gear games. And, if you’re familiar
with them, you’ll recognize the really clean cartoon look of all the characters in the game. Everything is animated like a cartoon, or an anime as they call them in Japan. But, they’re still cartoons. Oh, I wonder how many of you are warming up your keyboards
in anger right now? (giggles) Anyway, it’s the signature
look from Arc System Works, and it runs in a native 1080p,
and at 60 frames per second. As far as the gameplay goes, it’s an evolution of the
classic Contra formula. Yeah, it’s a run and gun,
but it’s not as basic as the original games. You choose your character
in the beginning, and you can eventually unlock two more. At first, it feels pretty tough. You might not even make it to
the end of the first stage. You have a life bar, like
in the Japanese version of Contra Hard Corps on the Mega Drive. You can carry and switch
between two different weapons, and lock your direction while
moving or standing still. But, here’s the thing. Each time you play, you earn
CP, and you can use the CP to unlock abilities in the shop. There are tons upon tons
of things to unlock, here. I absolutely love this. It really keeps me playing. In fact, I’ve spent more time playing this than probably all other
Contra games, combined. You can even get stuff like a triple jump, and the ability to deflect bullets, and lots of other things. It gives me a reason to
keep playing, and yes, it can be a little grindy,
but honestly, I don’t mind. You can pretty much plow through the game once you’ve purchased
everything for a character, but by then, believe me, you’ve earned it. And it’s still no quick task
to get through the game, even when you’re totally powered up. Fortunately, you can select from any stage you’ve beaten so far, if you don’t wanna start
from the very beginning. Everything about this game is amazing, including the hard rockin’ music. (upbeat metal music) The only thing that could make it better is if it were available physically. Well, that and I’d like it if there were a few organic
bosses and enemies in the game, instead of just everything
being mechanical. I think the reason this
game gets no recognition is because it doesn’t
have Contra in the title. I guess they wanted it
to fly under the radar, and be relatively unknown. The honest answer is that
they wanted Hard Corps to be its own sub-series. But come on, they still should’ve included the Contra name! I mean, they’ve put the
official Contra name on many lesser games. Regardless, this game really
does need more appreciation. (upbeat rock music)
(guns blasting) (logo crashes) (fast-paced chipcore music) This is Mystical Fighter, for the Genesis, which was developed by KID
and published by Dreamworks. This is a one or two player beat-’em-up that’s really never mentioned. I rented this one back
when it was released, and it really didn’t appeal to me for the same reason it
probably doesn’t appeal to many people. And what is that reason? Well, the main characters are kabuki, which aren’t really warriors, but more associated with Japanese theater. Who wants that? I think if it had samurais, or ninjas, or just plain random dudes,
it would’ve had more appeal. Anyway, it takes place in feudal Japan, and you beat up several
different kinds of enemies along the way. You have an attack, and a jump button, and you can pull off
a few different moves. There’s a scroll that you can
collect, which will give you a special attack by
pressing the third button. Similar to Golden Axe,
the more scrolls you have, the more powerful your attack. Though they’re never
visually that impressive. In fact, that can be said
for most of the game, though it certainly
isn’t ugly, by any means. It just doesn’t go out of its
way to be anything special. As far as the gameplay
goes, it’s pretty smooth, and definitely fun. Pulling off your moves
is usually easy to do, and beating up the enemies feels good. I really like grabbing
my enemies by their feet, and spinning around
before tossing them away. Be careful, though, because
the longer you hold them, the more your life will go down. I also like running and
sliding into my enemies, which knocks them on their feudal ass. And it’s fun to grab
enemies, jump in the air, and then slam them down to the ground. I tend to lose most of my lives
by falling off of an edge, and the game makes sure
you fight by lots of edges. But don’t forget that you
can also toss your enemies off of those same edges. There are items that you can collect which will restore some of your life, and even give you a
limited special weapon. The levels never feel
too long, or too short. However, the game itself
can feel a touch short, with only five levels. Well, that is, unless you play it on hard. In fact, you can only
access the sixth level if you play it on the
hard difficulty mode. The music isn’t bad at all,
though sadly, it’s only in mono. Overall, I’d say that
this is a fun beat-’em-up if you can get past the silly
characters, and like I said, it can be played with two players. So, grab a friend, and
make Japan feudal again. It also might’ve been overlooked because there were a lot of
really good games for the system released for the system at the time. Still, you really can’t
go wrong with this one, just as long as you’re not
expecting Streets of Rage. (chipcore music) (logo rumbles) (chipcore music) Another game that suffers
from a similar identity crisis is Kabuki Quantam Fighter
from HAL, for the NES. Basically, your brain has
been scanned into the computer or something, and you
end up as a fancy kabuki, because your great, great
grandfather was one. That’s really the only reason for the kabuki-ness in this game. Well, actually, the Japanese version is meant to promote a film called “Zipang” which had kabukis, and they kept all of the
character graphics here. Nonetheless, you are a kabuki, and therefore you have zero
appeal to western audiences. This is a side-scrolling action platformer where you can attack
with your kabuki hair. If you crouch, you can do a kabuki punch. You can also select from
different kabuki weapons with the select button, similar
to the first Batman game on the system. As long as you have some kabuki chips in your kabuki chip
meter, you can use them. After most stages, a new kabuki weapon will be added to your
arsenal, that’s more powerful, but they eat up more kabuki
chips each time you use them. Lastly, you can climb
some walls and ceilings, as well as hang and jump
from certain objects. In fact, you’ll be doing a lot of this, so take the time to absolutely master it. Because this game wants you to fail. It requires very precise
platforming skills. In fact, precise platforming and timing is basically all that stage three is. I really like it, except
for these dumb ice blocks here and there. You’ve gotta be good, and
really, I recommend playing on a CRT if you can, because
lag isn’t gonna help you here. Even the bosses can be
tough, as their patterns are somewhat difficult to learn sometimes. Well actually, the last boss
was easier than I expected. The stages usually aren’t
very long, and overall, the graphics and sound are average. There’s certainly
nothing bad here, though. But you’re gonna have
to practice to get far, that’s for sure. How far can you get? (upbeat kabuki music) This next game is underrated, and it even uses a ninja
instead of a kabuki. In fact, it says ninja right in the title. Even among owners of this console, this game isn’t highly regarded. But that’s because it’s
barely even regarded at all. (upbeat techno music) (upbeat ninja music) Here’s The Ninja, on
the Sega Master System. This is a very early game for
the console, and basically, it’s an overhead run and gun. Just, without any guns. Instead, you’re a ninja who
throws a bunch of knives. One of the buttons on the
controller allows you to fire in the direction that you’re
facing, while the other button makes you shoot straight
up, no matter what. If you press both buttons simultaneously, you’ll disappear for a second, which makes you invisible, and invincible. This is really good for
dodging enemy attacks. If you get a red scroll, the music changes to become more exciting,
and now you’re throwing bigger stars, or pinwheel
darts, as the manual calls ’em. This is a much more powerful attack. The blue scrolls will
increase your running speed. There are also five green scrolls that will need to be
collected in order to find the last level, so always
be on the lookout for these, and shoot everywhere so that they appear. At the end of each stage is a boss fight. The bosses are usually the same dude, and he’s really easy to beat. This game is actually
based on an arcade game called Sega Ninja, or
sometimes even Ninja Princess, which featured a female protagonist. There are also a lot more items to collect in the arcade version, though
most are just for points. When porting the game home,
they didn’t just change the main character’s
gender, but also the music, and some parts of the levels, though it’s mostly intact otherwise. When I first rented this
game, back in 1988 or so, I didn’t think much of it. It was a really difficult game for me, and I couldn’t get very far at all. It was okay, at best, I thought. Then, maybe a decade or two later, I hear a couple of friends online talk about how much they love this game. That surprised me, so I
decided to revisit it. I’m much better playing
video games these days, than I ever was as a teenager. And I can mostly walk
through this game, now, but it still offers a challenge in spots, especially trying to find
all the green of scrolls. My opinion about the game has changed. I really love it, it’s
definitely very fun. Oh, and if you’re not
playing the Japanese version of the game, you’re
playing the gimped version. The Japanese version has
a couple of extra levels, which were cut from the
international release. Likely because they wanted to decrease the cost of the cartridge. Don’t get me wrong, there
are still a lot of levels on the international version. I think this game
would’ve been more popular if it had a better name. “The Ninja” is a name you’d
expect a game for the Atari 2600 or 7800 to have. It’s super-generic. But seriously, try it out. The game, itself, is not generic. (ninjacore music)
(shuriken beeping) (logo rumbles) (uplifting vocalization music) This is El Shaddai,
Ascension of the Metatron, which was released on
the PS3, and Xbox 360. This is a hack-n’-slash-style
action game, mostly. It’s got flavors of God of War,
and even a super-small dash of Devil May Cry. Story-wise, it’s kind of the
opposite of “Dante’s Inferno”. You’re on a mission to
bring the fallen angels back to Heaven. As you take damage, you lose your armor, but of course there are powerups
to help you get it back. If you die, you can tap
the jump and attack buttons together quickly to revive. You can also absorb red flamey things. According to the game, these
help raise your abilities. You have three different
weapons you can use. You can steal them from enemies after delivering enough
damage to stun them for a bit, or you can get them from
certain icons here and there. The first is a blade type
of weapon, called the Arch. This is probably my favorite
one to use, since it’s so fun. The Gale is a weird thing
that shoots projectiles, and honestly, it’s kind of a pain to use. I really don’t like it much at all. The last one is called Veil, which is more of a
melee-type punching attack, and it’s super-strong. Of course, each weapon has its advantages against certain types of enemies. There are plenty of different moves that you can do with each weapon, as well. This is one of those games
where you need to wait for the animation to finish
before you can do anything else. It’s one of the calling cards of this particular
generation of games, I think, though certainly not the only
one which has this issue. The enemies have this issue as well, so it can be tough to escape their attacks if you’re caught in one
of their animations. It doesn’t bring the game down much, and it’s still extremely fun to play. It’s also really confusing, at times. Like here, it’s showing the credits, but I’m supposed to be
fighting my way to the right. It took me a little bit to
actually figure this out. And, as you’ve likely already
noticed, the game’s visuals are absolutely outstanding. The stylistic design is second to none, and at no point does the game
ever look boring or average. There are lots of 2D segments
interspersed throughout, and even these are a sight to behold. There’s an amazing use of color, and it’s just all-around very well done. The music and sound are also done well, with lots of choirs, and the like. (singing in foreign language) And Jason Isaacs provides the
voice for your buddy Lucifel, who literally talks to God
on his cellphone for you. – [Lucifel] Yeah, we got
ourselves a situation. We just gotta trust him. Okay, talk to you later. – [Joe] The game itself
can get a touch repetitive, but I always found myself wanting to get further and further, just to see what the next area looks like. I’d really like to see this
game remade with 4K visuals, running at 60 frames per
second on the Playstation 5, or the Xbox Two Y, or whatever
they end up calling it. I think a lot of the reason
this game isn’t spoken of very much, is its name. A title like El Shaddai,
Ascension of Metatron isn’t exactly something
that’ll stick in your memory. I don’t even know why it has a subtitle. That only serves to cause more confusion. It was originally going
to be called Angelic, which I feel is a better name. Not the best name, but
definitely a better name. Oh well, it doesn’t matter now, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Just be sure to check this crazy game out. – You could clear this in 7
hours, if you’re good enough. (Enoch grunts)
(otherworldly music) (logo rumbles) (uptempo electronic music) – [Joe] This odd game
is called Silent Bomber, and it was brought to
the Playstation in 2000 from CyberConnect and Bandai. This game feels like a
cross between Bomberman, and maybe Burning Rangers? I’m not sure where the Burning
Rangers vibe comes from, but it’s definitely there. Maybe it’s the people
constantly talking to you, or the aesthetic of the character. Or all the fire. Otherwise, it plays like you’d expect a Bomberman action game to play. You’re a dude who runs around, and your main attack is
dropping a bomb on the ground. You detonate it with a different button, but you’ve gotta make sure
you’re clear of the blast area if you don’t wanna get hurt. You can also hold the button
down to lock on to enemies, and toss a sticky bomb at
them, and then blow it up. You have secondary powers,
like napalm and paralysis, which you can use the same
way as you use your bombs. Be careful, though, as you only have a limited number of these. You can also jump and dash. At first, you can only lay
down two bombs at a time. But as you collect more and more E-Chips, you’ll be able to drop
many more simultaneously. The enemies come at
you nonstop, so really, you wanna keep moving. Just run past them, lay a bunch of bombs, and then detonate ’em. The controls take some getting used to, since you need to use
two different buttons, each time you attack, but
it doesn’t take too long. It gets pretty fun, and
action-packed, that’s for sure. You’ll often have specific targets that you need to take down
before the game lets you move on. The stages can get pretty big,
and you only have one life. And the bosses have life
bars, which is a good thing, because these fights can take awhile. The graphics aren’t anything
special for the system, in fact they’re quite bland and colorless. But they get the job done, I guess, and that doesn’t mean
that you won’t have fun. The sound and music are good, but again, nothing exceptional. There’s also some full-motion-video
with some cheesy CG between some of the stages, if
you’re into the goofy story. And the story can be
summed up with this line. – My only duty is to destroy
my designated target. I’m concerned with nothing else. – I mean, that’s really
all you need to know. When it comes down to it,
this is an awesome game, that could perhaps use
more checkpoints and color. It came out when the Dreamcast was already making
everything else look bad, and the hype for the PS2 was gearing up. Check it out. (intense electronic music) (explosions booming) Okay, I don’t even know how
to segue into the next game. It’s incredibly overlooked. I mean, I own it, but I often
forget that it even exists. But it you give it a
chance, it’s pretty fun. And another one of the games that are in this upcoming segment, I initially didn’t care much
for, but now I really like it. So check it out! Why the hell did I do that? (upbeat electronic music) (fast-paced chipcore music) Another game you rarely hear
anyone mention is Marvel Land, on the Genesis, from Namco. Basically, you’re a strange little dude who’s trying to save the
amusement park from the Mole King. You’re also trying to
rescue the four fairies who protect the park. Needless to say, almost this entire game takes place in an amusement park. You jump around, and you
can defeat most enemies by landing on top of them. However, there are treasure chests with powerups that you can get. This one makes a bunch
of mirror images of you, called a Spirit Tail. If you press the attack
button, you can swing it around to defeat enemies, and grab items. You can also use it as a swing. Each time you kill an
enemy, one of you disappears from the Spirit Tail. If you grab an L icon,
you gain an additional you to the Spirit Tail, if you
have less than eight, total. This icon adds wings,
which let you jump higher. You can also kind of float in
the air by flapping the wings with the jump button. The S icon will give you an extra dude. There are also some bad
icons, which can cause you to lose a life, or a
piece of your Spirit Tail, so be careful. The control is responsive,
though a bit slippery at times. It definitely takes some getting used to. This originally was an
arcade game that didn’t see very wide distribution, and I’ve certainly never
stumbled upon one in the wild. They did a decent job with the port, though it definitely downgraded
as far as visuals go. But it still looks nice. The even kept some of the
rotation in, like these platforms. Beware, though, because
platforms can rotate on you without notice, and get
you into some trouble. The music is nice, though
certainly not among the best on the console. (bright music) Memorization is key, here. And fortunately, you
have unlimited continues, as well as a password. It’s easy to keep trying and
trying until you get it right, if you have the patience. There are four worlds
with seven stages each, not counting the bosses. In many stages, you can
find warps to other stages, or even different places
in the same round. These can be essential sometimes, so be sure to remember
where the best ones are. The boss stages are all unique, and don’t feature a typical battle. Instead, you need to play
their little minigame. I like the bonus stages
after you beat a boss, since they feature a bunch of characters from different Namco games. If you’re up for the challenge, I definitely recommend this one. (logo rumbles) (fast-paced chipcore music) One game that’s certainly not unknown, but you never hear much about
these days, is Shatterhand, from Natsume and Jaleco, on the NES. This was released at the end of 1991, after the Super NES was already out, so it’s no wonder it got overlooked. Anyway, check out the cover for this game. How could you not buy that? Who wouldn’t wanna be
friends with this guy? The good news is that
you get to play as him, and experience a typical day in his life, punching things to death
with his bare fists. That’s right, fisticuffs are
your favorite method of attack, and that means your range is short. The bad guys don’t care, though, and they’ll constantly shoot at you. After you get past the intro stage, you can choose from the next
five areas, Mega Man-style. As you wander through each stage, there are boxes that you can punch open. Sometimes, these contain the
Greek symbol for alpha or beta. You can change which symbol
they represent by punching them, because punching is how you deal with every facet of your life. Once you collect three of
these, a little robot buddy comes down and helps you out for awhile. And depending on the order
in which you collected the alpha and beta symbols,
you get a different style of robotic attack. There’s a total of eight
different attack styles, and it’s always fun to see
what a new combination does. You can also collect coins from
boxes, and defeated enemies. You use these at various
platforms, which can affect you, and the price is listed
right on the pedestal. 100 coins changes your color,
and doubles your attack power. Since most enemies take
tons upon tons of hits, you absolutely want this. 300 coins restores your health bar. These are often found
right in the nick of time. Lastly, 2000 coins will
get you an extra dude, and you’ll probably be needing this, too, since the game is no cakewalk. Yeah, it’s tough, but fortunately, you have unlimited continues. So you always wanna keep trying. I really like the graphics in this one, they’re very detailed. One of the stages even has
some nice parallax scrolling. Sometimes the stage will
throw something crazy at you, like flipping upside down. This will remind you a lot of Metal Storm, if you played that one. You can also climb fences,
and it can be a little awkward to fight enemies this way,
but it doesn’t take long to get used to. The music is good, and it
never gets on your nerves, but it’s nowhere as good
as some of the classics on the system, like Batman,
or Mega Man 2, for example. (midtempo chipcore music) But honestly, the game itself
deserves to be ranked up there with the likes of Batman, or
at least, well above the likes of Bayou Billy. The only real change that I’d make is to reduce the amount of damage that the normal stage enemies can take. But seriously, this is
definitely in the upper echelon of NES games. (logo rumbles) (upbeat music) Finally, is Super Adventure
Island II from Hudson, on the Super Nintendo. I imagine that this one gets overlooked, mainly because it’s radically different than all the other Adventure Island games. In fact, this one feels
like Hudson was going for a Monster World type of approach. A lot of people are put
off when they first try it. And, I admit, I was one of those people. But at the urging of some
viewers, I’ve revisited it, and you know what? It really is worth playing. Basically, you’re
honeymooning with your wife, whom you just rescued from the first Super
Adventure Island game. Suddenly, a storm happens. You both lose your memories, and wash up in different places. She gets kidnapped, and yeah, once again, you have to rescue her. This one is kind of RPG-ish,
with money to collect, and even random battles. There’s an overworld, where you
make your way to new islands on a raft. This is where the random battles happen. You don’t have any experience to gain, just coins and potions to collect. Sometimes a random battle won’t even yield any tangible results. Honestly, the random
battles don’t really do much for the game, but at
least they’re super-quick. There are plenty of places
to visit on the map, ranging from entire
islands, to single rooms. You’ll eventually find
and be able to equip weapons and armor. Each island stage is large,
and very cryptic, needing you to eventually gain an ability,
or move a switch to proceed. As you may know, I don’t really
care for puzzle platformers, but I don’t really consider
this to be in that genre. It doesn’t overdo it to death, like the recent Monster Boy does. It’s just right, and not annoying at all. The toughest thing is
remembering where these places you previously couldn’t get to were, because you’ll need to
do some backtracking. The action is fun and responsive. The biggest issue is
that the enemies respawn once their initial place gets
even a pixel off the screen. But it’s never overwhelming, or anything. The visuals are done quite well,
with plenty of nice colors. Even the music is great, in both composition and sound quality. Highly listenable stuff here,
that doesn’t overuse reverb, or sound muffled in the least. I never even heard about this
one back when it was released, as nobody seemed to give it much coverage. Likely because there were so
many bigger games coming out at the time. Overall, I’m glad I tried this game again, and you should check it out for yourself. Okay, so those are nine games
that are criminally underrated that need more attention and love. Like I said, I’ve got more
games for future episodes of this, but why don’t
you let me know what games you think are underrated, and
maybe I’ll include your game in the next one of these episodes, and bump someone else’s suggestion
off, because it was crap! So let me know, and in the meantime, thank you for watching Game Sack. (midtempo guitar rock music) I can’t cut to the credits
until the music swells up. Brian, can you swell the music up, so we can go to credits, please? It’s over. Mr. Brimaxian? He plays the music live for each and every individual
episode, it’s not like I have this prerecorded,
and can fully control it during editing, or anything. Brian, hello? Oh finally, about time, here we go! (upbeat bluesy rock music) A couple people recommended
Tube Slider on the Gamecube as a criminally underrated game. Well I doubt it’s criminally underrated, in fact I bet it’s justifiably rated. Let’s find out together. (chuckles) Tube Slider. Lemme just slide this
into the Gamecube’s tube and get this going. (upbeat electronic music) Man, what kind of broken-ass
F-Zero nonsense is this? Well, graphics are okay, I guess. And the controls are adequate. Listen to those nasty
sound effects, though. Ew. What’s more, is you simply
cannot lose on the first session, there is no challenge at all. But on the second session,
you can’t even place, because it’s so damn unbalanced. And it’s not fun, because
you’re playing the same tracks as you did in the first session, over and over and over again. Well, it turns out the
game is properly named. It makes me need to slide
something out of my own tube!

The Pongfinity Game

December 8, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

The Pongfinity Game

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity As we mentiond last week We have a big surprise for you guys Surprise We have just launched our own mobile game! Infinite Ping Pong It’s a free app And you can download it on both Apple and Android The game is made by our friend Johannes Linnama Who has done the whole development by himself Go check it out, it’s really fun! The idea of the game is to get as many shots on table as possible The opponent will never miss Move your player by clicking on the screen And you hit by swiping The longer your swipe is the harder your shot is And the harder you hit, the slower the ball will come back You can even hit harder by dashing into the shots One of the coolest features in the game is the leaderboard So you can compare your results to ours and your friends When you get to a higher level You can unlock new items, maps, characters and challenges The game starts here At the Pongfinity Hall But as you level up You get to use the earned coins to unlock new maps So you can change the background on which you play There is obviously three characters that you can unlock in the game: Me, Miikka and Otto And it’s fun that all of the characters have different stats So you have to choose which character you play with And of course Inspired by our popular Challenge Pongfinity series There is also tasks and challenges that you can complete in the game It’s a really cool feature that brings another dimension to the game The game is free to download and you don’t need to buy anything to get higher scores or progress in the game But there is in-app purchases that will speed up the process If you decide to buy something in-game you will be supporting us and our channel And if you are good enough There will be a little surprise for you at score 100 I have never reached that far I have! Go and download the game from the links that are in the description Go and try to beat our hiscores! Until next time!

“Taong Grasa (Homeless) / Rich Kid” PRANK PART 4 (Driving Sports Car)

Man of grease Sir could you spare me some change? Please? Change for gas please Please sir Could you give me some change sir Even just P2,500 worth a full tank Please sir Have pity on my car sir Come on sir Nothing Even just diesel sir Please sir just give me some change Go to him, our manager The one wearing red Sir, sir I heard you were the manager Give me some change Spare change for gas For gas sir I can’t I don’t have Have pity on my car sir I just picked it up from somewhere You’re crazy Come on sir Sir, who’s the manager Come on, bih Please Have pity on my car Sir could I have some money for gas Spare change for gas Just some change for gas I don’t have That’s my car over there, sir Come on sir just some change How much? Just 2500 pesos for a full tank Do you have? How greedy Excuse me can I ask for some food? Could I have some food I’m sorry but I haven’t been able to eat yet myself And I’m really hungry Go buy Should it be big? Yes I was hoping you could give me some food Okay just wait Thank you How are you? Please don’t be afraid of me It’s fine I’m used to encountering people like you Thank you so much I’m begging cause I haven’t been able to eat much So I just keep roaming around I haven’t had any sleep Haven’t been able to take a shower I’m already getting smelly Where are you from? I’m from the U.S. Just came by to Find some food What happened to you then? The laboratory I was working for became bankrupt Cause I’m a scientist And the laboratory I worked for lost money The stem I was experimenting on exploded So I lost money Don’t be scared Here is the food, it’s still warm Thank you Thank you so much sir Go and eat first Thank you I’ll go ahead (Strangers Clapping) (Strangers Clapping) Do you have five pesos? Sir, do you have five pesos? Five pesos? Ma’am, do you have five pesos? Five pesos ma’am Thank you so much Sir do you have five pesos? Five pesos For gas, sir Sir this is just one peso don’t you have five? Just for gas Do any of you have five pesos? Fifty? No I only have five I’m saving up for some gas For gas? Thank you sir This Mother F*cker I didn’t know there was a check-in outside? Sir, please move there Am I not allowed to be here? No you can’t be here I’ll just rest here for five minutes sir Just getting a tan No, you’re not allowed to rest here Fine then sir, I’ll just go ahead Just please not here Okay sir I’m sorry So he was the owner of the sports car! Is there any place nearby for people like me who need a shower? I don’t know I need to shower I don’t know A free shower? Ask the officer there Thank you sir Hello, good evening How much is a kilo of rice? Pardon me? How much is a kilo of rice? Um nevermind then, how much is a burger? Which burger? The big one Any big burger
Operator: Small Medium or Large? Is there no XL? Operator: No sir it’s just only until large Okay I’ll get a large Operator: Okay thank you Thank you What drink would you like? Do you have gin? No, then okay I’ll just have water Operator: 207 pesos There you go Ma’am could you just count it for me That’s from the spare change I’ve gotten Nice car, sir I just picked it up from somewhere How’s it going ma’am? You only have 137 pesos How much is lacking? Here, sorry I’m on a budget Thank you ma’am I’m missing a burger Hamburger Your car is so nice sir I just picked it up from somewhere Thank you sir You’re good looking sir Babe Come on let’s go home I’m not mad anymore Come on You got mad for three years I’m sorry okay, now come with me (Kissing) Who’s gonna drive, you or me?
I’ll do it babe The owner of this car must be rich I’ll take a picture Could you give me spare change for gas I’m running out of gas Your car is so handsome and you’re asking for change! I ran out of fuel Bro, do you know any dumpsters nearby? I’m gonna look for some change there There’s one over there Just try to go there You go eat banana first Do you eat banana? It’s fine thank you again (Car door opened) Sir do you know any bar hopping places nearby? Somewhere I can go bar hopping? That have a…
(started dancing) Where is that? I want to stroll my car wow Okay, okay thank you Bye Can you give us a ride? Sorry I can’t, I have a date Get your stuff from the guard No, you can’t place them here Someone owns this car You might scratch it It’s fine this is my car anyway You can stay over there at front Thank you I’ll go ahead Stop! Not here! There’s an owner of this car This is mine, sir Sir, I wouldn’t have been able to enter this car if without a key No sir, you can’t be here Please leave Here’s my key! No sir you can’t I’ll text my friend then Bro Lupin! The guard isn’t allowing me to leave Yeah he’s not letting me leave You can’t! Thank you for watching homeless prank (Rich Kid) Part 4 Special thanks for allowing us to borrow these cool cars Thank you again for watching Have a good vibes continuesly PEACE!!! LET’S GO! Shout out to Thank you very much for watching our “Tukomi Original Series” Support our vlogging channel Comment #Tukomi for shout outs Just Remember! Have a continuesly! Goodvibes! PEACE! PEACE PEACE (beatboxing)

Gamar app with the British Museum game featured on BBC London News

The British Museum
has turned to modern devices to try and entice its visitors the museum has teamed up
with a small technology startup in Farringdon to create an app which will enhance the experience, well for some, Jill McKenzie reports. Brought over from ancient Greece thousands of years ago,
the Elgin Marbles are top of many tourists list but they’re not for everyone. The
Parthenon Gallery is one of The British Museum’s most
famous and popular galleries but it’s not exactly the most
child-friendly. There are no bright colours here or things to engage with so the hope is that this app can change that by giving children a fun and slightly competitive way to learn
about the sculptures. So in this game, we simply have to match
the silhouette to the correct sculpture. This is one of
a number of games and challenges which guide children around the exhibition We simply walk up. We point the
device too, and that sculpture comes to life and if we tap, just like that then we get some
information. At the minute we have the details on the sculptures but it’s very adult oriented. With this game we’ve created a child friendly version of that
text and obviously with the game now I think
children are more inclined to play and to observe what they’re looking at to
learn about it than if it’s just the sculptures and the normal museum environment
that they’ve had in the past. We use the technology that they’re really comfortable with,
there’s interactions that they’re really familiar with, which are exciting and engaging and that pulls them in, in a kind of way that captivates; whilst delivering something
that they’re learning about, at the same time. But could this soon be more than just a
way to keep the kids entertained? The company behind this want to use their
technology to change the way we all interact with our city. A lot of mobile or tablet games are head down into your device and shut off from the
world. It’s quite a new experience to have a game that encourages you to put your head up to engage sculptures. It’s already eyeing
up other places in London where this could work. Perhaps the days of the audioguide are
numbered. Jill McKenzie, BBC London News…

Personal Game Plan Creation And Mentoring | Tyler

Have you wondered how to get in the game
of real estate investing and how to actually invest? My name is Kris Krohn
I’ve bought thousands of homes. And today, I’m going to sit down with a young man
fresh out of college. Got his first job and ultimately, he saved up a little bit
of money. And now, he wants to know, “What are my options? How do I invest in the
game of real estate? What should I do?” And I’m going to give him a his personalized
game plan right now. Stay tuned. By the way, at the end of this, I’ll share with
you how you can get your own custom game plan as well. What’s up? Welcome back. So, I am here with
Tyler from Florida. What’s up, man? How you doing? -Good. Nice to be here. -Yeah. So, Tyler’s come out for one
of our events you’ve been before. And excited to be back. -Absolutely, 100%. -Well, dude. We’re doing a game plan today. And I always call this a
million dollar game plan because everyone should have a plan on how
they’re going to make their next million dollars. Because if you can do a million
dollars and you can do it again, you can do it again. And one of the things that I
love is I love putting myself in other people’s shoes. Today, we’re talking to
Tyler who is a teacher. His wife does x-rays and they’re young. Right? They’ve
been married for a very short period of time and they’re really trying to figure
out, “Alright, like, how do we ultimately get where we want to go?” That’s really
the question today, isn’t it? -Absolutely, yes sir. -Do you know what it is you ultimately
want to create financially for yourselves? Like, what’s your dream look
like? Is there an amount of money? My goal would be about $200,000 a year. -Okay. And is it like residual income that’s coming in whether
you work or not? -Absolutely. Yes sir. -Okay, good. So, if you think
about that for a minute, it’s 16 thousand dollars a month that is rolling
in. Let’s see if we can get him there today, you ready?
-Absolutely. Okay. So, I need to find out a couple of things first just so that I
can create. And the way that I’m going to do this is fairly agnostic. I really don’t
know you. I don’t know your belief system. I don’t know what you value. I don’t know
how you feel about debt or 401ks and things like that. So, what I’m going to do is
I’m going to extract some basic financial information. Kind of ballpark. And then
I’m going to say, “If I woke up today as Tyler, like Freaky Friday… If I woke up
like Tyler, what would I do to make a million bucks?” Fair? -Yeah. Sounds good. -Okay,
let’s play. First of all teacher, obviously fresh out
of college. Third year teaching? -Yes sir. -And roughly between that and
your side hustles, what would you say… And even your wife’s x-ray income, what would
you say your total income looks like right now? -Probably about $90,000. So, you got dual income earning. No kids yet? -No, sir. -Dogs? -We have one dog. -Okay. There we go.
Okay. They’re warming up to responsibility right now. Okay. And so, we got $90,000 and would you guys say that you’re getting
ahead right now or you check the check are you getting behind? -I would say we’re
getting ahead, honestly. Okay. So, you’re set so money aside. -Yes, sir. -How much
money have you put aside in the savings? -Right
now, I have in my savings account, I’ve about total about $40,000. -Okay, awesome.
And this is a very important question for me to ask. Of that money in savings,
there’s always a part of that that’s there for what I call a Swan account
–Sleep Well At Night account. So, my question to you is of that 40,000, what’s
the minimum that needs to be in that account for you and your will have to
say, “Hey, we can sleep well at night.” I would say $15,000 would be good for me.
-Okay. So, I’m going to call that the 15k Swan account. The sleep well at night
account. So, there’s maybe $25,000 that could be used for investing or doing
something, is that right? -Yes, sir. -And then, you’re getting ahead… How much do you
think you’re contributing to savings every month roughly? -Savings, I usually on
the low end about $400. But I usually try to make it in between 400 and 600
dollars a month. -Okay. Awesome. By the way, young starting out learning how to live
within your means and saving getting ahead, super super smart. So, dude way to
go on that. That’s awesome. That’s a really important key to being able to
invest. That’s how you put yourself in this position. And then other than income,
savings, any other assets that I should really be aware of? Debts? -Car loan. I have
I think $7,000. -So, no other debts? No credit cards, no student loans. -I pay off
all my credit cards and things like that. -Alright. So, we got a fiscally
responsible man. And by the way, does your wife like… Is that her way of being too?
Is she all about this financial responsibility stuff? -She’s a spender but I mean I’ve tried to get her
going my way. So I mean, she does some of it. I mean we make sure like her credit
cards you paid off and anything like that. -So, you keep it up, pay off the bills. Just tell me
you’re taking off for ice cream while. -We go shopping for Christmas decorations. -I
got you. I like it. Okay. So, really we don’t have any debts to worry about.
We’re not trying to really eliminate any… You’ve done a good job managing that
part. Do you guys rent? You have a house? -Yes, sir. -Which one? Rent or have a home? -We
rent. -Okay. So, you currently rent. -Yes, sir. -Is home ownership of goal of yours? -It is,
yes sir. -Is there anything that’s kept you from
buying a home so far? -Just trying to be ready for that next chapter and saying,
“Are we ready financially for that responsibility?” -Alright. -Yes, sir.
-So, I help people invest in real estate that have good credit,
bad credit. Where’s yours kind of that roughly? -My credit last time I checked
was right around high 700s. It was like 750/760. -Listen, anything over 680 is
like you can invest in real estate all day long. Even sometimes low 6.
620 or something like that. But if you’re in high 7s, you’ve got great
credit. So really, these are the only 2 pieces of information I know to
basically put myself in your shoes and say, “Alright, I woke up today. My name is
Tyler and I’m now going to make some new financial decisions.” -Cool. -In no
particular order, the first thing is PR. Stands for a primary residence. And since
home ownership is a goal for you and your wife, in your area, you guys are in
Florida, what’s the median home price roughly? Around our area is about and between
like 230 and 250 right now. -Now, you’re telling me kind of a strange situation.
You’re actually currently renting a house that is it your mother-in-law’s
house? -Yes sir. -And she had even said at one point that
she might even be open to you buying that someday? -Yes, sir.
-What do you think the houses may be worth? -A house from the CMAs that I’ve
done is right around like 220. -Okay. So, you have a $220,000 value. By the way,
median in the area is 250. So, I like that they’re buying the primary residence
below the median. You guys already lived there. That’s convenient.
If family were to sell that to you, do you have any idea what they might be
open to selling that for? She’s thrown the number out about 180. -Awesome. Okay.
And you like the house? -Yeah, we love the house. -So, this is a house that you
guys could actually buy and live in? -We’ve done a lot to it in terms of fixing it
up everything. So, I’d like to buy it and then turn into a property if that’s
possible. -Dude, I love that. Well, let’s talk about how you would do that.
-Okay. -So, for this first option, right now, you’ve got the job income. Because he’s
been 2 years at the same job because he’s got good credit and he’s put money
aside. This is a slam dunk. Now’s the time to approach mommy-in-law
and say, “Hey, we’ve been saving and we would like to buy the house.” If you buy
it for 180,000 and you’d go with the bank that allows you to put a 3% down,
you’re going to be able to purchase this house for less than $6,000
of what you currently have saved. And looks like because you’ve been in the
house for a while and taking care of it, you’d be walking into about $40,000 of
equity. So, by the way, would you be willing to trade 6,000 for 40,000? -100%.
-Okay, that’s smart move. Right? Do you guys see that? Do you understand that?
There’s so many benefits of homeownership. Now, he gets to actually
write off the interest. Now, he picks up the tax benefit. His business or a side
hustle or anything he’s got going on, he can actually write off a part of a house
home office that gets used. All sorts of benefits can actually come from home
ownership. It’s also going to lower your taxable income because of depreciation
that the government lets you basically say, “Hey, let’s just take this house and
divide it by 28 pieces.” You take 180,000 divided by by 28 pieces and it
would ultimately come down to being able to write off $4,500 a year. -Wow. -So, it’s
going to lower your income which means you’re going to pay less in taxes. So, a lot
of benefits. Like that $6,000, you’re going to recover that like that. More
important you’re stepping into immediate equity. And if you decide to move again
later which is something I’m going to show you, that becomes an investment
property. -Cool. -That make sense? -That sounds awesome.
-Okay. So, I want to talk about “How do we stretch this money?” I got 25 grand to
play with in my mind. I need to keep 15 in the grand to the bank to keep
me and my wife happy. What do I do with this? So, option number 1 is buy primary
residence. It’s going to be $6,000 to make that happen. And I want
to carry on with this plan. Let’s just say that afterwards… Let’s say 12
months later, you decided to move. This house becomes an investment property
with that equity and you get to do a new primary residence. You don’t have kids,
you got a dog. Moving is no one’s favorite thing to do
but if you can move into another prime piece of equity. And let’s just say do
something very similar with a $6,000 downpayment, now if that 25,000, you have
used 12,000 of it and you, inside of a year, you’ve got yourself 2 homes.
Normally, when you buy an investment property, got to put 20% down. If you’re
not going to live in it. But since he is going from a primary residence that he’s
living in, banks usually say, “Commit to living it for a year and then if you
want to move, you can.” Now, he just went from putting you know… Went from 20% down
to only 3% down. So, he saved all of this money. Now, people only like to do that so
many times. My wife and I, we moved 3 times before we moved into
one of our first dream houses. -I think I’d be my wife as well. She’d probably
say same thing. -She might be open to that. -Yeah. -Okay. So, moving is not fun but by the way,
could it be worth getting ahead of that fast?
-Absolutely. -Okay, so I like what we’re seeing there. So, really option number 1
is milk and work the system, put minimum down. Move into it. Inconvenience
ourselves but now if you hop a couple of times, you can actually say, “Wow,
you do this 3 times.” And it’s like, for less than $20,000, we bought 3
homes and we increase our net worth well over $100,000. We’re not renting it. We
have positive cash flow we got all the benefits. That make sense? -Yes, sir. -Okay. So,
that’s one of your… That’s one of your options right now. Let’s talk about a
second option. I think I’ve got three for you today.
-Wow. -Second option as you say, “You know what? I don’t know if we want to go
buy a primary residence. Like, right we’re doing a good job managing your money.
Let’s just go right into buying IP.” –Investment property. You know, in investment
property you’ve got to put 20% down. And I can take you into markets, the best
markets in the country and really show you where you can get into property for
20 to 30 thousand dollars. Now, I know you got 25,000 to
work with but you’re also saving 4, 5, 6 hundred dollars a month. And so,
I think we can actually go straight into a don’t change your life circumstance,
just go buy an investment property. You’re going to put 20% down. Get a good
deal on it. And the goal here is to have roughly around a 20% annual ROI.
I’m usually capable of producing 25. Sometimes even 30%. And
this principle is all about “Make my money work for me, Kris.” Because right
now your money sitting in savings. Money market account, right? -Yes, sir. -What’s that
paying you right now? -I think it’s like 0.75. If you start the answer that
question with point, I’m disturbed. It’s been a place to keep your money
maybe safe, relatively speaking. But the reality is if we go from earning
point seven to earning 20%, then be awesome, right? -Absolutely.
You don’t have to disrupt your life. I don’t know if I’m reading body language
wise that you’re as excited about that it’s the first option. Because you want that
home ownership. But I want you to be aware that that is something… -Okay.
-That makes sense? -Absolutely. Yes, sir. -Alright. The third option that I want to point out for you
today then I’m going to call is partner.
And here’s what partnering looks like: You have the ability to get into real
estate. And once you do, there’s going to be friends, family, colleagues that get
kind of curious. Like, what are you doing and how does that work? And they’re older
than you in many situations. So, they’ve actually maybe saved up some money as
well. And if they have, you could say, “Hey, I’ve got a team. Let’s do some deals. I’ll
show you the ropes. We’ll be into it 50/50. You put up the money, I’ll make it happen.”
And they would want to do that if they see that you have some type of track
record or access to a team with track record. Both of which I can give you. -Okay.
-And so partnering, a little more than advance strategy that requires
confidence. And it’s you basically saying, “I am determined.” Like I was. Like, I was
committed by the time I graduate college. I wanted 25 homes. Because I know that
that would be that 6-figure residual income. And whereas you want to
make $16,000 a month residually, that’s why I’m bringing up this option right
here. I’ve got a version of it actually called maverick. And what maverick is
it’s where you find people that partner with me that can buy 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 homes.
My half of the ownership I actually split equally with you. -Oh, wow. -Just for the
referral. Because I’m building my portfolio. I buy
houses every single day. And so, partnering. This is a way for you to
actually acquire homes. But literally and most importantly, you can do it with no
money and you can do it with no credit. it’s important for me to give everyone,
you, as well as Tyler an option of knowing that listen we talk ourselves
out of the investments that make the most sense. Because we’re like, “I don’t
have the money for it.” Even you, it’s like, “Well, I got 25 grand I can work with. I’m
always going to show you an option that doesn’t require 25 grand.” That way if you
have a relationship capital, let’s go buy some real estate. If you’re a good saver,
let’s go buy some real estate. If you want to move, let’s go buy some real
estate. And your situation, you’ve got all three of these available
to you. Bottom line is this Tyler: If I can show you how to buy 1 or 2
homes, every 5 years, they double. They multiply. So 2 become 4, 4 become 8. 8
become 16. And you’re going to get to your goal. So, that’s the good news. The good
news is you put yourself in a great situation. You’re young. You’ve been
responsible with your money. And your game plan says that, “Hey, whether I’m in
the mood for moving or not or opening my mouth. I’ve got 3 viable ways to put
myself on track to making million bucks.” -A solid right there.
-Excited? -Awesome. Absolutely. Yes, sir. -What are you favoring right now? -Honestly,
the first one is probably like the one that I would want to do the most just
because I know my wife if I’m thinking about her as well like, I just put myself in
this. I would say that first option is probably something that she would be
more open to. -Cool. -At the same time, I would want to continue looking
at the other 2 options because (1) I do have some people in my life –parents,
family members, people that I know that have expressed interests and things like
this. When I discuss about you and the videos that I’ve seen. But even the
20% ROI is hard to pass up as well because… I mean, you guys
helping out with that work. I mean me just saying, “Hey, I’ll let
you guys handle it and I’ll just… I’ll just be here laying back.” So… -And Tyler,
that’s what I call the chaos in abundance.
Right now, you have plenty of options. It’s just a matter of now figure out
which option should I do it. For those of you that are watching, there’s a link in
the description below. If you haven’t received a private game plan like you’re
experiencing right now, you should click that link and have a chance to talk to a
member of my team or get a copy of my book that comes with a complimentary
game plan. Because there’s something so refreshing about sitting down with
someone that has loads of experience in the game that can just look into your
world and say, “Wow, did you know this was an option? Did you know that was an
option?” You’ve got options to actually go out there and freaking crush it in real
estate. -I’m excited. It’s just pretty cool to see that. I’m glad I don’t have like
one-set path. I’m glad I have those different avenues to take. -There’s
probably a few more of them out there. Listen, Tyler. Thank you so much for being
here today. -Yes, sir. Thank you. -And congratulations. I’m excited for you.
-Thank you, thank you. -I’m excited to track your results and what kind of the next
move is. And… -Absolutely. -If it were me for what it’s worth, the
idea of buying the house that you’re currently living in from family, getting
a deal on it, walking into equity and do it with a little very little out of
pocket, that’s always a smart move. So, I like where your wife’s headed on that
direction. I’d honor her. I think that’s a good way
to go. -Okay. -But ultimately, you guys will figure it out together. -For the rest you,
make sure that you like this. If this was useful, you’re like, “Wow! Wow! I’m getting
into Kris’s head and figuring out how like a millionaire like looks at
people’s situation. Figures how to make money.” That’s how I would do it for Tyler.
How would we do it for you? Click the link below find out for yourself. You get
a custom game plan. And otherwise, we will see you on tomorrow’s video.