Catchphrase with Tyler Perry and Yara Shahidi

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Catchphrase with Tyler Perry and Yara Shahidi

-Here’s how the game works. Tyler, you’re gonna
start the round by pressing start
on this buzzer and then draw a clue
from the top of the pile. You have to get your partner
to guess the clue as quickly as possible,
then hand the buzzer off to the person on your right. You can make
any physical gesture, say whatever you want,
except you can’t say any word in the actual clue. If you’re holding the buzzer — Sorry.
There’s more information. -Yeah, I’m with you.
-If you’re holding the buzzer when it goes off,
your team loses that round. -Dude, we got it!
-We’re gonna play. -All right.
-Here we go. Tyler, yeah, you start out.
-Start it? Press it? -Yep.
[ Timer beeping ] -Um, uh…
if I throw this at you, and you try to get away from it,
and it — -A dodgeball.
-Yes! Now what? -That’s it. Oh, good.
Now Tariq has to — Good. -Okay.
[ Beeping continues ] -Also known as a tramp stamp.
[ Laughter ] -Lower back tattoo?
-Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay, I’m trying
to communicate. This isn’t a cellphone.
This is a — You press the button —
-Landline? -You talk to the other person —
No. -A walkie-talkie?
-Short — Yes. -Short-wave radio.
Okay, great. [ Cheers and applause ] -You do this
when you take a selfie. -Uh, uh, duck — duck face.
-Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] -Um, uh, “You get a car,
you get a car” — she says this. -Oprah.
-Yes. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -He’s so cute.
He’s in “Star Wars.” -Oh, oh, Baby Yoda!
-Yep. [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay.
It’s not a guitar. It’s smaller.
-A banjo? -No.
-Hawaiian sound — [ Buzzer ]
-Ukulele. -Ah!
-Ukulele. Ukulele.
-You only got — You only got U, U —
You only got U out. -But that U is a point.
Ukulele. -I’ll allow it. I’ll allow it.
[ Laughter ] -No, “Kulele” —
We didn’t count — Judges? -That was halfway between us.
-They didn’t get “Kulele.” Sorry.
They only got U. -Where are the ju–
Who are the judges? [ Laughter ]
Come on. -Yeah, I know, exactly.
All right, here we go. Ready?
Whoo! Feels good. -So who won —
-I know. -Wait. Was that a round?
Who won the round? -We won the round.
We got a point. -How’d you win the round?
-Because you — you said U. -But, wait, wait, wait. But if we count like this,
we got more. -No, when you’re
holding the buzzer when the buzzer goes off,
you lose. -So I could keep theoretically
get less — -You know what?
You just make up the rules. It’s your show. Go ahead.
[ Laughter ] -I’m not making —
It’s the way the game’s played! -Go ahead, go ahead.
-It’s the way the game’s played. -Come on, let’s do it.
Let’s do it. -Ready? Go.
[ Timer beeping ] Oh, gosh, all right. It’s another word for gossip.
It’s three words. -Ear hustling?
-No, it’s not — [ Laughter ]
-What? -He said, she said.
-“Ear hustling”? -Come on.
-Andy Cohen says it all the time on his show.
-Tea. The tea. -Yeah, but something —
-Talking to tea. -If it’s not in your cup —
-Start serving up the tea. -If you have cup and —
-Drinking the tea. Spilling the tea.
-Yes! -Spilling the tea.
[ Cheers and applause ] [ Beeping continues ] -Oh, you get these on your arm
when you hear something amazing. -A tattoo.
-It’s like they come up on your arm.
-Welts? -A song.
-Chills. Goose bumps. -Yes.
-Okay. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Tattoo! -I don’t know
if he can see that. -An animal runs inside of it
and it spins. A little furry animal.
-Hamster wheel. -Yes.
[ Beeping quickens ] -Okay.
This is something that you can jump on when you’re —
[ Buzzer ] -Oh, my God!
-Bang, bang, bang, bang! -No, no, no, no.
-Yes. -Let me tell you
what’s wrong this game. -What?
[ Laughter ] -You can take all the time
and run up the buzzer, and then we have
to make our round — -That’s a tactic, yeah.
That’s part of the game. -That’s a tactic?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -We didn’t do that on purpose.
-Let me tell you something — -But one could.
I mean, we’re not doing it. -How about this?
We’ll give you one more round. Whoever wins this last one —
-Wins it all. -Wins it all.
-Okay, fine. As long as we start.
-Yeah, you can start. -Okay, great.
-Are you just gonna take your time
until the buzzer…? -Right.
[ Laughter ] -Go ahead. Go ahead.
I think it’s your turn to start. Go ahead. Go ahead.
-Are you sure? -Yes, sure.
It’s your show. [ Laughter ] It’s not “Tyler Perry’s
The Tonight Show.” [ Laughter ] -Not yet!
-Yeah, not yet. All right, here we go.
[ Timer beeping ] All right, uh, uh — -See, he’s doing it again.
[ Laughter ] -These are appetizers.
It’s the — -Crudités.
Pigs in a blanket. -It’s a cheese
that you put on pizza. -Cheese bagels.
Parmesan bites. Mozzarella sticks.
-Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] -Now restart the clock.
That doesn’t — cheater. Um, uh…
♪ It’s too late to say sorry ♪ Married to Hailey Baldwin.
Hailey Baldwin. Married to Hailey Baldwin.
-Oh, Justin Bieber. -Yes.
-Wow. You know Justin’s music?
-Okay. Uh… This thing hangs from
the ceiling at Studio 54. [ Timer beeping ] It’s round!
-Disco ball! Disco ball. -Yes.
[ Buzzer ] -Okay, somebody is pregnant,
and you throw — Oh, is it —
[ Laughter ] Somebody’s pregnant, and you
throw this the party for them. -Yes,
you throw the party for them. -This is not in the rules.
-Why is the band playing? -This is not —
This isn’t the rules! The buzzer went off again!
[ Sad trombone plays ] -It’s so bad.
I hate this game. -The champions,
Tyler Perry and Yara Shahidi. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Tariq Trotter, thank you. And we’ll be talking to Tyler
after the break. Stick around, everybody.
[ Cheers and applause ]

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  58. vik saggu

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