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  1. Ben Koelle

    What another Spokane Washington end card?!? Guess you guys need to do a show here.

  2. Jacob Shelton

    the scuba divers were the real guests

  3. Marlon Gutierrez

    Dislikes incoming….

  4. unicorn hanan

    Lilly Singh? EWWW

  5. Lucarn Anderson

    I guess the boss is barak just by his introduction. Like someone who introduces themself a lot

  6. lifestyle

    I love you guys but I had to downvote because of Lily Singh, bleh

  7. Abel Lozano

    Im sick of this chick showing up everywhere.

  8. K Channels

    She gives me Liza Koshi vibes

  9. PabloPorzingis


  10. Gracie Morrill

    "we were all afraid to pick the guy"

  11. Abbey Bradley


  12. Starlord Stavanger

    why is everyone disliking this one a lot btw?

  13. voidremoved

    3:56 enough Rhett and Link lets have a show with these two instead

  14. Daniel The creeper

    Rhett looks like a strong viking

  15. Dustin Setzer

    This short show was funnier than the entirety of lily's talk show

  16. B

    Ahh, thought this was gonna be a good episode but then…lily

  17. chickwholuvsmusic

    Omg link won!

  18. Gonzalo Comito

    Im not Don Johnson

  19. DazeMusic


  20. steptoef

    I can’t watch cause lily is here I’m ngl

  21. Anna DiMartino

    Eh could’ve picked someone else LOL

  22. WSlaughter8

    Ugh lily singh… she’s so not funny. Truly, mediocrity can rise above

  23. Pastel Goth

    i had to click away once…she appeared

  24. Hrishikesh Baburaj


  25. Sydney Marks

    why is everyone hating on Lilly???

  26. Barter Sauce

    clicks video
    sees lily Singh
    clicks away from video

  27. Sapphire

    I love Ashley

  28. Noxles R6

    Snack Smash;: Jolly Ranchers and Chedoes

  29. Diabandana

    Fleur marché means flower market

  30. dizzysaurus

    Really fun episode guys.

  31. 6laderunner

    Lilly Singh is the definition of what happens when you give someone a show because of identity politics instead of talent.

  32. Panda3Monkey

    “Psychology degree coming at you right here!!” Hahahahaha.

  33. Sarah Winters

    they all om cbd

  34. Anthony Turcotte

    why so many dislikes

  35. rusure bouthat


  36. Jorge Beltran

    Damn, not even Rhett and link can save everyone's hatred for Lilly Singhs

  37. Susan D

    We all know Mona is the boss, not Tony or Angela. Hey oh, oh ey.

  38. John Lawless

    Should’ve had tony danza on for this episode instead

  39. James Sutherland

    When are you guys gonna bring on the impractical jokers???? That would be awesome!!!

  40. Stefan Jentoft

    I also heard Uber

  41. Dee

    seriously GMM!!! Lily Singh!!! who's next? Lele Pons?????

  42. Hannah Yokoyama

    I love it when they play this game. It's also nice to see Lily back in the YouTube space

  43. Entrr_Username

    Do Rhett and Link shrink their guests or something?

  44. Myownenemy

    uhh, what's with all the dislikes?

  45. Shuffelshift

    sometimes i feel like ive watched every gmm video, then i click on gmm more and it feels like a whole new paralleluniverse.

  46. popcorn salad

    Lily needs to learn how to take criticism about her show

  47. Shelly


  48. Shuffelshift

    srsly who the heck is lilly singh. i almost liked her but shes trying way, WAY too hard.

  49. JL Sagely

    This game is right up Links alley. He loves to remind everyone that he’s a boss at GMM. Every chance he gets.

  50. Yee /APEJARL4

    Cat with red hair hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  51. Shuffelshift

    in the distant future ashley going to surprise rhett and link and tell them that emma is the actual boss.

  52. vitaminC [Cannabis Culture]

    Link: and to fineout wherethe wheelililand

  53. Kyle

    LMAO they changed the title because they weren’t getting a lot of views with Lilly Singh being in the title.

  54. Lilly And friends

    It was a hard choice whether or not to watch this video, i love rhett and link, but im not as fond of Lilly

  55. Mason Cox


  56. LifeWith Brogan

    Why have I not seen any Kat comments?! She is gorgeous!

  57. Zappa Baburu

    Ugh. Really?

  58. D

    I was so excited for the concept of this episode and then she shows up…

  59. Hippo Hippo

    was really hoping the star from cake boss was gonna be behind them.

  60. YukonThunder

    I heard that she was a bisexual coloured woman. Is that true!?!?

  61. Kimmiee Peloquinn


  62. Red Turn

    "The bigger shock is..uh Link you won the game"
    OHHHHHH burnnnnnn

  63. Angel Cuba

    Of all people, why did you need to invite her?

  64. Grugeloragran

    Surprised this episode wasn't all about why men are evil.


    9:34 that girl on the far right seriously needs to evaluate her clothing decisions with them jeans 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  66. babygirl

    unfunniest person on youtube

  67. ZiggyZ

    I wanted to pick the guy but i was like…. nah they wouldn't do that. smh lol

  68. suicide LEOPARD

    Idc if everyone hates lilly. She is beautiful

  69. Addison Jackson

    Y’all should try the most favorite chip in each State.

  70. Addison Jackson

    And see if you could guess the flavor

  71. zebacly laas

    Oh no !

  72. xFlyingFlip

    The whole boss and worker dynamic is always just awkward.
    This episode just highlights a part of work that I don't think anyone really feels cozy about (if you're the boss or the worker). Prob why there's so many dislikes.

  73. TheGuzdar

    i am a boss and failed every single round

  74. ghouljoe x

    Great episode Rhett and Link are extraterrestrials and Lily sings is not funny great episode

  75. Bobby Ash

    Lol had an interview today, and when I walked into the place I couldn't tell who was the boss

  76. Jay Mo

    Her again?!

  77. Diego Espinoza

    I really dont like her

  78. Kiwi

    I knew it was Hal solely based on his intro

  79. Nicole Seitz

    Lilly looks so short so compared to my t a l l boys

  80. Leanna Skiba

    Glad you guys had Lilly on the show. First time I've seen her. She's great! Super funny 🙂

  81. Sarah Smith

    Great episode! All the employees and bosses were great sports!

  82. Craig Cutler

    Wow it is the unfunny girl that failed upwards….

  83. Golden YT

    Link: who is the boss of guessing the boss

    Karen: hold my beer

  84. scott c

    Rhett + Lilly = Rhilly.

  85. Ground Food

    Who is she

  86. kayleigh c

    Lilly looks so short😂

  87. Frank Costello

    I love how this turns into a big puppet game for the 3 of them 🙊🙉🙈

  88. Trenton Mackey

    I'm confused, why are there so many downvotes? I see a lot of comments about people not liking Lilly Singh. I don't know who she is, can someone clue me in on this?

  89. GabyCee

    her career is failing so thanks for helping her i guess

  90. Audrey Marshall

    I wish CBD was more affordable 😪

  91. Marieke Kito

    1:13 this is what it would look like when I stand next to Rhett.
    and honestly, I might be anxious because of it :s

  92. Gosteeler2525

    More dislikes than usual I wonder why…

  93. MissElle C

    Will it candy cane? Just a thought.

  94. Angelien Batterman

    Loved the game and concept, and I love how comfortable Lilly was with the guys–seemed right at home in this format!

  95. Hunter Leedy

    Love it

  96. Hunter Leedy

    Love her

  97. Hunter Leedy

    Love y’all

  98. SpaceClown404

    yeaaaahhh we dont like her

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