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  1. Ricardaaooo


  2. Rodman Swanston


  3. cuprex holic

    LoL.. hello clay.. good luck from Indonesian 😁

  4. Aztec lantaka

    Juan Hp

  5. Celaena xxx


  6. Anna Del Rosario

    Was this just last night?

  7. Ryuzen Maru

    Nice shoot 😂 if it was me i would lose maybe 😂

  8. David Mccuaig


  9. pendragon


  10. Gun Bta

    Hallo clay.

  11. David Barnhurst

    Thanks Clay.

  12. Shawn Moua

    Intense Gameplay Also Like You Hairstyle Man Looks Good On You

  13. Fatboii Crunk


  14. fernando susilo

    Well played clay

  15. Diên Nhân Lê

    Oh!! God mage is Vietnamese

  16. Jacob Sanders

    Every time I try to do this I lag trying to roll down and place my units so I just die. Lag OP

  17. Nicholas Tan

    nice positioning

  18. Zainal Bahrudin

    It was too amazing.. fans from Indonesia

  19. Gosma Dourada


  20. Rodz Paciente

    Well played

  21. AldebaranKnight


  22. mavris Putra

    lucky boy

  23. yanuar jaohara

    “Calculated” 😄😄

  24. kadir avan

    Wow clay i missed you🙄👻👻👻💪happy to see you back

  25. Game Crash

    good game bro ..
    nz feealing .. (Y)

  26. beniisilenthill


  27. vic1996ist


  28. Eternal Blue Sky


  29. Desidido Mohabal

    hell yeah!

  30. Synchro

    Good game

  31. Ameen Hazim

    guys where does clay announce winners ?!

  32. Ameen Hazim

    nnnnice game clay

  33. ReLL!K VaPeR

    Dayum that was so close!

  34. Austin Harvey

    Anybody know the song that starts at like 2:50 and fades out around like 3:30 ish?

  35. nikolas mantovanis

    Great win!

  36. RJ Faraon

    nice game

  37. Jasper Ingles

    Win console im broke ad

  38. Prebzter P

    Nice game clay! Funny ending!

  39. Deo Angelo Cruz

    dragon knight thunder spirit water spirit , you need aoe damage units.

  40. Shim Khos

    Headshoot 😀

  41. Jenessis Jarlego

    Lucky lucky lucky.. lucky.. with 1 hp 🙂

  42. tatticadanito

    Always enjoy your videos (:

  43. Wazir Zeeshan

    I like your t-shirt clay

  44. lazaro santelices

    Bkb ? Round 32 sir it could have been much easier. Bkb refresher

  45. Jay Jadav

    Lol tortola Carry 😂

  46. Apo Y

    Commenting the same thing on every video so I can get the playstation 4, day 49

  47. Nguyễn Hành

    Có việt nam

  48. Emsaay

    1 hp and a dream! Ggs!

  49. SieVin Gaming


  50. adam marshall

    I love that your back in auto chess

  51. Ming Ph

    Ahhhh the streamer luck again 😀

  52. Trần Tuấn

    Vãi thặc thanh niên việt cộng

  53. Eric Chiok


  54. Anna Del Rosario

    Was 3/4 thru thru the video when i realized that I watched this already during the stream.

  55. Edz

    Nice didnt done that yet

  56. joram gebieden

    Nice game 👍

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