Boyfriend DRAMA At The Football Game!

January 15, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Boyfriend DRAMA At The Football Game!

So, one day, I was with my friend, and my
friend told me to date this guy. And I don’t even know him, and I was kind of
desperate for a relationship. I didn’t really think he was cute or anything, but
he thought I was when she asked him, and I was just like, “You know what? Whatever.”
Because I don’t have a boyfriend, I want a boyfriend.
I thought everything was going well. We went to my friend’s house and she was
with her boyfriend and then I was with him. And we were having so much fun. We were watching IT, it was kind of awkward. We were trying to, like, share a blanket.
That didn’t really work out because it was just so awkward and it was our first,
like, time hanging out. Anyways fast forward, we were at a football game. And
we were not really talking at all, we were just, like, staring at each other
most of the time. And it was really awkward. And his friends were, like,
crowding around him, and my friends were crowding around me, like, just talking
about each other. And it was all weird. And we got a time to sit alone. And we
sat up on the ledge and, watching the game, and we were just sitting there and
it was really quiet, nothing was really happening.
And I made the dumbest mistake of my life. I turned to him and I asked him, “Do you
want to kiss?” And I don’t even know why I said that. It was so awkward.
He was, like, sweating and, like, shaking, didn’t know what to say. He was staring
at me and, like, was just speechless. And I was just waiting, “Oh no, oh no no, this
is bad, this is just awful.” Like, that voice in my head was like, “No Laurin, just, just die, just, just leave, and go home and die.” And he opened his mouth and he said, “You know, I don’t really know you that much.” Okay, first of all, then why would you say
yes to my friend who said that we would be great together, hmm, okay? I’m desperate for love right now, the last thing I need is to be embarrassed in front of
everybody. And even though, like, it wasn’t even a serious relationship, I was still
heartbroken because I really wanted my, like, first, real kiss, I guess? So he told
me, like, he didn’t really know me that well, so I left. And his
friends were all being like, “It’s okay, Lauren, like, he just wants to know you well.” And
then he came up to me and told me, “Yeah, I just, like, kind of want to get to know
you better, I don’t want to rush it like my last girlfriend.” And I knew what he
meant, okay? And that’s not even the story. The bad part is I was embarrassed,
okay? I literally asked somebody to kiss me and you don’t ask that stuff. But that
happened and I regret it. A lot. So, yeah. That’s my story. And by the way, we broke
up. Yep. Yeah.

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  1. Analia’s colorings • 27 years ago

    Who just says "do you wanna kiss" tf

  2. Kermit The Frog

    That's tuff……….

  3. fernandocamargo511

    I love IT

  4. Luna Pie

    5th grade relationships be like😭

  5. Jazie kitty

    Dang, I feel that girls pain.

  6. StarDefender XGamer


  7. Reardon Goforth

    Why the fuck do I watch this shit I hate it

  8. jørge

    My gf broke up with me yesterday…

  9. neon games17

    All the football players in the thumbnail be lookin thiccc 🏈🥵😰🥵 🔥🔥🔥

  10. arielle sky guzman


  11. Peach Ring

    You can't blame her, she was nervous

  12. Trần Mộng Tuyền

    So many “and”

  13. Mika Leah

    Why did she have to get mad at him saying "yes" just because he doesn't want to kiss? Like, sure, it was embarrassing, but getting mad at him for not being ready is just petty af. There are many people in relationships out there who take time to know each other before having their first kiss, so it's normal that he said that he just wanted to know you.

  14. a n g e l a

    And this is called being a hopeless romantic

  15. Allis Ayala Lopez


  16. Elizabeth Dickinson

    story booth: real stories
    other channels: i got pregnant when i was 4 from my hamster’s water container and gave birth to a box of cereal, what happens next will surprise you, subscribe for more

  17. theninjakid 28

    Oh well
    Lesson learned, Lauren. Relationships are hard work. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t capable. You can go out and get a mans anytime you want, now that you know how to go about it ^^

  18. Aurobindo Ghosh

    was this friend a referee when you two were playing on bed

  19. life with niyah queen

    Um how long do it takes for it to upload?

  20. nai nai Williamz

    Just wow 😐😐😐😐😐

  21. Typically Tori

    Story booth : real life people telling real life stories
    Other channels like my story animated : fake voice actors , I’m a boy and I’m getting ready to have a baby

  22. zainab abdul jalil

    Bro am I the only one who sides with the guy?
    Switch the roles around and it'd be a whole different story. It's more than weird.

  23. Izabelle Rose Pitt Blower


  24. Ben Dover

    The boyfriend looks like Freddie from Scooby doo

  25. DarkShadow

    He if don’t want to kiss you he don’t want to kiss you. It may be awkward but don’t make a video about it.

  26. SNS RyRy

    dis xitch sounds stupid asf u can’t force a nigga u don’t know to kiss u and when he says no u get mad like life goes on goddamn

  27. Lyric’s World

    She’s dramatic asf 😂😂😂 like sis rl want a bf so damn bad and that’s what her ass gets

  28. Avalon and Penelope

    This is the story of my life

  29. Jasmine Unknown

    Ngl I thought it said total drama island. lol

  30. LifeAsTrinity Xoxo

    WhO LiKeS StOrY BoOtH


    im sorry i had to say it 😂😂 but i love story booth

  31. ERo4 _

    Bruh 💀

  32. Gabriel Delgado

    Who is here before a million views

  33. Black Mesa Idiot

    Wow, thats entirely your fault

  34. Xx_Moonlight gacha_xX

    My ex bf keeped saying: "Kiss me" every moment of the day… And asked me to do thangs i didn't want to…. And i broke up with him…. And i felt no attachment… So i was fine braking up with that jerk. It was sorta like this girl… (In some ways) Just a little story of my own that reminds me of this…. So i can relate a bit to that guy..

  35. Isabella Aisake


  36. Itsyagirl Hayes

    This is really crinngggggggggggggg😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  37. a man who makes weird vids

    Girl: dates stranger and asks to kiss

    Boy: I don’t really know you that much

    girl: this is all your fault-

  38. Laysha Bautista

    Tell me why At the end I just thought
    He looks like Austin moon from Austin and ally

  39. Leslie Hampton

    "And btw, we broke up. Yep. Yeah."

  40. Adducla Alts

    If my girl comes out and tells me to kiss.. I would rather stay a virgin forever.

  41. Pitbull lover

    He owes you nothing! This can happen to guys too. (I'm a girl tho) but just because he wanted to go on a date with you does not mean he needs to kiss you. Sorry if he embarrassed you but whoever told this story sounds like a huge brat.

  42. RainDropStar Rock

    I wonder how old she is😂😂😂

    me patting her back
    "Its okay gurl… its okay…"

  43. Alisse yeah :3

    That was the most boring boyfriend drama ive ever heard, that was like 2 year old stuff

  44. Drippy’s Yt


  45. Suman B

    I would try to save it by saying do u wanna kiss ( like Hershey’s kisses )and day u have them at home and I’d bring some tomorrow
    And than tomorrow say that u ran out cause yeah…

  46. lol, wot?

    wait shes like 10-

  47. Dont let your Memes be memes.

    Meh, there are worse things, you'll get over it. And hopefully admit you were wrong for trying to rush yourself into a relationship, be happy with being single

  48. Annie Mations

    why didn’t they invite me to watch it with them? 🥺

  49. TheMoneyPie

    It's ok girl. ❤

  50. Feather Gonzales

    dudee can we talk about her shorts tho

  51. ヅhoney

    okay so basically that was quick.

  52. Shøxie

    0:36 IT is my favorite movie of all time

  53. Hafsa Omar

    What? You broke up? But u guys didn’t dated yet…

  54. Emmy Tran

    It’s good to also be single too. You could like anyone and you don’t have to worry about yo mans😂😇

  55. Apple Comics

    2:33 that face tho

  56. Spirit Wonder

    Moral of the story: Don't rush relationships

  57. Ash Weirdo 107

    Girls:”I can’t wait to get a boyfriend!”

    Me: I can’t wait to become an Artist and stay single forever. UwU

  58. Brandon Tinch

    She did her best! But I love her colorful pink lips!

  59. Are You Reddie

    aight I’m gonna just watch it for the 8th time.

  60. Itz_Valerie

    I uh- I’m demisexual-.. ._.

  61. Madalyn Fielstra

    Ok first of all you don’t tell ur friends what happened this guy dumb he is just gonna embarrass her more

  62. Bernie Granr

    Bitch calm down your like 12 boyyyyyy I ought to 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  63. Ale

    Middle school dating basically

  64. Rasin Ahmed

    It's ok we all make mistakes in life

  65. chaboy mitchy

    Probs in year 7

  66. Jasmin Xec

    Ya that's why no one wants to date you

  67. YouTuber Is Unavailable

    0:33 – 1:55 I honestly feel like first relationships are awkward so you should be fine xD

  68. Flew_Ashed *

    mylove story was more embarassing 🙂

  69. Pinky Tea

    omg this is awkward but i love stirybooth!

  70. michael but not jackson

    dUDE that ain’t right way to do things, i know she was desperate n stuff but heck, everything takes its time and if the guy isn’t ready she could’ve waited til he’s ready, though it only works like that if she ACTUALLY wanted to date him and was interested.

  71. Cookies and Milk


  72. Tyler Alvarez

    My story's next

  73. Totally-normal

    You dont just date someone because you want a relationship stupid

  74. Kaitlyn

    Save yourself the time. This story sucks and is pointless

  75. Fatimah Ibrahimi

    her: do you wanna kiss
    me: Damm girl ya blew it!!
    I ligt cringed through the whole video XD

  76. Al The Pal

    Why is the description just a long summary of the video tf??

  77. klop is awsome

    Im in the same position. I want a boyfriend desperately and have not had my first kiss yet. I want to love somebody!! 💔

  78. dat_tea 12345

    Middle school relationships in a nutshell

  79. Ichi Eat World

    Can you please help me how to deal with depression because my "abusive" father keeps hitting my siblings and throws stuff at me, i rather get adopted pls help.

  80. Evaria Mapping

    But that is ARMOURED RUGBY

  81. Herowebcomics

    Well, asking about what you're allowed to do in a relationship is important!
    He said he wasin't ready, but he also said it could happen after he gets to know you better.
    Things like this can be crazy like that sometimes!
    Maybe things will go better next time!

  82. LeiraLovable


    ..Reminds me of my first boyfriend and my current MU

  83. BlueRaptorLea

    Don't be desperate for a boyfriend or a girlfriend… There is always time when you find your true love and don't ekt your friends recommend who because you're soppost to be the one to choose who you like

  84. Kid Animation

    Why is she sad she asked him to kiss her and they barely know each other this was too quick and she gets heartbroken? Smh

  85. Vixen Fox Sly


  86. Nelson

    They’d be the type of people who would text and talk during a movie

  87. Mizuki Odori

    She said the worst mistake of her life is asking him for a simple kiss…

    Guess she has it easy lmfao just wait till she really knows what the worst mistake of her life is smh

  88. a m a n d a

    shes just desperate

  89. Jesse Hobbelen

    Lolz I had kinda same relationship but THE DUDE TOLD ME HE LOVE ME FKRST WEEK WE DATED and then the bitch broke up wit me 😂😂😂

  90. Just a Random Guy

    This is so cringy

  91. Neon MrNoName

    Me as a loner: Wait what, does even a girl ask a guy out to a date?

  92. Epic Minecraft gamer

    My guy what did your parents fed you

  93. SmileTOBY

    everyones answer for This video title


  94. KingDOOdz GAMER


  95. операция Чернобыль

    Why does she sound like 12 year old

  96. Pyro Fury

    He missed out on a lifetime heck if that was me I would say yea

  97. Mugdha Tewari

    Ok…so I guess it is your fault then…

  98. AD Queen

    I wish my friend got me a boyfriend

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