Boost Oxygen Sport and Fitness Use Oxygen Therapy

Boost oxygen sport and fitness use oxygen
Therapy As a registered dietitian and a personal trainer,
I know how important your health is to you. This is why I’m so excited about 95% pure
Boost oxygen, and the benefits it offers. The term aerobic literally means “with oxygen”
and this is important because no matter what exercise you are doing or sport you’re playing,
oxygen is your primary and immediate fuel source. Anaerobic respiration is a term most pro football
players and other professional athletes are well aware of. It’s when the body becomes
over-exerted and starts to produce energy without using oxygen from the air. A direct
result from this is the production of lactic acid, which can cause muscle fatigue and cramping.
Athletes whether they be football players, tennis players or even golfers can start to
expel more carbon dioxide than they admit in oxygen during times of physical and even
psychological stress. As they continue to exert themselves, lactic
acid in their bodies can start to accumulate. This is why you see so many highly-conditioned
pro football players reach for the oxygen mask; it’s to help them recover faster, to
catch their breath more quickly and to return to normal aerobic respiration faster. It helps
their stamina, respiratory endurance and muscle performance. Oxygen gives them a natural competitive
advantage. Boost oxygen is also great in the fitness
center for the same reasons for before, during, in between exercises. It’s 95% pure oxygen,
meaning there is over four and a half times the amount of oxygen being admitted into the
lungs than that is present in the existing environment. I teach proper breathing techniques with the
purpose of maximizing oxygen intake. Boost oxygen works under the same premise; it helps
to naturally replenish the body with oxygen and helps to make both cardio and strength
training more efficient and enjoyable. Everyone from power weightlifters to Pilates
clients can benefit from the extra oxygen during their workout. So feel better, recover faster and improve
performance with Boost oxygen.

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  1. Legspasm cuntwitch

    oxygen isnt your main source of energy hahahaha its atp hahaha

  2. randy109

    I work night shifts and often don't get enough sleep.  As an Emergency Responder I often must go from deep sleep to fully dressed and physically working in under 10 minutes.  A couple of deep breaths of 95% oxygen upon arising wakes you up and energizes you faster.  Just like when you awake and yawn really big a couple of times, our bodies are trying to get the blood/oxygen levels up upon waking.  It's not just a placebo either because I know skeptics that were surprised that the shots of oxygen energizes you and helps you "catch your breath" when under extreme physical exertion or stress.  I always keep a can handy.

  3. Mr. Vöcsök

    2:01 The key world is: naturaly… of course

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