Bob the Builder big plan nascar commentary

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Bob the Builder big plan nascar commentary

Fishing up the stage break at the Mid Ohio sports car course for the NASCAR Xfinity series six races to go including today until the Seven race playoffs so very very critical to get things done here today and one driver who did just that Was the stage winner chase Briscoe Parker wants to see if you can dial. Yeah, let’s try to talk to him here Hey chase his heartbeat. Got me Hey, man, so your first ever stage win, but now you’re back in traffic how you gonna make your way through there cleanly These guys brought me really good for performance Mustang So they’re like we have a really good car that has really good forward your eyes So I feel like that’s gonna be pretty big here being able to work for the field So find out already bands pretty good start in the car together finish this meal off day Thanks. Good luck Staged winter chase Brisco he will restart in the 13th position there is the leader Christopher Bell and Remember going to this pit sequence or the one before the end of the stage the 22 of Austin syndrich had led every lap But a slow pit stop marker is what customers It’s not even this stop as much as right here goes the pole way stalls the car now the team starts pushing He’s trying to refire that car We had a bit of a gap going on the pit road here’s bail you see it So we’ll see the 22 coming out pit lane there He is and all the way up here going into turns you already is Chris rebel So he effectively takes the lead from on Pacific through that pit stop sequence. I account the driver as part of the pit Stop partner, okay Very quickly the stop was quick. Yeah, just the exit wasn’t all right away. So now Christopher Bell has Syndrich right in his mirrors. Meanwhile trouble for Justin Haley don’t And they were on the road for an extended period of time under this yellow They think they maybe have a power steering issue Justin says it feels okay under caution, but you see them there with the hood up on pit road They think that they diagnosed it as a power steering problem So once they go back green and they have a better indication if they fixed that but for now They’re gonna call. That’s what the problem is. So They’re gonna have to try something weird again here That was the term that the crew chief Chris tries to use starting from the back to begin with it to get up front They’re gonna have to do something weird. Well, they’re at the back end. So we’ll see what they’ve got up their sleeve this time Filling thanks for the update Parker a couple of different power steering issues. One is none at all. The other one is intermittent Both bad, they both bad and on a road course the weight you rub these front suspensions we run tiny wheels inside the car a lot of times you Powers to be able to drive these cars effectively around Road course So if that’s going in or out or if it’s gone completely he’s in training very long day Time Justin can handle it the 20 year old from Indiana rookie season for him The K&N Pro Series champion will have some work to do from the back of the field The control car is Christopher Bell the red white and black 2022 Austin syndrich the fastest qualifier and leader of most of this event slowly into the restart zone Right there Hobsonville. He goes green Really well executed Just now got our trying to shove AJ opening or almost off the racetrack They’re out of turn one and they’ll go side by side into turn two who lose the Hat cops. We’re building three Why did he get it done in the middle is Allmendinger? Touch there. Wow, that was an impressive move Okay, who’s got it here going down into the fastest braking zone turn four Got a little nose on them the key will be All fingers able to stay side by side of them. He’ll have the inside leaf in the turf five Stubborn dry fritters the californian and the guy from Great Britain Jack Cox were that his first Xfinity series starchy prevails now Pinkish smells able hold off Austin centric through the first set of corners here. Awesome

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