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  1. jaxyrie

    Not like it matters or anything though

  2. Tuan X

    What are some of your favorite games released on Switch this year?

  3. Mattastic 06

    Super mario maker 2 has to be my favorite but i haven't played astrol chain yet so..

  4. Raging Red

    •Super Mario Maker 2
    •Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield
    •Luigi Mansion 3
    •Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
    •The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
    •Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
    •Fire Emblem Three Houses
    •Yoshi Crafted World
    •Tetris 99
    •NBA 2K20

  5. ChampBen 99


  6. heidi burton

    I wish I could play these games but I don't have a nintendo switch:(

  7. Travis Lacroix

    Sword and Shield

  8. Gigi Rigby

    Super smash bro’s!!!!!!!

  9. brian kelley

    Awesome video man

  10. Avi K

    Thanks!You don’t know how hard it’s been to find a guy with great recommendations.

  11. TBelly

    Nice list of games. I still need to get Astral Chain. Trying both Fire Emblem and Pokémon on switch this year I couldn’t get into FE but Poke was mad fun to me. Tetris 99 was a hit out of no where.

  12. Sierra Harrison

    hey 😮

  13. younghav

    Just dance 2020 for Wii….I mean any system but specifically that one….fucking buy it people!!!!!

  14. George

    Links awakening looks good i'll have to check it out soon. I've been playing skyrim on lite its kinda hard to pick up small items and move. but it just takes practice.

  15. Game Queen

    Ring fit Adventure is legit my goty lol. Love it. Played a lot of Dragon Quest this year so continuing the dog fun with Ring Fit.

  16. Michaelarcangelo

    I’m really enjoying Astral Chain i got it the day it came out and have been enjoying more and more since still haven’t beaten it yet but it’s in my opinion one of the best Action games for the Nintendo Switch this year

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