Best Gaming TVs of 2019 –

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Best Gaming TVs of 2019 –

Hey guys its Ryan from Today were going to check out the best gaming
TVs you can buy in 2019. There were a lot of good sets that came out
this year with awesome gaming features so we’ll take a look at which TV you should
buy based on your needs. If you want to check out our full review for
any of the TVs covered in this video, the links are in the description below. We’ll start by looking at the best of the
budget TVs, dive into the sets that have added some nice gaming features and work our way
towards the best overall gaming TV of 2019. Without much further ado, let’s get started. The best budget model you can buy in 2019
is the Hisense H9F. It’s a great 4k HDR TV with good picture
quality. It has an excellent contrast ratio, a wide
color gamut, great peak brightness in both SDR and HDR, and a great response time. Coupled with the excellent low input lag around
16ms at all resolutions makes for a very responsive and immersive gaming experience. There is a high-frequency flicker that can’t
be removed but it shouldn’t cause any issues for most people. Unfortunately, the Hisense H9F doesn’t accept
120Hz signals even though it is a native 120Hz panel, so games will be maxed out at 60fps. If higher refresh rate gaming is what you’re
after, then there are better options for you. The Samsung Q70R has an array of nice gaming
features on top of its great picture quality, making it our pick for the best Variable Refresh
Rate gaming TV, or VRR. It has an auto-low-latency-mode, known as
auto game mode or ALLM, with very low input lag at all resolutions. It has a game mode interpolation feature as
well, so if you want to interpolate motion up to 60 or 120 fps in game, you can activate
this mode without introducing too much input lag. Another great feature of this set is its ability
to do VRR. It is compatible with AMD’s FreeSync technology
so it will work with AMD graphics cards and consoles like the Xbox One X that support
this feature. On top of that, NVIDIA just released new driver
updates that allow the Q70R, as well as the rest of this years QLEDs, to be compatible
with GTX 16-series and up NVIDIA graphics cards through HDMI Forum VRR. With regards to the picture quality, it has
a good contrast ratio and wide color gamut but is more dim than last years Q7FN. For those of you in a brighter room, or for
those of you looking for a TV with better viewing angles, the LG SM9500 will be a better
choice. It gets consistently much brighter than the
Samsung Q70R, and is especially brighter in HDR, meaning HDR gaming will be very good
on this set. It has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports included so you can
take advantage of the HDMI Forum VRR that works well with Xbox Ones, as well as NVIDIA
graphics cards thanks to the new NVIDIA drivers that were recently released. It has very low input lag and a great response
time. Do note it only comes in a 65 inch size, so
if you’re looking for another size the SM9000 will perform almost as well, it just doesn’t
get as bright as the SM9500. Next lets move on to the best LED gaming TV. There were a lot of good sets that came out
this year, but the best LED TV for gaming is the Samsung Q80R. It gets bright and punchy for HDR gaming,
it has very low input lag and ALLM, a good gaming motion interpolation feature, and VRR
like the Q70R. The picture quality is great, it has a good
contrast ratio, and you even have improved viewing angles for a VA type panel TV. The Samsung Q80R beat out the Samsung Q90R
because although the Q90R gets a bit brighter and has more local dimming zones, they both
perform extremely similarly. Now, for the best overall gaming TV of 2019,
the LG C9. All the best features came together for this
set. HDMI 2.1 for future proofing, high frame rate
content, and VRR. It has amazing low input lag with auto-low-latency-mode,
a near-instantaneous response time, a wide color gamut, and great peak brightness, not
to mention the perfect blacks. OLEDs offer superb picture quality and motion
handling, but do have the possibility of the permanent image retention with excessive static
content, but we don’t expect it to be an issue at all for most people. We’ve done a full investigation into OLED
burn-in with varying content and you can find the link to this investigation in the description
below. In fact, our OLED TV that we are testing specifically
for first person shooter gaming has not burnt in yet after over 9000 hours. The heads-up display in game has not been
an issue, and this content is looped 100% of the time. We like to mention burn-in as something that
could happen, so you as a consumer are properly informed before you buy, but in reality most
people vary the content they play or watch, so we don’t expect burn-in to be a problem
for most people. Before summarizing, we’ll take a brief look
at TVs that almost made this list. The TCL 6 Series 2019, also known as the R625,
almost made our recommendation for best budget gaming TV, but the response time and noticeable
duplication in the backlight made the H9F a better choice. The Sony X950G is a fantastic TV that boasts
excellent picture quality and great image processing, it just falls short of the competition
in terms of gaming features because it is missing any ALLM or VRR features. The Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019 is also
a great 4k LED TV, but the single low input lag port and missing VRR features make it
fall short of the LGs and Samsungs for gaming. The Samsung Q900/Q900R is a great 8K TV with
many nice gaming features, similar to the Q90R, but unfortunately there isn’t a lot
of 8k content out at the moment, so we’re not sure if its worth making the jump to 8k
just yet. In sum, the best budget gaming TV for 2019
is the Hisense H9F. It has great low input lag and response time. The best VRR gaming TV for 2019 is the Samsung
Q70/Q70R. It is compatible with FreeSync and now also
works with HDMI Forum VRR, so some NVIDIA cards will work with it as well. For a brighter room, the LG SM9500 will be
a great choice because of its good reflection handling and high peak brightness in SDR and
HDR. It also is compatible with HDMI Forum VRR,
which works with some NVIDIA cards and the new Xbox One. The best LED gaming TV of 2019 is the Samsung
Q80R. It has all the same gaming features the Q70R
has, plus a better picture quality and improved viewing angles. And finally, the best overall gaming TV of
2019 is the LG C9. It boasts a plethora of gaming goodies with
an astonishingly good picture quality and response time. The VRR, low input lag, and ALLM help solidify
its title. So that’s it for our picks for the best
gaming TVs of 2019. Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below. There were some great gaming TVs that came
out this year, and we were happy to see some TV features added through updates throughout
the year, such as HDMI Forum VRR on the Samsungs and LGs. We hope to see more gaming features continue
to be added to more TVs going into 2020. You can check out all the measurements for
any of the TVs mentioned in this video on our website, linked in the description below. If you want to see our test results first
as we buy and test new models, then you should become an insider on the website. Subscribe to our channel and hit the notification
bell to be alerted when new videos drop. Thank you very much for watching, see you
next time.

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  1. TheXGamer

    I find the Sony A9F to be a really good gaming TV, because I’m a PlayStation man.

  2. djseebee

    I think Samsung Q70 or Q60 are good I love LG C9 but I can't risk for burnin image

  3. J Y

    Fyi for the europeans, the american q80r, picture quality wise is the same as the q85r but it comes with a one connect box too. Yet i’d still go for the xg9505, vrr and allm are not that important to me yet due to not having a gpu with hdmi2.1

  4. KParks

    950G is where it's at

  5. Noscoper

    Anyone here who's used TCL P8S ? Thoughts?

  6. Christian Zito

    Wheres the other guy with the fun accent

  7. Jimmy Richards

    But can it run RDR2?


  8. SuaveLlaveBlog

    Sad to see the makers of PlayStation can’t make good gaming TVs. I’m replacing my A1E with a Q80 after i discovered a small patch of burn in. Even then the 900c I had at one point didn’t produce good enough colors and brightness. I can’t wait to get my Q80 up hopefully the next PlayStation system will get Freesync

  9. Shihabuddin Ahmed

    I am looking for a review of TCL 8-Series …
    Is it any good , compared to competition

  10. Martin Mac

    ARRRGHHH, Stop it!
    Do you have any idea how difficult it is to resist buying a LG C9 in the upcoming sales…everytime I talk myself out of it, a video like this comes along, to start me off again.

  11. Ferenc Fajkusz

    That LG sounds nice, but I'm not sure how OLED would be okay for used as a monitor…I'm using Panasonic's 750B 65" for 2 years now, no issues, but I am curious about other options as I'd like to move up in the screen size next year this time around.

  12. realicepick1

    As an owner of a B6 that obatined early burn in, I doubt I will go back to OLED…so I got a Q8 coming this week, but second guessing as I'm starting to see a lot of gamer favortism towards the x950g, while the critics seem to say the qled is better.

  13. Super Muna

    LG C9 is the best gaming TV. Best picture quality, best input lag, most future proof with HDMI 2.1, VRR, G Sync and 120Hz. It’s a no brainer.


    The Ru8000 is cheaper than all of those TVs and can do Vrr and 1440p at 120hrz

  15. Jordan Aguilar

    With the current Nvidia driver 441.12, you can enable G-Sync (G-Sync Compatible) in the Nvidia Control Panel with Samsung displays like the Q70, however there are currently blanking issues when the framerate dips below the maximum refresh rate of the display. This is where VRR should kick-in and adjust the display's refresh rate to match the framerate of the GPU. It is clearly not functioning correctly. Does anyone know if Samsung will be releasing a Firmware Update for these displays that will fix this issue?

  16. AngelicRequiemX

    LG C9 FTW! Excellent work as always, RTINGS. 👍

  17. Jorgidan 92

    Is there any chance you could make a section for TVs that are available in Europe with their European names? I love your site, but from Spain I can't even get half the models that you review or the names change and I can't tell if I'm looking at the same European model. Also, Best 65 inch TV I will be able to get under 1000€ during Black Friday?

  18. Ryo RGB

    What about LG B9? It support all the features the C9 do but is alot cheaper.

  19. DD

    REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get an OLED. But the burn-in is holding me back. I want to use it in FIVE years without any fear of burin-ins. So SAD.


    Lg c9 is the best for gaming especially now that's its g sync compatible

  21. Romantic Donkey

    If money was not an issue, what is the absolute best 65” gaming tv. I see some 65” tv’s at the $3k mark. Would these perform better than the C9?

  22. Abraham Colon

    All I play is COD for I’d say about 6-8 hours a week, would y’all think that would cause burn in with the LG oled ?

  23. Abraham Colon

    Hmmm LG C9 better quality but input lag is longer while Q70r has a bit less quality but a faster input lag rate… what would y’all recommend purely for gaming

  24. kingscotto

    My X900F has a HDMI hand shake connection problem with PS4 Pro, Anyone know any fixes ?

  25. Edison Saúl Castillo Mejía

    I wish LG gave a 3 years warranty on those OLED panels, I would buy that tv soo fast😣

  26. more jello please

    my sony 950 keeps saying "internet browser will now close due to an unexpected error" i've reset the app, tv, etc, this thing takes forever to load a youtube video. like 15 minutes to watch one video IF i'm lucky, so laggy! you can't watch a 4k video without it being choppy, try and adjust some settings in the menu while watching the video and forget it!! sony won't do anything for me because it's already outside of warranty. I'll never buy another sony anything.

  27. STczyk

    What is the equivalent of samsung 7402 in the US?

  28. OMoneyProductions

    I have the Samsung Q70R it’s a great TV and beast for gaming. I just really hope Samsung gives a firmware update for it to support HDMI 2.1 in the future.

  29. Othman 007

    LG C9 is the best especially response time it like monitor great jab LG
    I have C9 if you have the budget just get it.

  30. Royce H

    The ru8000 by samsung is the best tv under $800 in my opinion if you are getting 55inch or up. Has a 120hz panel and freesync with fantastic input lag times, the only downside is no 2.1 hdmi. I'm going to get next years model for my ps5 when it comes out because it'll have everything it needs for the ps5.

  31. tigerbalm

    Is… In Som related to Som Yung Gai?

  32. Schanny

    I have to say you are the best Tech Channel on Youtube. . Your way how you present your results, is 100% how we had to Do in my University. Perfekt guys👌 As a german guy I understand everything what you are saying. Again perfekt👌 with love from Germany please keep your way.

  33. David Beaulieu

    I hesitate between the Hisense H9f and the Samsung Q80r
    For the price and features like Dolby Vision etc. I think Hisense is winner but I do not know longevity vs. Samsung? My actual Samsung Un55F6400 is now 6 years olds
    Does the fact that Samsung does not support Dolby Vision is a big negative for Netflix or Amazon?
    With a GTX1660 TI oc, will the input of the Hisense 60hz block me?

  34. Cinco9

    Why you guys never put the prices of each TV/Monitor in these recommendation videos? That is a major point for decision making imo…

  35. Sakis 007

    Nice and detailed video.What do you think of the Samsung RU8002 is fine for gaming?

  36. mjribes

    Best budget gaming TV for 2019 is without a doubt the Samsung RU8000. End of…

  37. Subzero

    i'd like to buy the ru7300 and i'm kind of person who sticks with the same tv for 5 years + 🙂 is it a good pick or will samsung release a better ones nex year at the same pride range

  38. Quantum TV

    This is a very bad video…😬😨😱you reccomended the lg sm9500…Q70r…and an lg LG OLED c9 as gaming tvs….yikes. you guys are definitely out of touch with what gamers need.

    The Sm9500 has grey black, especially on logos and loading screens.

    Any oled is prone to burn in, and is only good for moderate gaming without HUDS. Hardly a gaming tv.

    The Q70R is really ugly for picture quality and color… its way worse than last years Q7FN..which you can still buy.

    Honestly guys, you can do better. This is going to hurt more people than it will help. It's okay to tell people not to buy something until 2020. Food for thought.

    – QTV

  39. Jean Lepage

    The LG C9 now support freesync! Can you test it?

  40. Rog S

    I love your tests guys!!!!!!!

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    Why tf has 55" become the minimum size for mid-high end TVs?! I'd kill for a 49" Q90R.

  43. TornadoBarrage

    This video came out just in time for me

  44. Eric Matthews

    Can you provide more detail about Nvidia GTX 16 and RTX 20 series support for VRR on the Samsung QLED tv's?
    Did He say "HDMI Foreign VRR?" Or "HDMI 4 and VRR?" Or "HDMI 1.4 VRR?" I can't quite make it out.

  45. TornadoBarrage

    I don't know either to get the Q90 or C9

  46. Edgard Vasquez

    Is there any real difference between a B9 and a C9 oled tv? I know they have alpha 7 and alpha 9 processors respectively but they both do virtually the same 🤔

  47. BeatTronics Inc.

    LG C9
    LG B9
    Samsung Q8FN(2018)

  48. BeatTronics Inc.

    Stick with Samsung QFN series…if you can find em

  49. BeatTronics Inc.

    LG C9 B9 win not even close…2.1…burn in not relevant anymore

  50. NOOKEY69 Hard!!

    Where is robot Daniel?? You shouldn't have mentioned the TCL 6 SERIES quantum!! It doesn't have VRR, ALM, or HDMI 2.1!! And it has a high response time!!

  51. Ausländerzocken HD

    Is there a big difference between the B9 and the C9 ?

  52. jason Brown

    The tcl is just fine if your not so worried about it so much

  53. George

    120Hz capability is not even on the chart…

  54. CosmicRyan1125

    Rtings , are nvidia gpus really compatible with the samsung q70 VRR ? i thought the samsungs qleds were freesync not hdmi forum VRR , cant find any information about this , im interested in buying this with my rtx card

  55. Trent Nagle

    I had real trouble getting the brightness right with my c8 oled when gaming i switched to q7r and I'm having a much better experience.

  56. Skidoosh Layman

    So Samsung Qleds do work with G-Sync?

  57. Djdjf Djdjf

    Vizio p serie

  58. Thomaticus

    What's a good tv for the ps5?

  59. Dime Slinger

    I'm sold on the E9. The length of this video with that still image on the C9 rattled me a bit.

  60. DylValentine

    No big format gaming displays like HP Omen ?

  61. CanadianLoki76

    I would love to have the C9.. But I use my TV as a monitor for PC as well. For gaming it would be fine with likely no burn-in. But as a PC monitor it has far too many static things on it that would eventually cause burn-in..
    So sad that OLED have the burn-in issues of plasma.. If not it would be the best format ever.. Only has that one downside..

    It is almost as though I would buy the C9 but still keep my current TV monitor as well and switch between them.. Watching movies, TV shows and gaming on C9 and using my old X900E for computer browsing/tasks and watching youtube etc.

  62. battinisai

    How about samsung q60r?

  63. gaming for gaming

    Great comparison video. I went with the 65" Samsung Q900R 8K this year.

  64. CNR4EVR

    I bought a 65" C9 and I do NOT REGRET IT ONE BIT!

  65. Ramiro Gutierrez

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    I'm waiting for the black friday to buy a C9. Excellent work guys!

  67. DragonPhoenix

    I have q60r
    When i try 1440p 120hz
    Free sync ultimate
    The game flicker and then there is no signal
    Rtx 2070 super

  68. Ace Hardy


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    Who is this guy, where's Daniel?

  70. DragonPhoenix

    Freesync ultimate is not working with nvidia over hdmi on samsung q60r

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