Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Honours) – Noni’s Story

[music] I’m working at North Melbourne Football Club as a performance analyst and the course I did was a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science with Honours. At the end of my degree I was doing a placement unit and was lucky enough to get a spot at North Melbourne Football Club. Everyone here had done an honours degree. It was going to give me some really specific skills. You get to innovate the research that’s out there in the area that you’re interested in. It’s an amazing and incredible experience. An opportunity to get to do something new. My honours project was network analysis in Australian football. Network analysis was something that had been done a lot in social science. To look at sort of social interactions within different groups of people. The whole concept of the project was, teams aren’t just lots of individuals. Can we predict team’s successful ball movement if we track which players are working best in combination? If you like sport, if you like exercise, I would highly recommend doing the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science with Honors. It is so rewarding. Go for it. [music fades]

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