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  1. Christina Gomez

    What is the arrest for! Take a report of damages, the damaged party will undoubtedly file and take this individual to court for restitution, to be made whole again! NO need to arrest for this act. #Bernie2020 our #21stCenturyFDR

  2. Max Covfefe

    lol, balloon rage

  3. Peter Green

    Any of you fucking liberals want to try and slash me?

  4. Jeremy H.

    Confusing. Were they trying to slash the President of The United States, or were the pro President of The United States?

  5. Chris Lee

    Just a typical day in the life of a hunting-knife wielding inbred white supremacist KKK skinhead.

  6. Anna Marie Polniaczek

    I've been telling people about this sort of thing. But do the dumbass leftists listen? Hell no. If you come down South with a pleasant attitude we will be most hospitable. If you come down here with your shit we will show you the other side of the coin. The owner of that disrespectful thing is lucky it was just the balloon that got cut. Down here even we grannies carry boot knives..
    If the place has a name like Tuscaloosa you leftists might wanna stay home next time.

  7. Planet Bolshevik

    Take your protest to Portland Communists

  8. 253MikeSouth

    My goodness was it worth getting locked and bail for ?!! Stupid.

  9. Franklin Archambault

    this is what happens when the young in our education system is indoctrinated instead of educated all schools and colleges should be held accountable for this and funding dropped

  10. NitroCorn

    Haha good!
    P.S Epstein didn't kill himself.

  11. leo lupo

    good job

  12. Battle is Real God's Amore LOVE

    no wonder Alabama lost! he'll probably have it slew of losses from here on out. is Alabama a socialist communist state?

  13. Battle is Real God's Amore LOVE

    why did this video have to say the same thing twice?

  14. Cookie Cute as a puppy

    Serves the balloon right!😂🤣😂🤔

  15. George Sciblo jr

    Lmaooooo go home hags

  16. Tiffany James

    Not all heroes wear capes!

  17. Robert Flask

    Arrested for slashing a balloon, but Antifa gets a pass

  18. bdawk20

    Trump haters ain’t welcome in America. Go to communist North Korea where you belong

  19. Michael J. Eastman

    I would have slashed it, too! 😌🏈🇺🇸

  20. baz hennessy

    You have to understand that the Alabamians are pure violent scum. One alabama fan poisoned trees because his team lost. Worst state in the nation

  21. William Mielenz

    Just like it's daddy: Full of hot air.


    Haa haa That guy should get an award

  23. Common Sense, Politics!

    Called, "Instant Karma"!

  24. Los Critics Supreme

    Good. A man with a back bone.

  25. 2Fine2Be Humble

    I can’t blame the guy. If I was on the jury he would walk.

  26. T. D

    Will donate to this young man's defense because he deserves the same get out of jail card the mentally ill democrat paid puppets get when they actually physically hurt conservatives and don't get arrested.

  27. Oh Snap!!!

    Alabama. The only state with a man named Hoyt who's in jail for a felony tonight after stabbing a balloon baby.

  28. Raeanna Frasier

    LMAO 😂

  29. David Stone

    🤗 Ha! Ha! Baby Trump Balloon Slashed In Trump Country. Crybaby. Sore loser Democrats time to get your wallet out and $buy$ a bigger one so we can deflate it too. Trumps going to win re-election and democrats know it that’s why they are trying to impeach him. It won’t work.

  30. Common Sense, Politics!

    That's really what I meant. Our President will win so big, it will make the DemoRats cry like babies! Go TRUMP, GO!!!

  31. Mango Mussolini

    In Alabama he gets impaled. In DC he gets impeached. Sounds about right!

  32. invisble man

    Maybe Judy Goolianny can represent him in court..

  33. Michael Steven

    Can you imagine the left if a
    " Baby Obama" floated around in multiple cities ??? Those leftist snowflakes would be demanding imprisonment .!!!!

  34. Tim Mathewson

    The reason the man slashed it is because it was an obvious safety hazard that was endangering countless women and children 😉

  35. Maria Trejo

    🇺🇸👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇺🇸📢TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  36. Francisco P

    What a loser the guy can do what he wants, got these crazy conservatives over here shooting up stores, cursing anyone who doesn’t support trump, calling them all libtards and actually thinking trumps plans and foriegn policies are making America great again for them! He is making it great again for his Friends and Wealthy not you or me.

  37. Jerry Tetro

    and Bill Clinton is a rapist and a Pedophile who visited Orgy Isle 6 times…

  38. Matthew Thomas

    A patriot with a knife.

  39. westbender 820

    I'd sure buy that man a beer !

  40. CrimsonTide

    They should have shot him. He was yielding a knife and could have hurt someone. Protests are a part of American constitutional rights .

  41. Christina Jenkins

    The guy has since been bonded out. Im pretty sure the judge will go extremely light on him considering the cause. Dont fukk with us here in AL. You can take your protest and shove them far up the left side of your @sses!

  42. Steven Piper

    Your Dumbfuckastand ways don't fly down South! Go back to Dumbfuckastand snowflakes before you melt! We don't play that shit here! But please try and shut down our roads, just let us know where so we can gas up! You make good speedbumps!

  43. OnodagaUFO

    I guess its back to coloring books, Play Doh. and howling at the sky. lol

  44. elizabeth cope

    Interesting. He gets arrested. Antifa beat people up on camera. Throws piss @ police. Hits people in the face with cement in cups. Steal private property & destroys it by burning or stomping it. Harasses an elderly woman using a walker trying to cross the street. No arrest. No detainment. Police remarks usually say sorry we can't do anything. But a guy cuts a balloon & gets arrested.

  45. Sm0k3

    Wouldn't this qualify as attempted assassination? It is a perfect likeness after all.

  46. Lariz Hector

    Trump 2020 , all the way.
    and down with the baby killers.

  47. hunk5525

    The man is a hero👍🇺🇸

  48. Stinky poop

    I would slash it too

  49. Jackson Walker

    Awesome job, I want this guys name so I can send him a check to help pay the bond.

  50. Florence deBear

    Just patch it up and let it fly! All these "sucker hats" know is vandalism.

  51. Dillon Hurst

    I mean… Was anybody surprised that happened? I could have told you before hand that balloon would get slashed if you bring it to Tuscaloosa Alabama lol

  52. Tito Pradado

    LOL.. It's about time.. actually this baby balloon sums it all up on these Cry Baby Protesters… Regardless what one my think who this looks like.. Its actually a good symbol of people who are a bunch of sore ass loooosers who lost fairly in 2016.   so, when I see this Cry Baby Balloon, it doesn't remind me of Trump, it Symbol's  more of the protester's attitude of being "Sore Ass Loooosers".    basically a bunch of CRY BABIES….. and not Trump.   They're Pathetic in my book.. irrelevant

  53. Tito Pradado

    Rumor has it.   Someone is making a Lock them up Balloon along with a Joe Biden and the Crooked Clintons. Cant wait to see that one.

  54. GL K

    It should have been the real DJT that should have been slashed open with an 8 feet gash…

  55. Angela Evans

    Good on him!!! That balloon is disrespectful and the President shouldn't have to put up with that crap!!! #MAGA #Trump2020

  56. Petra Robles

    So glad

  57. Little Dove Corr


  58. Sally Daniel

    Typical cowardly Trump supporter

  59. TheTruthShall SetYouFree

    Now EVERYONE buy a Trump balloon for all his rallies!

  60. dTom, ¿eStamos?

    Too bad he missed the owner

  61. Joshua Nelson


  62. Admiral Crunch

    ANTIFA puts people in the hospital and never get charged.

  63. Err0rC0de


  64. truth hurts


  65. sim672

    these things need to be taken out everywhere they show up!

  66. Laurie Jo

    I can;t believe all the comments on here supporting this person. This was a childish thing to do. Do you really want our children to learn that if you don't like something it's okay to use vandalism to remove it? That's a terrible lesson for children. Where are these peoples morals? This is a sad statement of the way our American culture has degraded.

  67. Gene O

    "Inflatable mask"??? This person needs to learn how to read his teleprompter! TYPICAL news network though!

  68. Susie Valenzuela

    TRUMP 2020

  69. Have a nice Dave

    The police will arrest a man for slashing a balloon, but will not arrest anyone who assaulted that journalist Andy or anybody else.

  70. hunk5525

    America, trigger the leftist communist Democrats😂👍

  71. hunk5525

    Next time an archer will pop it…💞👍🇺🇸

  72. Bonnie Nutter

    Great Job with the knife.

  73. Lynn Lamont

    Roll Tide…lol.

  74. Lynn Lamont

    Lets,start a Go Fund Me Account for this guy. Jeffrey Epstein didnt kill himself. We need a balloon with Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella on it bn or one with John Brennan with a noose around his neck balloon.

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