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  1. lewis19r

    This game took too much away from the assassins and turned it into something else entirely

  2. Segue no insta vittuart

    Ainda não tem

  3. Shin Chan Nohara

    Nice. Just when you sell your ps4.

  4. royal gamer 33

    Does it include dlc

  5. can i get10k subs in 2021 Challenge ??


  6. can i get10k subs in 2021 Challenge ??

    Who is fan of playstatoin before 2020 and don't live

  7. Mekhi Thomas

    What time will come out

  8. John Doe

    Ah man, thought it was Origins. I want to play both though. Origins has been on the wishlist forever.

  9. Mario Gonzalez

    How do you pre load it on ps4? I can’t find it on the store just the paid version

  10. Anurag Bansal

    Who would like to play the garbage game Odyssey?

  11. Septa767 Channel

    This is Full game FREE or DEMO??

  12. Envy Noson

    Does it have multiplayer?

  13. Sam G

    Awesome game

  14. Dũng

    ua sao vietnam van chua choi duoc vay ??

  15. Teflon Tef

    Only 3 days come one

  16. Ekno Meject

    В чем прикол?


    FOR PC?

  18. Κουντουρης Βαγγελης

    Guys I need help:
    I go to the game page but it only has an option for buying the game and an option for a free demo. Where can I get the free version from?

  19. Mismás Dávid

    Is it demo? Its not working for me it says try free demo or buy the game

  20. F1mph

    I’m still trying to beat assassins creed 2

  21. Arman Ericson Lao Cubelo Molina

    Ezio Gear pack

  22. Haykal Abiyyu

    do we need ps plus to download this???

  23. larky lark

    if your finding yourself wanting to do something while the covid 19 is out, watch the build up for avengers starting from iron man 🤖

  24. Shadow Killer


  25. Infinite Shadow YT

    Announcement: i am doing a give away and i am on the road of 1000 subscribers the people who SUBSCRIBE to me right now to 1000 subscribers are ented in the give away and from those subscribers 10 subscribers will be chosen randomly to win the give away

  26. maxhuntt2007

    Is it the full story??

  27. FelixTheFaux

    Is the PS+ required to access this free (full) game? Cuz I can't find the free download option anywhere. Thanks

  28. Christian Kramer

    Trophies are disabled…

  29. Unkown

    I have never played odyssey and liberation but i have played AC 3 and i loved it. Do you guys think i should buy the gold edition for $33 for alla three games?

  30. Celtic Chaz

    what time in europe on steam

  31. YouTuber Adam J Pestridge

    THIS IS NOT FREE ON THE PS4, Its still saying £19. on the store…..are they talking about the free demo?

  32. Git Gud

    @PlayStation can you please tell us – players, why you give extra PS+ game only in asia? Are asian players who pay you for subscriptions treated better thet those in EU/America? What kind of unfair racism is that?

  33. Younes Ten

    I love this game 👍 ACO

  34. Bruno Henrique

    alguém sabe me dizer como faço pra conseguir adquirir o jogo?

  35. Gripo Pogi

    How to downkoad this should i click try free demo?


    Thanks ubi

  37. ehab

    The game can't download free I don't know why can any one help me

  38. tamako

    I cant download the game it says I have to pay

  39. ReneetjeuhhYT

    Free demo omfg


    Then I don't understand I download it for free ??

  41. MSN argon

    How can I download it???

  42. Adam Husky


  43. Karan Ghosh

    And I JUST gave my Playstation 4 for repair 😪😭

  44. GhostPS4

    I dont dowlanding😓😓

  45. sa l

    thank you very much🙏

  46. DLRGL

    I somehow can't download it on the ps store. Does someone know why? Do I have to be a PS Plus member for that?

  47. Nicholas Hall

    I've played a lot of AC games this one is the biggest and best one ever 😉

  48. Alfie Ryan

    Isn't this the one with the paid dlc and micro transactions?

  49. Anuj Potdar

    The game is a gem! Been playing it for more than a year now!

  50. assassin jja

    Do we have to pay for it after

  51. Blacklight 142

    Does this game Downloads only if you have the playstation plus member? Or is it really free even if you dint have a membership…

  52. xel 1 thirje

    So its free in ps4 now ??

  53. xel 1 thirje


  54. xel 1 thirje

    Its free in ps4 now

  55. GRprokiller123

    The last of us free will be awesome 👌

  56. Karam Jan

    Does how i can download it on ps4? And if i download it on an ps plus will i keep forever?

  57. Nightwlker771

    It is only 77% off I cant get it

  58. Diarmuid Cunningham

    I can't find where to get this free version. On PS store its still listed as €25.19. Anyone else getting that?

  59. Vice Escobar

    Do you unlock the trophies 🏆 earned on free trial when you buy full game ?

  60. Max Mustermann

    Can't find it in playstore

  61. Charles Brown

    I kinda wish AC Odyssey would let us use the double mohawk helmet

  62. Rayaan Raja

    It's not working

  63. Divjot Singh Manchanda

    cant find it free on ps4

  64. jo ji

    Is this the demo version cause in the ps store it is not listed free

  65. maria dimitriadou

    Do i need plus to play it free ??

  66. Gary Richardson

    They said that we can "pre-download" the game starting March 18. It's now March 19, when this "free weekend" is supposed to start, yet this offer still is nowhere to be found on the Playstore Store. How can I get it?

  67. Carolynne Banatao

    The gold edition of this game is on sale for $22 on Playstation Store which also includes Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered and Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation Remastered.

  68. ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayāñ دکھنی

    96 hour playthrough finish the game

  69. Smoker Reviews

    One of the best games I ever played, like a time trip to Greece where I have spend almost 250+ hours, after almost two years I often come back just to walk by the amazing shores and forests of the game, amazing! 3 days aren't enough to enjoy what this amazing game can offer, try it out and you probably end up buying it.


    PS5 chegando, e nada de PS NOW no Brasil, falta jogos na psn BR como Black Desert e outros, o PlayStation Hits BR tem menos jogos, falta muita coisa.
    Temos uma psn mal resumida da psn americana.

  71. gamerdottv

    Aftef march 22 can you still play this game or not? Just like pa plus subscription, thanks

  72. metalskilt

    Doesn't work. It says it can't be activated.

  73. Xeno 145

    This game is really awesomes plus with the DLC's highly recomended

  74. J.A.H Chandra

    How to download on ps4

  75. Suave


  76. Li R

    Is a demo

  77. FK-47

    Pass. "too much spartan"

  78. Javier Alvarado

    How do I purchase it on PS4???

  79. K'R XVII

    Only with PS+

  80. Dare devil Man

    How to download it plz somebody tell me

  81. Dobodjob Ecobichon

    Thats really cool you can play the full game for 5 days. I think it can be possible to beat the game in five days.

  82. I’m just Confused

    But how?

  83. Maarten Ackermans

    I still need to play 25 euro's for it can anyone please explain why that is?

  84. sunset season

    now i gotta delete some game to install this

  85. JC


  86. Monika Pořízková

    How can I download it?

  87. YBNyoungboyz 103

    Okay so a enemy will have no armour on but yet a sword can’t kill him?

    This game is stupid

  88. DE4D_B0T

    Its not free for me, its 20th March

  89. Weebings

    How to get it i don't have it

  90. The Struś

    where I cen download ?? I didt see :0

  91. dudison du

    made this with "assassin's creed unity" plese

  92. Marwan Ahmed

    I don't understand. If I download it i will keep it with me forever or it will be deleted after the day 23 done

  93. Matty Schofield

    Is this game worth getting ? I have never played any of the Assassins Creed games and I need something to keep me busy until TLOU2

  94. Nader Afifi

    I still facing the same issue. Does any one Know how to download it for free, I see 2 options the full game with 13.99 usd and the demo option, what shout I do to download it for free?

  95. Ximena Garcia

    It's not free in Colombia 😔

  96. Nick Bruh22

    Guys help here: In ps4 do I just press download the demo and I have the whole game for the weekend? Cuz it says download for 25€.

  97. vicente guerrero

    Only pc?

  98. LukeJS

    Played this game all day! I cannot get the theme out of my head!

  99. jeremy jaeger

    Where is it free tho I don’t see it!

  100. oori maor

    Should I download the demo and it will work for me all game?

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