ARTHUR: What’s a llama?

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ARTHUR: What’s a llama?

# # MAN (on radio):
You’re looking great. # # Whose birthday is it? Your great-granduncle Theo’s. THORA:
That’s my father’s brother. He’s turning 85 years old. Will there be 85 candles
on his cake? Maybe. Hope someone is bringing
a fire extinguisher. It’s a long trip, so I packed us
some sandwiches for the road. Oh, I already made some. Well, I bet you didn’t make
my special road-trip-peanut-butter-and-
pickle sandwiches. # # (chuckling):
Got me there. I wouldn’t think
of making those. (Kate crying) Call me tonight. I’ll let you know
how Kate’s doing. Aren’t you coming with us? Kate’s not feeling well, honey, so Mom has to stay
and take her to the doctor. Mom! (car pulling up) (Arthur gasps) Buster’s here!
(brakes squeal, car idling) If you’re not going
then I’m not going! D.W… No! No way! Okay, but you’ll miss
all the animals… Animals? What animals? Your cousins live
on a llama farm. What’s a llama? Well, they have
super-soft fur and look a little like ponies with bunny rabbit faces. (gasps) But that’s okay,
you can stay here with me. Hey, would you like to help me
change Kate’s diaper? It really needs it. Ugh! Um, maybe I should go after all. Someone has to make sure Arthur
doesn’t embarrass the family. ANNOUNCER:
Watch “Arthur” weekdays on your PBS Kids station, or anytime on the PBS Kids
video app.

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