ARTHUR: The Auditions

October 12, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 4 Comments

ARTHUR: The Auditions

# # (applauding) PRUNELLA: Thank you for coming
out to audition for
“The Princess and the Pea.” (thunder claps) A new play,
based on the fairy tale, written and directed
by Prunella Deegan. Thank you, thank you. (clapping tentatively) Binky’s running late, so…
George? (clears throat) Wheresoever shall I find
a real princess? Oh, wherefore? I am a princess
who has lost her way in this dreadful storm. (record scratches)
You call that a princess? Come on. Grant me shelter, thou peasant. Or face my wrath! Hmm. Uh, is there a smaller part
than the prince? It seems like a lot of lines. Next. (crashing) (panting):
Sorry I’m late. Can you believe this rain? Whew! (catching breath) Okay, I got to sit down. (kids laughing) (gasps) (laughter continues) (goofily):
This is the worst bed ever. What is
this mattress made of? Rocks? (snickering):
Worst audition ever. (giggling) Brilliant. # # NARRATOR:
Watch “Arthur” weekdays on your PBS Kids station or anytime
on the PBS Kids video app.

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  1. Baseball Universe

    What episode is this from?

  2. Mike MacDonald

    Binky is the new mr dress up

  3. Natsuki

    Does Prunella have a new voice actor? Or is that just me?

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