Arcane: Animated Series Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition – League of Legends

FOR 10 YEARS WE EXPLORED DISTANT WORLDS AND SAW LEGENDS RISE A NEW ADVENTURE AWAITS FROM THE CREATORS OF IN 2020 RIOT GAMES PRESENTS AN ANIMATED SERIES EVERY LEGEND HAS A BEGINNING I’d like to let you in on a very important secret Power comes to those who will do Anything to achieve it It’s time to let the monster out ARCANE

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  1. Hakan Çolak

    Aaaahhh senaa ♥️

  2. Recep Kaplan

    marvele rakip olur ve

  3. Paolo Vargas

    Riot: goes apeshit on content
    Fans: Daddy Chill.

  4. teffyJ mora


  5. Vi Main

    Это Вай в детстве?

  6. ツRigs

    Anyone know the release date?

  7. Nguyen Hoang

    Tuyệt vời

  8. Hero

    Every legend has a begining … Star Wars fans ?

  9. Neon

    Такой сериал я посмотрю

  10. Ahmet Güney Ertunç

    pykenin si.ilişinin 1. yılı

  11. Ray Perez

    Even though i can't seem to find the game fun(Wish i had). Im excited for this

  12. beatriz martins

    Cadê os BR?

  13. Launch Pad

    Muhteşem ya

  14. Ben Stevenson

    Was this them releasing like 6 new champs?

  15. Agamenon Junior

    Até q fim, sempre falei que seria bom uma série falando sobre as histórias.

  16. James Cassidy

    10 years later, still haven't gotten balancing and bugfixing down, might as well make the game bigger.

  17. James Cassidy

    7 years of rewriting and retconning lore has led to this

  18. Momonga Sama


  19. King arthur Rivera

    New champion ??

  20. 노는게 제일 좋아

    블리자드 시네마틱 만드는 사람들 영입 하면 안되나?

  21. Leo

    The music is so nice

  22. Momo


  23. JuanPablo Benavides

    I think I wetted my pants

  24. Vito Core

    we need a show like the cinematics

  25. Mima Flauto

    2020. jinx is in meta

  26. Adam Skotak


  27. Carlao Play

    Muito bom como sempre !!!

  28. Jan Rawski

    On netflix pls?

  29. Mustafa YILDIZ

    Filim yap dedik dizi yaptı

  30. AP-YI


  31. Arthur D

    Finally one company decided to make TV with their CGI. Guess what company was asked to make it and never did? Yeah, we all know that company that dies this year

  32. SolMar

    Наконец то, кто то из больших игроков решил вложиться в анимационный сериал, надеюсь этот тренд подхватят…

  33. Super E


  34. Esther Cavagnolli Dias

    Mds meu sonho se tornando-se realidade

  35. Youtube Videos

    Please create more missions

  36. Max CZ

    I hope in the animated series will Be yorick

  37. Bronze Rules

    Piltolver is like Dishonored world (but more steampunk)

  38. Ty921

    Been hoping league would do this because the lore is there. And the animation shorts are awesome

  39. Ultra Kot

    Shut up and take my soul!!!!

  40. María Teresa Bello Hernández

    Q esten todos los vastayas de jonia OTRA SERIE CON JONIA

  41. GhostVB

    People: Riot, what is yours works for 2020 ?
    Riot: *YES*

  42. Rukasu Uchiha

    I Hope IT actually tells the Story of LoL and doesnt Focus only in runeterra in general …

    I saw only one Champion ( jinx ) and thats waaaaay top less for my taste…
    I want something like that song "Awaken" where we actually saw Something cool

  43. emoshion rabbit core

    Quiero 🙁

  44. Raul Oropeza

    Star Wars 7 OST? Maybe?

  45. Dani 22

    Okai, I just want to get Vladimir nerfed

  46. Alex plox

    "Muy bueno"
    Invocador: Agosarat
    Sefver" LAN

  47. Can Türk

    Hey where are you ZIGGS ☹️

  48. frijol frijolin

    Ya se estaban tardando v:

  49. Murat Lale

    Hayal kırık lığı ben ya lucinin ya da zedin animasyonu çıkar sanmıştım

  50. Rohit Gholap

    At last our wishes had been heard…?

  51. Juan Pablo Verdad Aguilar

    Not because i main zoe, if they flash his story it will be one of the best stories of lol.

  52. Keegan Williamson


  53. Gimemoa

    W końcu Riot się obudził i zaczął robić coś ze swoim uniwersum.

  54. Ali Meral


  55. Emirhan Pamuk


  56. Eduardo Frias Noriega

    Nms me moje

  57. jdouglas8585

    I don't know of any other game company that listens to their fans like riot.

    Well played Riot. Well played

  58. Sou1 wolf

    Finally I been daying for the pass 2 years to make a movie and now they make one omg it took so long but finally

  59. Sou1 wolf

    Pleasssss put it on Netflix

  60. Stead Fast BaBy

    Promoción de leche ideal

  61. Gusano Gusanin

    But and father warwick? where is it?

  62. Simpsons Mania


  63. G88 RoM

    ?? love this game!

  64. C DaCruz

    Oh my god…. so excited!! I hope some yordles make it into the movie!!

  65. Um Bom Rapaz


  66. Luxio

    Omg i'll be waiting for it!

  67. ÇhrönØŠtąr

    in subtitle i read OUT but i really understand HUNT, what's the good word ? >.>

  68. Mr Sưu tầm

    Tôi là người việt nam ^^

  69. SheyTheGay


  70. lil mENÓzz

    já passava da hr.

  71. AZB shy

    더빙도 해줄려나?..

  72. Phát Trần

    I see some art from the series game Dishonored

  73. Gaelio

    C'mon Riot make us freak out

  74. Ticma

    Think im wet now.

  75. Mixi Fan

    Main Jinx nè hihi.
    From VietNamese With Love. ?

  76. Hope Ryoshi

    the animation is so lit!!!!? love it

  77. 박찬빈

    한국사람들 좋아요 눌러라

  78. Michael Serato

    The way this trailer is played out is somehow similar to the 3rd trailer of force awakens.

  79. LoL Rick

    May i ask something… League of legend wild rift…..1 of you compony too?

  80. Blessed Autogroup

    Ok, so i saw Karma, Ekko, Illaoi, Catlyn and Vi already… but who is the guy with the scar on his Eye and the one with a hat and hand full of rings? Swain? Wtf… im so excited

  81. Rothagam 7w7

    Una serie que muestre historias de los orígenes de cada leyenda eh me gusta mucho la idea y más q lo hagan realidad ya! Riot lo espero con ansias

  82. tsuki jiji


  83. Doneez *

    Arrepiei, bora porra, tá saindo da jaula o monstro!!

  84. TailsGamingBG

    So this is jinx and vi's story

  85. The Life of Draven Gray

    ''It's time to let the monster out''

    Tyler1; y e s

  86. DonovanGG

    Us: Wouldn’t this kill League of Legends moba?

    Rito: a small price to pay for salvation

  87. Ahmed jadi

    they will give me my favorite character ( JINX ) story with ( Vi ) im so excited ^^
    and i think there more other characters will appear like caitlyn and camille and maybe ekko ^^

  88. Nandes Fernandes

    Vou aguarda essa serie pq vai vira febre mundial assim como o game

  89. quinn rice

    Move over Blizzard Riot games are coming for your subs

  90. Sum mer

    Me : Tell me his name again
    Riot : Arcane
    BGM : Deng deng

  91. HeatRaiser

    Im gonna watch this and Im gonna enjoy it but…. I wanted an anime….

  92. BLitzz Gamer

    Hope that LoL will produce a movie

  93. Mauricio Becerra

    Aaah yeeaah bitchaa…

  94. Fabian_147

    Like si hablas español
    No como los otros imbéciles k hablan ingles:v

  95. Yamil GamesTV

    I'm happy ?

  96. D Nes

    Meepo: Riot games will die without LOL
    Riot: ? 2020

  97. Coringa

    Que legal! Coloquem bons dubladores!

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