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Hi! It’s me, Nikki, with an all-new Nikki’s wiki. Today’s wiki is all about winter sports. My favorite winter sport is throwing snowballs at my brother! Playing sports outside in the freeeezing cold has actually been around for a very long time! In fact, the first set of skis were used for getting around during the Prehistoric Age. In colder countries like Russia, Sweden, and Norway, skis would’ve gotten you to a slumber party SO much faster than if you had walked! Not until the late 19th century did skiing become an actual sport! A Norwegian skier named Sondre Norheim was the first winner of a skiing competition in 1868. In fact, the word “ski” is actually Norwegian, taken from the word “skith,” which means stick of wood or a snowshoe! The French also say “ski.” In Spanish, the word is “esqui.” And in Italian, it’s “sci.” Another popular winter sport is ice skating! Ice skating is believed to have started about 3000 years ago! People would carve blades out of bones and stick them on their feet! Modern figure skating was created by an American Jackson Haines. Wearing boots with blades, he added ballet moves and jumps to his performances on ice. Figure skating was the first WINTER sport to be included in the SUMMER olympics in 1908! A fun winter sport that I love is sledding or snow tubing! Sleds were developed in ancient times to carry things back and forth in snow-covered areas. When I go sledding, I’ll use a lunch tray from the cafeteria or a trusty garbage can lid! My little brother sometimes uses his own baby blanket like a magic carpet! Nope… he doesn’t get that far! Nice try, tho! So, what’s YOUR favorite winter sport? Tell me in the comments below, and don’t forget to click like and subscribe! See you later! Bye! Adios! Sayonara!

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  1. Jennifer Hernandez

    Mine is also throing balls and 9th comment and im turning 9 in DECEMBER 27 TH !

  2. Jennifer Hernandez

    Guess i just told u a bit about me and 10th comment!

  3. Jennifer Hernandez


  4. Cuter Minecrafter

    My favorite summer sport is ice skating.

  5. Balbir Kaur Sidhu

    My Winter Sport Is Killing You

  6. Zulema Solis

    all of them

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    Love your channel☺️😊☺️

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  12. Soham Mangukiya

    My favorite sport is ice hockey

  13. Diya Biju

    why do people have names

  14. Kevin Ashberry

    whos watching it on November 12 ? aka me ????

  15. smpirrello

    Ice skating

  16. 七代目火影chineseisasian

    Ice skating ❄️

  17. Marie Johnson

    my favorit winter sport is tree decorating and I the my puppy Millies favorit is snow duck lol

  18. Quang Le

    That is not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. aman sekhon

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  21. Mohammed Hassan

    Frowing snow ball

  22. Kalye Gilbert

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  23. Leo Guzman

    snow ball fight

  24. Orange Bleach

    Snow ball

  25. GG Competition

    my favorite winter sport is snowborading

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  27. Mohammed Hassan

    Shut up 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  28. Jersey Pierson

    I love going sliding with my family on one big hill

  29. Natalie Tran and Alex Tran

    My favorite sport is ice skating .



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  32. Duszek Smsaczek

    Uncyclopedia is better than this kids idiotastic movie.

  33. Alina Ivanchenko

    my favorite winter sport is ice skating

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  35. HealingInspirations by Annie

    love this! thank you so much! wishing a beautiful and blessed Christmas, Annie

  36. erin Romans

    ms.booksy what is your favorite holiday?

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  38. Simale Ahmed

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  39. jon

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  40. Faiza Scott

    make snowman

  41. Gasp _

    Ice hockey

  42. Gasp _

    Ice hockey


    Cool school is not cool

  44. Zaneta Balalovska

    I love ski

  45. jada00159 aj

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    Ice skating

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    Ice skating

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  51. Joseph T. Coste

    I. DO. Skating. I. Love it so much. It is. Fun. 😍😍😍😍😍🤑😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😄😄😄

  52. El Knight

    i wanna be a figure skater

  53. Kitty Luna

    Where I live doesn't snow

  54. Kayann Beckford

    I want to ice. skate

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  56. Chad wild clay

    My favourite sport is sledging love Preston aged 5

  57. Lim Soung

    my favorite winter sport is ice skating its so fun!

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    Ice skating

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  61. Aubrey_ Poppin

    Finger skating👩😻😿🤔😈

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    Ice skating of course!

  63. Samaira Chow

    You poop

  64. Annookie

    Latvia is not part of Russia. :/

  65. CantTouch Zis

    I tried to ice skate with my dad at prospect park but it was hard

  66. Emma Merry

    I love sledding 😍😊😃😄

  67. Aliyah Richardson

    my favorite is sking

  68. Fathimath Muneeza

    i like ice skating

  69. phui leng won

    Ice skating

  70. Matej Mohacsy

    My tarot spot is ply wit my cat

  71. Nisa khairunisa

    hay durr

  72. Mary Annan

    My favourite snow sport is skating because it's so much fun to do !!!!!!!!

  73. Lal lam Ng

    I can,t Hong kong do not have soer

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    That looks fun !!!!

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    ice skating

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    You are amazing

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    I'm from the United Kingdom but sometimes we call Father Christmas Santa Claus

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  83. Arwa Elsayed

    my favourite winter sport is ice skating and sleding ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💛❤

  84. mandy love

    my favorite sport is ice skating.

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  89. aniloj2000

    I snowboard.

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  92. Lakshmi Dhavala

    mine is sleding

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    can you make a wiki about Olympics?

  95. Veronica Santana

    Playing and dance like Head shoulders knees and toes

  96. Lisa Askim

    i call him santa

  97. Chloe Klingman

    My favorite winter sport is skiing!

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  99. Kooka Man

    I'm so excited for the winter olympics this year!

  100. Peter Onwukwe

    My favorite winter sport is trowing snowballs at my brother!!!!

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