I’ve never hosted a daytime
talk show before, but I have hosted a lot of other things–
the Oscars, the Golden Globes, swingers parties. I’m kidding. I never hosted
the Golden Globes. But I’m also the
host of Match Game. I’m going to hold for
thunderous applause. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Anyway, I thought we
could play a game here. Let’s play Mega Match Game. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Here’s how the game works–
you flip over two cards. And if they’re a
match, you win a prize. If they aren’t a match,
I’ll give you two more tries to find a match. Some prizes are
better than others, but that’s part of the fun. Let’s find our first contestant. Let me see. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Woo! My God! [SQUEALING] Oh, my God! Oh! Hi, hi. You screamed in my ear. What’s your name? Sarah. Sarah. OK. Please, Sarah, choose
your first card. Four. Four. What do we have behind four? Ooh. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] $250 Visa gift certificate. Now please choose another card. Eight. Eight. [CHIMES] Ooh, a $1 Prada
gift certificate. Now, that’s what you get for
screaming in my ear, Sarah. We want you to choose
another card, please. 10. 10. [CHIMES] A $500 Target gift certificate. How about another one? 12. 12. 12. [CHIMES] A banana. That’s OK. A banana. How about we do it again, Sarah? Choose a card. 18. 18. [CHIMES] [SCREAMING] [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] 10! 10! Sorry. 10. Oh, you did it! You just won a $500
gift certificate. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Thank you so much! [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Why don’t you come join me? What is your name? Trevana. Trevana. OK, Trevana, I want
you to know upfront, I’ll give you $500
out of my pocket if you just don’t
scream in my ear, OK? Do you have a good memory? Yes. All right. Fantastic. What’s your name? Trevana. Do you have a good memory? Yes. OK. Choose a card, Trevana. Let’s go with 13. 13. [CHIMES] Ooh. A beautiful purse from some
expensive-looking company. Choose another card. 16. 16. [CHIMES] Oh! Oh! Oh! [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Congratulations. Now, you can have whatever is
in the purse of your friend next to you, or I can give
you what’s in my pocket right now, which
is a box of Viagra. There you go. Or I’ll give you $1,000 in cash. I’ll take it! There you go. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] $1,000 in cash. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Come! You want to hug me? Yes! OK. [SCREAMING] What’s your name? Vera. Vera. Do you like matching things? Sure. Do your socks match? I guess you’d say they do match. All right. Let’s choose a card, Vera. All right. Let’s go with one. One. A 65-inch TCL. Choose another card. Eight. [CHIMES] A $1 Prada gift certificate. So I guess I’m not good at this. Yeah, you have a really
awful memory, Vera. All right. Now, choose again. OK. Six. Six. [CHIMES] A 65-inch– [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Oh, man. I messed it up the first time. One! [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Oh! Oh! [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Have a seat, Vera. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] What is your name, darling? Forenza. Forenza. Forenza. OK. Now, Forenza, I want
you to choose a card. Three. Three. [CHIMES] A banana. What are you going
to match with? 12. 12. [LAUGHTER] You said there was– Show us 12. Two bananas. It’s two bananas! [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] You picked two bananas,
which was a terrible choice on your part, Forenza. And you’ll have a chance
to redeem yourself now. Pick a card. Five. Five. [CHIMES] A weekend getaway. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] One more time. 11. 11. [CHIMES] A weekend getaway! Congratulations. You won a three-day, two-night
stay at the Miraval Resort in Austin, Texas plus airfare. That’s how you play
the Mega Match Game. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE]

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