A Ryzen 4000 Gaming Notebook You’ll Probably Buy!

tap-tap-tap what am i doing do I stop
coming out of my no but first but first Hector’s amazing look at that right
there doesn’t have to worry about spilling anything anywhere alright guys
so here I am at a soos and what I have in front of me is Hector he’s my helper
today instead of Fred he’s holding my water for me and he’s making sure that
it doesn’t drop on this and this right here is a zephyrus g14 now you’ve seen
this thing covered to death already at CES but there’s a couple of things that
I wanted to bring up about it first of all it has AMD’s next generation for 800
series aap use in it and they are efficient they are based on the Zen to
Architecture and you’ve probably already seen our video of those processors and
you can actually find it right up here now that’s all really really interesting
but there’s something else that I wanted to bring up about it and that is the
fact that they are actually using the 4800 HS in this and that’s a 35 watt TDP
spec which is completely different from the 4800 that a lot of other people are
going to be using in their notebooks and supposedly asus has a six month
exclusive on that but first I wanted to thank our sponsors for this show without
the help of be quiet thermaltake razor and fantex we would not have been able
to attend CES 2020 now this is what I was super excited about for probably
about the entire time that I was here at Asus this is the tuf a17 and there’s
also going to be an a15 that’s a 15 inch version but this is the 17 inch
version and what this does is it packs all of the same specifications as this
higher-end g14 into a much more affordable chassis no it doesn’t have
all of the beautiful lines of the G14 but the specifications are literally
similar other than the HS processor so let’s take a look at this because we did
have some really really critical feedback for tough gaming last year at
CES what they’ve done is they’ve taken our feedback and your feedback and
they’ve updated the entire design last year we noticed that they’re tuf
notebook the cover first of all it was flexing and it really didn’t feel like a
high quality device what they’ve done now is they’ve upgraded it to an all
aluminum and it feels really really good there’s
a lot less flex and it also picks up a lot less fingerprints moving on to the
inside unfortunately it really looks the same as last year you still have the
fingerprint magnet finish over everything but the keyboard has been
upgraded just a bit so it has a little bit better tactile feedback but in my
opinion there still needs to be some work done on here in order for them to
hit the same level of quality as something like the Y540 from Legion
but we also have to remember that this notebook starts at $999 and it’s
probably gonna top out at around $1,500 on sale Black Friday you’re probably
gonna be able to find this thing for like 700 bucks like you were able to
find the tough gaming this year now moving on to the interior specs that’s
where this really really shines we’re talking about Ryzen 4800H
processor and probably other SKUs or definitely other SKUs with lower end
processors as well moving on to the display things get a little bit
interesting because the 15 inch version of this notebook the a 15 has a VA panel
with adaptive sync up to 144 Hertz on the flip side of that coin the 17 inch
has that exact same VA and adaptive sync but it only tops out at 120 Hertz so I’m
thinking that 15 inch model might be that perfect combination of size
performance and everything else and speaking about performance let’s talk
really quickly about what we’re seeing for specifications starting things off
with the GPU it’s basically what you’re gonna get in those more affordable
gaming notebooks it’s gonna start off at a gtx 1650 and it’s gonna make its way
all the way up to the rtx 2060 we already know that the real start of this
show is going to be the Ryzen 4000 series processors another cool thing
about this notebook is the way that they’ve handled the battery situation so
on one model you’re going to have your standard hard drive and a smaller 48
watt hour battery on a different model they’re going to be eliminating that
hard drive and it’s gonna be one full huge ninety watt hour battery that’s
supposed to give you all day or even longer than all-day battery life when
it’s paired up with those super efficient Ryzen 4000 series cpu so there
you have it guys I know this one was a little bit short but we just wanted to
quickly cover this because I personally think this is one of the
more exciting laptops sure it’s not all flash and dash like this g14 but it’s
something that a lot of you guys are probably going to look into buying
because it’s not so expensive so I think I’m gonna wrap this up here and say you
know good job tough gaming because this right here is how you leverage a new
technology into something that more people will buy so I’m Mike with
Hardware canucks signing off from ASUS and I will probably see you in the next
one good

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  1. Abraham L

    I have the same screwdrivers!

  2. vncube1

    The ASUS TUF A15/A17 were the best laptops at CES 2020 for me. Much superior value for money over the G14 and any laptops from other brands, probably much more durable and reliable with the MIL-STD rating, hopefully adaptive sync works for the better iGPU for light high framerate gaming or reducing eyestrain in light tasks, huge battery, keyboard with numpad included!

  3. Gaelio Bauduin

    Why’s everyone hating on Mike? He’s alrite. Just needs more practice.

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    These "outtakes" at the beginning of each CES video have been so annoying.

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  14. Chris Bittner

    4800u, 4700u, and 4500u GPU Benchmarks? I'm sure they're similar to last gen but they did say there would be some optimization on the APU side so i would love to see some real numbers on what if any improvements where made and how it effects battery life. Not sure if im buying a vivobook 14 with a 3500u on the cheap or if i should wait on the refresh.

  15. CheapBastard1988

    Sorry but a laptop in this price category with a VA panel is a no go for me. C'mon there are IPS panels in sub $400 laptops these days (that also have a mainly aluminium construction). Just the extra power isn't worth it for me, I have a desktop for that.

  16. TX55OffShore

    What's the price of that laptop please ?

  17. PainCakeSoldat

    but why VA? IPS is a must have for me. I got a 27 inch 1080p IPS 144 Hz Monitor from LG ultragear for 249€. Tells me it cant be so expensiv. i rather pay 100 bucks more for ips then being not happy with the laptop it all. well thats the dealbreaker for me. maybe i will find something else then for 1200ish.

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  40. James Smith

    Forgetting this particular model, what I find impressive is that a 6 core 12 thread processor may start to become more the NORM in a laptop, something that 3 years ago Intel wouldn't even admit should have been the norm in a desktop. I'm thinking the AMD 15W CPU laptops are going to be something people really enjoy.

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    I can see Mike is nervous but hey you'll get used to it.

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    2:05 you should've said it didn't feel very "tuf" instead of what you said

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    Now i feel regretful buying the last version

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    My budget starts at 600$
    how about
    75hz freesinc Tn panel
    15min of battery life because i would game with plugged system anyways
    big ass cooler
    save some cents on web cam and dont include it
    not having usb type c wouldnt break a deal so save here
    also exclude backlight keyboard
    128gb ssd for os and upgradable 2,5 inch (easy access) for game storage
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    Hey guys, instead of just hating on Mike, respectfully give constructive criticism. Give feedback as to exactly where you guys think he can improve, and where exactly you guys thought he messed up.

    – Ahmed & Albertech

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    Why the put that price start $999 ? While their competitor start $799 ?

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    That 17 inch is awesome. I look forward for it to come out. BIG ASUS fan

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    Great job guys, Im looking to buy a laptop this year and Im on the fence between this model and Dell's G5 SE from this year, I saw it at CES and it also looked great..😬.

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    I m waiting for a 15" Laptop with 4800H with 5600M for under 1000$.

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