9 Reasons Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment

– Season eight of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has come to an end, and a lot
of people, including myself, are pretty annoyed
about how it played out. In this video, I’m going to
break down the main reasons why fans were left so disappointed by what was supposed to
be a fitting conclusion to one of the greatest
TV shows of all time. No. 1, it was rushed. Everything in season eight
seemed to be happening too quickly, and it would often feel like three episodes worth of information was being crammed into one
feature-length episode. A side effect of this
was that we weren’t able to enjoy the big payoff moments in the way that we had previously. For example, in episode
one of season eight, Jon rode Rhaegal. This is something that
has huge significance, but it didn’t feel like a big event, and the reason is it came
halfway through an episode where loads of other really
important things happened. Jon was reunited with Bran and Arya, Theon saved Yara, the Golden
Company arrived in Westeros, Ned Umber was killed by the White Walkers, Jaime Lannister turned up
unannounced at Winterfell and had a stare-off with Bran, and Jon actually learned
that he was Aegon Targaryen, heir to the Iron Throne and
nephew of his lover, Dany. Yeah, a lot of stuff
happened in that episode. When you compare this moment to when Daenerys first flew with Drogon, it pales in insignificance. It was the climax of
season five, episode nine, and was part of a tense
nine-and-a-half-minute scene where Daenerys was ambushed
by the Sons of the Harpy in the fighting pits of Meereen. Drogon, who was previously missing, swooped down to protect Dany before she climbed on
its back and flew away. The early seasons of “Game of
Thrones” were dialogue-heavy, building up characters, and there wasn’t much on-screen action. Season eight, and to some
degree six and seven, were not like this at all. No. 2, character development. Something that seemed
like a direct consequence of the rushed nature of season eight was the jarring character
development, which left viewers feeling shocked, confused,
and even betrayed. Many would argue that
the show lost its way from season five onwards. That was the point that Benioff and Weiss started making the biggest departures from George R.R. Martin’s books, but season eight has had
by far the most backlash. Here’s why. Each and every character
had been painted so vividly up until this point,
and within six episodes, some had changed beyond recognition, and the best example of
this is Daenerys Targaryen. We had seven seasons of Daenerys Targaryen being built up as one of
the main heroes in the show, and she was torn down and destroyed in the final three episodes. Many fans of the show felt betrayed by it. I just want to make it
clear that this isn’t me criticizing the story arc. If it was necessary for Dany
to become the Mad Queen, then that is fine, but it should not have
happened so quickly. I think I could have gone
along with her downfall if I was subjected to
at least three episodes of her decline following
the death of Missandei. I feel like we needed
to see her not eating, not sleeping, and growing more and more paranoid and vengeful. Instead what we got was a
few shots of her looking a bit tired with bags under her
eyes and her hair messed up. This just wasn’t good enough. When the bells rang out
around King’s Landing and Dany decided to burn
down the city anyway, killing thousands of
people in the process, it just didn’t feel like a decision that the Daenerys we’d followed
for eight season would make. OK, let’s move on to Jon. Jon had the most screen time
throughout the whole show and probably the most
interesting character arc out of anyone else, the secret son of Rhaegar
Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, the man who is an actual
mixture of ice and fire. What was the point of
Jon being a Targaryen? The big reveal of this
information was a huge part of the narrative, yet it
was only used as a tool to partly justify the descent
of Daenerys into madness. Finally on character development, let’s look at Jaime
Lannister, the Kingslayer. Season one’s most-loathed character was transformed throughout eight seasons as we learned more and more about his past and saw him perform
noble and selfless acts. This all peaked when he deserted Cersei to go and fight at
Winterfell to save Westeros from the Night King and
the Army of the Dead. After this, he again deserts
a lover, Brienne this time, to go and save Cersei,
but this move isn’t quite the selfless act that the previous one was and actually reduces
a lot of the hard work that was put into building him up. Were we supposed to think
that this commitment to his sibling was noble? It certainly didn’t seem it. Three, anticlimactic moments. By far, the biggest
anticlimactic moment for me in season eight was the
death of the Night King. Yes, the battle was huge
and cinematically beautiful, when you brightened it up a little bit, but it wasn’t what some
“Game of Thrones” fans were waiting for. Here’s why. The opening scenes of
season one, episode one, showed members of the Night’s
Watch going beyond the Wall and coming face-to-face
with a White Walker. The side narrative throughout the show was that the wars between
wannabe kings of Westeros were actually nothing
compared to the threat that was building beyond the Wall. When we were introduced to the Night King, he immediately became
the ultimate villain, incredibly powerful and
seemingly undefeatable. So when this enemy was defeated
midway through season eight, it seemed like a bit of an anticlimax, not to mention the way
in which it happened. First of all, we didn’t get
the see any of the skilled swordsmen battling the
Night King nor his henchmen. I just want to make it
clear, I have no problem with Arya being the person
who killed the Night King. I actually really liked this, but we were teased this main event of Jon and the Night King having a battle. He didn’t get to fight him at Hardhome. He didn’t get to fight him on the lake, and it just felt like
the Battle of Winterfell was where it was going to happen, yet what we got was Jon chasing him around and being blocked by an undead dragon, and the Night King not fighting anyone and then being killed
without a battle by Arya. It just felt a little bit
like an anticlimax to me. Another anticlimax for myself was the death of Cersei and Jaime. The story arc of the sibling lovers threatened more than once to
end in betrayal or murder, but in the end, the two
were killed by falling rocks while trying to run away from Daenerys and Drogon’s fire frenzy on the Red Keep. A little bit of a letdown. Another anticlimax was Jon ending up back at the Night’s Watch. I know this is a circular story and George R.R. Martin does like those, but it didn’t feel like it was
what his character deserved. Jon had an epic storyline with
his true heritage revealed as Aegon Targaryen, but
it all came to nothing, and he found himself back at Castle Black going ranging with the wildlings. Despite Arya killing the Night King, I do feel like she was
underused in this series. Since killing the Freys, we never saw her use her faceless training again, which could have been for
some more interesting viewing than seeing her ride off
on a random white horse. It was pretty anticlimactic for myself that the Unsullied and
the Dothraki just left. The final episode shows the
Unsullied and Dothraki armies hyped for more wars at the start but ends with them leaving in boats, watching the person who killed their queen walk past without doing anything. They say time’s a healer, but I’m not sure it works wonders like that. Four, plot holes. Season eight was “Game of
Thrones”‘ final season, so all of the loose ends
should have been tied up, and the audience shouldn’t be
left asking questions, right? Wrong. Here are just a few that
are keeping me up at night. So what about Bran becoming the king? As much as I personally like this twist, it was a little unbelievable due to the way that it happened, especially when all the people deciding seem to have a far more obvious choice. Tyrion loves stories, right? And who had a better
story than Bran Stark? How about Jon? Jon went from Stark
bastard to Lord Commander to King in the North. He was literally killed and resurrected. He was the Prince that was Promised who slayed his lover for
the good of the realm. Now, let’s send that
guy to the Night’s Watch where he can watch over what, exactly? No one even talked about
him as a possibility when they were choosing the
next leader of Westeros. The reason for this: It
was part of an agreement to please the Unsullied and Yara Greyjoy, who felt that Jon should be
punished for killing Daenerys. While this is understandable
to a certain degree, it feels hollow as the Unsullied are seen minutes later boarding a
ship to the Isle of Naath, and the Greyjoys were not a
powerful-enough house to demand this sort of respect from
the other lords of Westeros. Sansa and Arya both had great stories worthy of becoming queen, but again, neither of them were mentioned. So Bran became king, but
how can the Three-Eyed Raven actually become king anyway? Bran went from this
strange, emotionless person who would stare blankly
before saying something that made others feel uncomfortable
to the king of Westeros, and none of the characters
even batted an eyelid. The last Three-Eyed Raven
lived north of the Wall and merged with a tree. Why is Bran so different? That’s just another thing
that isn’t explained. Who is the Prince of Dorne,
how did he come to power, and why are the Martells
suddenly so unimportant in season eight despite
being such a big focus of earlier seasons? And finally, why does the
Night’s Watch even exist anymore? The White Walkers are wiped
out, wildlings are allies, the Wall is destroyed near East Watch, and various castles along
the Wall are unmanned. Is there any point in restoring them? Five, forgotten characters. It became very clear in the final seasons that a few characters
really served no purpose to the final outcome of the show. Where’s Jaqen H’ghar? The Faceless Man is one of the characters who trained Arya Stark. At the end of season six, he
let her go back to Westeros, and we haven’t heard from him since. What about Daario Naharis? The former lover of
Daenerys was left in Meereen at the end of season six
to keep an eye on the city. We never heard from him again. Surely his men could have been used in the battle against
the dead, apparently not. And what about Ellaria Sand? At the end of season seven,
Ellaria Sand was left to watch her daughter die in
front of her in the Red Keep. We never saw or heard from her again. Six, unrealistic events. Yes, I am going to go there. In a show about dragons,
magic, and the undead, I’m gonna call out some
unrealistic things that happened. Don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost on me. First of all, let’s
talk about how far Arya must have had to jump
to kill the Night King. Yep, that looks like a long way. I know she has skills,
but that seems silly. How about when Dany
didn’t see Euron’s ships from half a mile high? This unlikely ambush resulted
in Rhaegal being killed and Dany’s chances of taking
King’s Landing being reduced. One of the positives about having a dragon should be that you can see
things coming, apparently not. During this ambush, Drogon and
Dany fled from Euron’s ships, but when it came to taking King’s Landing, the pair destroyed his
whole fleet with ease, along with all the scorpions
on the wall at King’s Landing. Why didn’t they just do that before? Remember when Bronn
aggressively threatened Tyrion and Jaime with a crossbow? Well, apparently that was
forgiven pretty easily following the burning the King’s Landing. What about undead Viserion? So undead Viserion
burned through the Wall, which had protected the
Seven Kingdoms for years, but he couldn’t burn
through a mound of stones to kill Jon Snow. So No. 7, the changing
of the main villain. From episode three to six,
we saw three different main villains: the Night King
at the Battle of Winterfell, Cersei during episode four and five, and finally Daenerys in episode six. This quick switching
between the antagonists was a little confusing,
and it wasn’t helped by the lack of time for all
of these events to sink in. Eight, character deaths. All right, so I think this
show would have actually been better with more of the
main characters dying. “Game of Thrones” lost a lot
of of its unpredictability when it was drawing to a close. The show has done it over and over again killing main characters,
yet it seemed pretty obvious that the key characters
were going to survive the Battle of Winterfell as it was clear that their storylines
still needed to play out. I never felt like there was
a danger that Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Sansa, or Arya
might die in the battle, which is something that
just wouldn’t have happened in previous seasons. Nine, continuity mistakes. Yes, this season had quite a few. The most memorable was the coffee cup in plain sight on the table
after the Battle of Winterfell. There are also two
modern-day water bottles on the floor in the scene
before Bran is named king. Something that many fans
noticed is the inconsistency of the way that King’s
Landing was depicted. All of these are apparently the same city, yet they don’t look anything alike. And finally, eagle-eyed viewers spotted that Daenerys is wearing different wigs when she arrived at Winterfell
in season eight, episode one. Let me know in the comments
if you think I missed anything or if you disagree altogether.

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    all men must watch season 8… all men must be trolled

  84. Nick King Televised

    Here's my unanswered questions: How did the Small House Mormont end up with a Valyrian Steel sword? What did the flames say to Varys? What was the name of the one who spoke? Did Bran (3eyedraven) know what was going to happen the whole time? Was the Night King the 13th Lord Commander, and was he a Stark? Why did the NK seem to have no interest in killing Jon, despite having numerous opportunities? Was Gendry Cersei's first child with Robert? I could go on for hours.

  85. Feologild

    I think it would have helped a little if season 7 and 8 had 10 episodes instead of 7 and 6. Also yes season 8 was a huge disappointment, but i disagree with those who says its the worst thing ever. Its clearly the worst season of Game of Thrones but its far from the worst season of a tv show ever made.



  87. Mahmud Hossain

    They should have hired the indian tv director ????then you all see 1 episode = 100 ?????

  88. Hs generation

    John should be king of the 7 kingdoms

  89. Tricia Roy

    Totally agree on every point.

  90. Ace Hardy

    They could save it by making a movie. Night king could’ still be alive, mother of dragons can return from the dead, as well as Cersei… it’ll sell out in theaters. ?

  91. Hrs Sehrawat. Jattitude

    Created to much hype about white walkers but tottaly waste…..

  92. Bo0stard

    Is there no season 9 coming? Did the producers said so.?

  93. Just Curious

    It is way simpler… They needed two years to make six episodes.. that should tell how arrogant the makers got. Take vikings 20 episodes a yeare with same productional stuff and battle scenes… After season 6 the creators became a bit of whiners…. Why it took so long to make this. And there is the problem. Think about it…. Game of Thrones is destroyed by the arrogance of its lazy makers. Yes… the makers got in to there fame and got lazy…The delay of season 7 and very long delay of season 8 with less episodes was so telling,…. And I am going again reverin to Vikings… It is not game of Thrones…. but it became beter and more episodes in a Year….. Vikings is why I dont believe the production crap on GoT….. A series after season 8 I don't care fore any more.

  94. Juliano

    4,5,6 Episodes of Season 8 were bad for me.

    Also Jon Snow becoming Aegon Targaryan was useless.

  95. JM Cee

    ….I still don't understand the honeycomb joke…..
    Also :
    Why did Jon say that Ghost "didn't belong" at Winterfell? Is it me or did they rework old footage of John petting Ghost and splice it in so the fans would stop saying "Pet your doggo!"
    How could Sam be a meister when he never finished his training? I know he cured greyscale (once) but….he mostly cleaned out chamber pots. He's supposed to be the head Physician and he only knows about one illness! You can't just leave a guy with a closet full of drugs and let him just experiment. What if the King actually gets sick? Wouldn't he owe a hue library fee for the books he never returned?
    If The Hound understood the importance of not being obsessed with revenge, why did he give his life to kill his "brother" who was clearly more like a robot than a human anymore? Why not redeem himself by committing the rest of his life to the protection of Bran, or Sansa, or even Arya?
    Why didn't anyone challenge the order of Dany to make Gendry a Lord since she never had the authority to do that. She was still a Starbucks-drinking-wannabe when she gave that title out.
    Likewise, how could Braun prove that he was given High Garden when neither Tyrion nor Jaime had the power to do that either? Not even a piece of paper to document this and we are suppose to believe that whoever was in charge would just move out and give up all power because Gendry and Braun walked into their respective castles and said "Get out of my castle – I'm now in charge!".
    Why didn't Melassandra even TRY to bring anyone back from the dead? Why was she so sure her only job was to be a fire starter and an Arya cheerleader? She knows she's not good at knowing what "The Lord of Light" actually wants her to do. She bet everything on Stannis and then John and was wrong both times. She could have made an effort.

    And how could Tyrion be left out of the History book? I didn't think that was funny at all.
    Dany gave her speech in High Valerian but the Dothraki cheered and the English-speakers were alarmed. Only the Unsullied would have understood her.
    Why did Arya spend the whole show trying to get back to her family only to turn into Dora the Explorer and not care if she ever saw them again? She didn't even promise to come home for Christmas!

    And lastly….. how did Dany have time for a shower and a total change of hair and make-up after attacking the city and before the Nazi speech? Did she have the costume packed in a bag and tethered to her dragon in case she won? I thought only Missande knew how to do her hair and that's why she was so upset to lose her. It's not easy finding a professional hair dresser who knows how to do color, braiding AND hair extensions. Especially during wartime.
    So many questions…………


    The Main Disappointment was Spoiling of Danys Character…

  97. panzaa boi

    Season 9 and we are good!

  98. Gav Hastings

    It really was a disappointing end to what was a great show. Why they rushed it boggles the mind. They could/should have gone a couple more seasons to really wring out the story and characters.
    Just IMHO, but what would I know.

  99. grumpy tank

    If bran turned into night king that would be good twist
    This season has no sense anyway infact i thought the quality started falling in season 7

  100. Y P

    Please everyone stop blaming HBO it's only D&D's fault, absolutely noone else is to blame.

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