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  1. Brooklyn and Bailey

    Can you think of more things to do in the house while you’re bored?? Comment below! ✅Check out all of our NEW APPAREL, mascara, jewelry, hair accessories, and MORE! https://brooklynandbaileyshop.com/ 💋's – Bailey

  2. B Glen Perry

    4:20 I love watching brooklyn 99 I have watched every episode even the one not on netflix because i download the i love that show i can resite scenes from it

  3. Sophie T

    We don’t have greys anatomy on Netflix Uk😭

  4. Rubysell Munoz

    I Never build a fort before and i hate marshamelows

  5. Dhaani Gupta


  6. Safa Shakaib

    Do you guys have TikTok?

  7. Dhaani Gupta

    the throne of glass!!!!!!!!
    read the court of thorns and roses too…..
    Sarah J. Maas is so….. no words

  8. Ciara Schenk

    I’m so bored and I’ve done all of that!

  9. Chloe Cole

    Love the sock wrestling!☺😀😂

  10. Rachel Sebastian

    this is the best things to do if bored vid EVER! Thank you

  11. Val Pam

    Another thing to watch on Disney+ is Teen Beach and Teen Beach 2

  12. Gauri Gayatri

    13:04 did anyone notice that they put "the hunger games" series twice in the list…?

  13. Crystal Life

    I almost can’t do any of this stuff cuz I live with my mum only but the stuff I can do by myself is no fun without anyone else and I’m SOOOO BOREDD😢😢

  14. Gabi Meyers Jimenez

    My sister and I love making forts!!! I'm pretty bad at it, but she's a natural, we even watched a yt vid on how to make one lol!!

  15. Nimmer Randhawa

    name of the video 40 things to do when your bored
    reality: 44 tips things to do when you are board


  16. Carlye Niccum

    I NEED to binge watch Harry potter tho

  17. rinny velchuri

    I absolutely love building forts it is just I don't have enough space in my room, because my siblings chose the bigger ones and left me with the smallest

  18. Eliza Goodwin


  19. Harper Mann

    Being stuck at home 🏡 sucks

  20. Kennedy Caudill

    This made me bored

  21. Gracie Brumfield

    Who is the boy in the purple shirt with long hair?😂

  22. Cailan Ramirez

    i love making forts I make them almost everyday





  25. A.J. Beeby


  26. aimee nicholle

    I'm in a fort 😎
    right now

  27. Emma Simon

    Was anyone wondering why bailey never washed her hands


    The podcast I love is pretty basic by Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

  29. Laila Kilcommons

    How do you get bored in that HUGE house 😭

  30. Crystal Chow

    Fuller house is Good but full house is even better 👑

  31. Evie's Toybox

    Happy birth day

  32. Bri Avila

    I did the blanket trick and I hit my knee really hard

  33. Nimra Khan Year 10 Wickersley

    they reused the clip where she washed her hands

  34. Arina chaudhary

    Make a part 2

  35. Jordyn Prince

    This really helped me. Thank you!!

  36. Sophia Moore

    I can’t become TikTok famous cuz I have a private account

  37. Crystal Chow

    Every one knows that use water first.

  38. Kiersten Kelley

    the phone ## dint work

  39. Sensitive Scorpio

    When your so bored you binge videos of what to do when your bored

  40. G34N_Auggie

    I think one day at a time is a good one too

  41. HeyAngel7

    Six of Crows and Maas! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 did you guys like her court series? And are you gonna watch Shadow and Bone when it comes out?

  42. Carabelle Vans


  43. Alaina Angione

    omg you helped me so much! thanks

  44. Savi Grace

    The last one was the best one

  45. Caroline Weldon

    hey brooklyn and bailey!!! pls respond! i love you guys sm and this vid! i try to like and comment on all halls vids!! i really hope to meet y’all some day but live in MI!! hopefully for my bday!!! is you respond it would be a dream come true!❤️❤️

  46. ThatRandomLauren

    Is no one going to talk about Bailey’s wattpad account?? Like, I wanna read her story😂

  47. Mindset Theory

    Quarantine life is great. Plenty of things to do. Stay positive and happy folks!

  48. Abbey Willcox

    i rlly need that book

  49. sydney hightower

    Thx this video gave me some idas lol wash your hands so funny and true I love y'all

  50. sydney hightower

    This is exsatle what I need

  51. meshwar chowdhury

    anyone else got bored of watching this video halfway through?

  52. Gabbi Braley

    Where is Riverdale on the list

  53. Saffron Davis

    lol i tried sock wrestling and ended up with a black eye haha but it was worth itttt

  54. Brynleigh Schroeder

    Youll shoukd dance

  55. Cat Thor 370

    Here’s a great and mentally challenging idea while your bored!

    Try contemplating life and your very existence as you know it only to realize that you will never succeed in life and your very self is doomed
    Hint- this activity is best completed in said blanket fort.

  56. garfield

    Your eyelashes are from the Gods

  57. Vilma Turcios

    Why do u hang out with a black girl is she ur part of ur fam cause thats kind of wierd

  58. Keimai Hino

    I just called but I can't text

  59. vanessa garcia

    i lve building forts

  60. Alyssa’s Space

    Yasss Wattpad

  61. paul dolan

    i love doing stove smores i did it when i was little with my freinds at a sleepover it was soo fun before i was conrenteind

  62. Emily Hunt

    I love that you actually did these things, not just talked about them!

  63. Anaya Walli

    I was bingeing harry potter too!😂

  64. Fatma Alibrahim

    It’s just like you read my mind I was trying a video like this

  65. Emma Slowey

    I wash my hands with abcd 2 times btw I love you guys are amazing good for you

  66. Shawn Will

    Who knows that song there dancing to 9:54 in video

  67. Jaralyn Peralta

    How come at the beginning of yoga Brooklyn looked taller?

  68. Jaralyn Peralta

    I sing simple things when I wash my hands. Like if same

  69. Ks Channel

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know who that guy is who is there not b’s boyfriend but the other guy. If you know can you reply the answer?:)

  70. rzn josh

    I am a big fan of building forts

  71. Iicloud

    Lol ❤️❤️❤️

  72. Miku Mizushima

    Just wash your hands everyday untill the whole Corona mess is over.

  73. Miku Mizushima

    If the mess will be over…

  74. Andrea GonzalezQuintanilla

    Harry Potter stan I'm a ravenclaw and you ?

  75. Savhanna K

    I actually have one more recommendations for the Netflix thing 😂…the show is lock and key!!👍🏼

  76. Mindy Alvarez

    I texted you guys

  77. Lillian Fackelman

    Lauren and Cameron were my favorite too

  78. KittyD Roblox

    Well I can’t go out and get dominoes

  79. Elsa Flores

    Wash them hands!! ✌

  80. Abigale McAfee

    if yall have watched the circle I am friends with chris lol

  81. Angelique Autry


  82. Cecily Grace Jones

    13:05 the hunger games is listed twice

  83. Emilia Faith

    I love to make a fort from my head board to my foot board on my bed. It’s so much fun but sometime frustrated. 👌😛😝😆

  84. Jenna Bigham

    I love to make blanket forts

  85. Samantha Cui

    What is the vlogging camera you used?

  86. Masase Luvhengo

    1. Domino trail
    2. Prank your parents
    3 . Do yoga
    4. Build a fort
    5. Stovetop smores
    6. Indoor picnic
    7. Wash your hands
    8. Listen to podcasts
    9. Do any YouTube challenge
    10. Let your siblings to your makeup
    11. Read old emails
    12. Catch up with old friends
    13. Write to a pen pal
    14. Binge watch shows
    15. Follow and subscribe to us
    16. Binge watch movies
    17. Play a funny game with ur family
    18. Do the blanket trick on ur pets
    19. Wash your hands again
    20. Write a book

  87. matt crosby

    I recommend the book divergent to the people that like the books maze runner. Also plz read the other books in the divergent series They also have the movies that go with the book so read the books please before you watch the movies unlike me

  88. habibaq1

    hi Im going onto a TV show for a tutorial on washing hands singing the national anthem

  89. Grace Partin

    There were two listings for National Treasure on your Netflix movie list

  90. Maizey Lock

    Love is blind is the best. Lauren and Cameron are my favorite couple ever too.

  91. Shadow Cat249

    40??? Hun imma need 100

  92. Kimber Rasmussen


  93. Kayla Finch

    That moment when you have watched almost all the Netflix shows on the list🥵😂

  94. Stephanie Amber Umali

    i love you brooklyn and bailey

  95. Simz V

    This virus is roaming freely every where and people are locked up at their home.
    Corona is literally fucking us 😞
    Btw stay home,stay safe everyone.

  96. KrazyKat0330

    4:17 I literally LOVE "The 100" I haven't watched it since like, September and I NEED to get caught up

  97. KrazyKat0330

    4:47 I literally binge watched Frozen every single day this month so far

  98. KrazyKat0330

    Brooklyn and Bailey: *40 things to do*
    Their Video: *Nah, nah, 44 things to do*

  99. Hayah Khalid

    Sing Happy birthday 2 times when washing hands

  100. Love City

    All I can do is study lol

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