4 Cases of Idiotic Modern Censorship of Retro Games | Fact Hunt | Larry Bundy Jr

This video is sponsored by Skillshare. You know how they often censor movies on re-release? You know, like changing the guns to walkie talkies in
E.T., Removing a single frame of Jessica Rabbit’s crotch in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and totally pretending Song of the South never even existed? Well, they’ve only gone and done that to
games too now! With the recent rise in popularity of retro
gaming, and publishers owning decades of long neglected I.P.’s, it’s an extremely quick
and profitable way for them to make some extra moolah. However, as you’re about to see with your
human eyeballs, publishers’ overly neurotic attempts at not wanting to trigger, even the
most thinly skinned of triggerables, have left some very bizarre and questionable edits
to our childhood… So, this episode we take a look at these attempts
to nerf nostalgia, these undertakings to obliterate the old-school, and these exertions to permutate
the past, As I say… But Hello you, I’m Guru Larry, and I welcome
you to Fact Hunt: Four Cases of Idiotic Modern Censorship of Retro Games. But, before we start, don’t forget to click
that “Subscribe” button, as well as the Notification Bell, to be first to see future
Fact Hunt Episodes… And away we go!!! Alongside titles such as ESWAT and Toki, Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi was another of Sega’s attempts to use the name of a
popular arcade game, but make a completely different experience out of it, and an excellent
job they did of it too, The Secret of Shinobi is far superior to the arcade original, (which
in all honesty is just rehash of the original Shinobi, just now with extra dog) as evident of it being re-released multiple times on future 16-bit compilations. However, with the release of 2018’s Sega
Mega Drive Classics (or Sega Genesis Classics if you’re in America) Collection for the
PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Sega, completely out of nowhere decided to censor the World Trade Centre from the game’s title screen. However, rather than remove the buildings
entirely, they simply just reused one of the sprites again and placed it in the middle of the two towers to make it look like one wide skyscraper, possibly to make it look like the Met-Life center, who knows? But, a big black square on the title screen
looks ridiculous now. On a thematic level, the game is set in 1997,
when the towers WERE still standing, and going out of your way to pretend the buildings never existed is FAR more disrespectful to the victims who tragically lost their lives that day, than to honour them by leaving them intact. And want to hear THE most stupid thing about
this whole piece of unnecessary censorship? Sega didn’t even bother being through with
their suppression, as the twin towers still appear in the game’s ending, completely unedited. So, fantastic job being consistent with your completely unwarranted editing of history there Sega! Bravo! Simulations of pinball machines in video gaming,
especially in the early years, have always been a difficult task to perfect, and while
very few have managed to accurately computerize the haptic feel of whacking a metal ball with
some flippers, such as DICE’s Pinball Fantasies trilogy on home computers, the first on console
was arguably NAXAT’s “Crush” series. When Alien Crush and its sequel, Devil’s
Crush were released on the Turbografx, gamers instantly fell in love with its impressive
visuals, dark, adult themes, and ultimately how it managed to both emulate the accuracy of a pinball machine, but at the same time take advantage of it being a video game, so the series instantly became a cult classic. And later on, an obvious choice for a re-release when Turbografx titles started to appear on the Wii virtual console… However, while NEC were more than happy to allow Devil Crush’s satanic imagery to slide on their console, Nintendo were not. Bizarrely, for a game that contains flayed skulls, exploding baby heads, and twatting giant steel balls against druids, Nintendo’s main objection to the game were the spinning pentagrams. To have the game acceptable on the Virtual
console, all pentagrams in the game were changed to spinning triangles instead, which is odd,
as a pentagram is just two triangles on top of each other anyway. But, some genius at Nintendo thought this
strange request for censorship would be just enough to stop the younglings worshiping the lord
of the underworld. You know, you’ve become really picky with
your choice of restrictions since the days of Mortal Kombat, Ninty! What’s wrong with you??? Now, here’s a bizarre turn up for the books as it’s actually a game released on one of those plug and play systems, you know, those bloody things that STILL insist on looking like complete arse by using Mono composite
leads instead of HDMI in the 2020s. Anyhoo, when MSI Entertainment decided to release a
retro plug and play of a WWF game, they not only went for what is considered one of the lesser WWF games in the NES library, WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge, but also not even the
best port of the game, the Master System version is far superior. But eagle-eyed retro gaming and wrestling
fans noticed aside from the logo rebranding and slapping Jim Hellwig on the title screen,
two of the original line up have been removed: Hulk Hogan and The Mountie had been replaced
by The Ultimate Warrior and Razor Ramon. Coincidentally, this wasn’t the first time
The Ultimate Warrior was rushed in to replace another wrestler in a WWF game, the same thing
happened with the scronking one replacing Jeff Jarret at the last minute in the PS1
and Sega Saturn title, WWF In Your House. Now, The Mountie is a bit of a mystery why
he was taken out, but at an educated guess the WWE considered him one of their more forgettable
wrestlers to modern day fans, that or they just hate French Canadians. But The Hulkster’s absence is certainly
far more cut and paste. I hear you’re a racist now Hogan. Back in 2015, a video was leaked recorded eight years prior of Hogan objecting to his daughter
having relationships with gentlemen of a differing skin pigmentation to that of his own, not that there are too many orange people in this world. However, quite clearly screaming the “N”
word several times throughout caught the ire of the WWE, whom immediately fired Hogan as a result. Infact, simply sacking the guy just wasn’t
enough for the WWE, since that incident, they have Chris Benoit’d him from all posts on
their website, searches on their streaming service, and all of their future video games. So, ask yourself, Is removing an 8-bit sprite from a three decade old video game actually censorship? Well, the WWE and MSI Entertainment wanted Hogan purged from the game so hard that they decided to replace him with another racist (albeit one that’s dead) and a murderer! So, you come to your own conclusions. Should we all racists now? What’s the official line Hulkamania’s taking on it? You know, for a title that’s been rated
the greatest game of all-time, Nintendo have really gotten cold feet with Ocarina of Time over the years, censoring and re-censoring the game multiple times with stupid, and overly neurotic edits… Even just weeks after Ocarina of Time’s
initial release, the game saw not one, but TWO reissues. The first saw some game crashing glitches
fixed, but 1.2 saw its first piece of censorship with blood being removed. Strange as Gannondorf is the only enemy that
actually does bleed within the game, but I guess being a pig demon, he must phlebotomize
apple sauce in Nintendo’s family friendly eyes. Version 1.2 also saw the beginning of Ninty
fearing they might offend someone, for example the theme to the Fire Temple area featured a backing track containing Islamic chanting. With verses such as: “There is no other God, but Allah”. In the programmers defence, they obviously had absolutely no clue about what the lyrics actually meant, they simply lifted them from a stock
music CD as they felt they’d sounded fitting to the level. Though, strangely, the exact same track is
also heard in the game Crusin’ World, and that passed Nintendo’s censorship policy
completely unscathed. However, this piece of censorship was such a rush job, rather than compose an all-new track for the area, they just re-used the Shadow Temple’s theme, but, added a few extra beats to the song to disguise the fact. The next revision came when Ocarina of Time
was released on the GameCube. Nintendo felt there was content in the game
which still may be considered offensive to Muslims, this time feeling the Gerudo symbol
looked a little too close to an Islamic crescent, so changed (what they thought) were all symbols in the game to an alternate Gerudo symbol found on a background tile in the then recently released Majora’s Mask. Now, of course you’re probably muttering
to yourself… “The Nintendo 64 and GameCube aren’t modern consoles Larry, why are they on this list?” Well, that’s where we come to the 3DS port of the game. Not only did Nintendo screw up that last piece of censorship, realizing they hadn’t removed ALL of the crescents within the game, for example, in the ceiling of Dampe’s tomb. But, THE most neurotic piece of censorship
was with the design changes to the lost wood’s inhabitant, Skull Kid. For some unbeknownst reason, Nintendo suddenly
thought Skull Kid’s face hidden in shadow was now considered him being in black face, so redesigned him look like he had a coconut for a head. Which, come to think of it, is technically almost as racist. But, going by Nintendo’s definition that
would also make other shadowed characters such as Orko from He-Man, The Jawas from Star
Wars, Gigi from Final Fantasy, and even Taokaka from Blaz Blue black faced too. Now, I understand Nintendo wanting to appeal to
as many people as possible, but turning into a Nanny state with paranoid bouts of censorship has to have a line drawn somewhere. Subtitles provided by Larry Bundy Jr. (hope you liked them again ^_-)

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  1. Donkey Conga

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    Those aren't pentagrams, Larry…

  3. Chris Leathco

    Did I miss something? When did Razor Ramon murder someone?

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  5. zachary danes

    It's funny because the pentagrams in Devil's Crush, aren't pentagrams at all: they're stars of David. Pentagrams are commonly 5 pointed stars, not 6. Hence the word part "Penta." So technically Nintendo censored Jewish imagery.

  6. DerUberMeh

    Was that a Father Ted reference I saw? Quite a man of taste.

  7. B Chin

    Everyone hates the Quebecois, Larry.


    I'm pretty certain penta means 5; also I don't think you can stack up 2 triangles to make a pentagram. It is just physically not possible…

  9. Mace 2.0

    4: It's still moronic to not have the Twin Towers in the most overused city (pre-2001). Remember Deus Ex? People thought the game predicted 9/11, but in reality the skybox either had to be cut short, or it's just overlapped. Still a sensitive subject, even after 2001 if you tend to have buildings & planes on the same subject.
    3: I think the Star of David is just 2 triangles. The pentagram is a 5-point star supposed to shape like a goat.
    2: Hulk Who? Chrispin Wah?
    1: Ehh…. And yet we could still grapple hook on some large statue's nipples in all versions of OOT.

  10. Diseasel

    How is a five (penta) pointed star two triangles? Larry did an oopsie.

  11. David

    Honestly I liked the chanting in the original OoT as I thought it gave a fitting atmosphere to the temple and never knew it was Islamic till I think Gaijin Goomba did an episode of it.

  12. Sonicice 24

    censorship is weird.

  13. Iman Electrode

    Well, on a brighter side, they used skull kid's original artwork as a spirit in Smash Bros Ultimate. I guess that's a half-point for anti censorship.

  14. AkuTenshiiZero

    To be fair, at least the wood-faced redesign of the Skull Kids looks good and is a logical thing for a forest imp. Some censorship can be stupid or insulting, but some censorship ends up creating something better than the original. Besides, the change dates back to Majora's Mask, so at this point it's more like an update.

  15. marsclaws

    in spielberg's defense he regrets doing that

  16. João "Agile"

    1:46 dang it, that E-Swat song brings back memories… of one of the very first Fact Hunt episodes. Hooray!

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    That Father Ted joke was my favourite joke you've ever made.

  20. Doug

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were not big fans of The Mountie portraying them as villainous. He was even banned from Canadian television. MSI may have taken him out in order to avoid issues with sales in Canada.

  21. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    I Actually Kinda Understand Why Video Games That Were Made Shortly After 9/11 That Took Place in New York City Would Censor Out The Twin Towers,They Didn’t Want to Remind People of That Tragedy so Soon,But Censoring Them Out Now is Just Screwing Over Not Only a Huge Part of American History,But World History as Well

  22. TheOneCode

    Hey it's Larry Slopes from Bundy's Game Room

  23. thatonedrewguy

    It's not modern, but I love how Persona 2 USA censored Hitler by putting shades on him ala Wesker.

  24. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    I Didn’t Know Hulk Hogan Was a Bigot,he Definitely Deserved to Get Fired

  25. Otaku Bullfrog

    This is why we can never allow something like Stadia to catch on. The puritans inside the game companies would just love to be able to censor in real time rather than having to wait for rereleases.

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    Those weren't pentagrams. Pentagrams have five points not six.

  30. LazyGamer

    I remember borrowing my friend's copy of Ocarina of Time to play, and the first thing I noticed that the Fire temple music was different. My friend thought I was being weird when I told him that it wasn't the usual music.
    Then I was surprised to see Ganondorf bleed.

  31. Saturn Dog

    I can understand certain Nintendo's choices though. Zelda was never meant to be too dark on the appearance aspect, an original Gerudo symbol is better than an Islamic symbol redesign (though it sucks that there are extremist nutjobs supported by the biggest pussies in the world), and the skull kid is better as a scarecrow looking creature than a goofy looking black face. I wouldn't give a fig though, unlike the pussies in the world.

    In certain cases, it's just wanting to avoid controversy right off the bat, in other cases it's just hypocrites being hypocrites.

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    i want larry to guest star on avgn

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    I have the first version of the zelda cart! The chanting made it so hard to get through the fire temple, freaked me out so hard

  34. 7F0X7

    Anyone wanna guess how many wrestling games I've purchased since Hulk Hogan was censored out of them? And wonder what the financial success of all those publishers have been since their moronic decision? Hmmmm

  35. Chris Walker

    I wonder if he mis-said "Vivi" as "Gigi" for a reason.

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    8:04 he was still in that advertisement for one wrestling video game. You know, the ad with all the wrestlers at some fancy party?

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    They keep removing Sonic 3 and knuckles from recent Sega compilations for some stupid reason. I won't even buy them due to that game being left out.

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    You saying that censorship having a line, and you living in the UK has a nice air of irony.

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  41. Zech Evans

    You think nintendo wouldnt want to scar future generations of children with the fucking dead hand from under the well or the redeads, but no those are completely fine. But GOD FUCKIN FORBID you let kids see some red blood from the final boss or exposed them to some faint chanting you can barely here, let alone understand if you dont speak the language.

  42. Falcovsleon21

    9:47 Ah that old chesnut. Look up the old PopFiction video for more info on that but basically Nintendo has a history of using stock audio samples in their atmospheric Zelda dungeon tracks.

    12:17 Well in their defense, they don't have big thick lips like the old 64 era Skull Kids do.

  43. Jon Bourgoin

    It would have been nice if you had mentioned the fact that Razor/Scott Hall murdered in self defense . Details are important. Especially in a series called “Fact Hunt”.

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    its not got 5 sides

  45. Digitaaliklosetti

    "-far more disrespectful to the victims who tragically lost their lives that day" while Joe Musashi(???) plummets down the side of a building had me wheezing

  46. Mr Marcus

    Pentagram is 5 sides, two triangles stacked would make a hexagon, or polygon or star of david.

  47. SageofStars

    The stupidest is actually from the PS1 era. The game was Breath of Fire IV. Now, in an interesting twist, Breath of Fire 2 on the SNES got to the rest of the world with almost no censorship, leaving in references to drugs, sex, the main enemy was the church, several people died in horrible ways, some on screen(One literally lightning to death while people cheer), and had an incest subplot that never goes anywhere, but was left in. Mind, the translation was horrid, but still.

    Then Breath of Fire IV comes out. That one got almost half the game censored. Outfits, male and female, several death scenes, including for main villains, causing the story to flow at an awkward pace as the big bads died off screen, and sometimes you're not even told they did so. And worst of all, they removed a bathhouse area completely. Now, this sounds like me complaining because boobies, and that's bad enough, but 2 characters give their backstories in the bathhouse(The dog samurai and the tin can god), telling you details, some of which actually become relevant later, but rather than put the exposition somewhere else, they just cut it, causing their stories to make no sense. The dog samurai literally switches teams 3 times, but without that bit of info regarding him, his motives make no sense, and worse one character goes from complete distrust to basically not caring about him.

  48. Monique Star

    COPPA has no reason to mess with you. How the hell is there an ABCmouse ad in your video?

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  53. Shade, the Raven Witch

    When I was a kid, I had a version of Devil's Crush that was released on the Mega Drive, IIRC it was called Dragon's Fury (I'm gonna guess that comes from the face on the table that morphs into a dragon when you activate the triggers?). I'm pretty sure that version of the game also censored all of the pentagrams as well.

  54. A Moose

    >Cruis'n World escapes Nintendo censorship
    >USA and Exotica don't


  55. Nicholas Farrell

    So, yeah, The Mountie is so forgettable that my wrestling-obsessed coworker didn't remember him when we tried to list off all the characters from the 70s to the 90s (the Golden Age of professional wrestling) whose main schtick was being non-American.

  56. Toxic Kandy

    Looks in comments…
    Okay, there are people who pointed out what a pentagram is, neat.

  57. Matt Jones

    Scott Hall was charged with murder after shooting a man in self defense with his own gun that he wrestled away from him, hardly faor to slug him in the same category as Hogan and Warrior

  58. Sinn0100

    Okay…I know you Brits have an irrational fear of inanimate objects (except knives apparently) but calling Ramone a murderer is a stretch. The man pulled a gun on Ramone during a fight and in a bout of self defense, Ramone shot him with his own gun. This is not murder nor was he wrong in doing so. This is why he has rightfully kept his good name. I hate wrestling and it took me exactly 10 seconds to find this information.

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    I wouldn't really say the skull kid face is censorship. Skull kid had the cocunut face in Majora's Mask 64. They were just updating the models to be more modern.

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  64. John Aguilera

    5. The newly released Goemon translations.

  65. im4everskilled

    Pentagram is not two triangles, you're thinking of the star of david. Pentagram has five points, hence penta.

  66. 3Dsjk

    Re: The Mountie in the WWF/E game, they ran into legal trouble with the real Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The RCMP didn’t like the character’s antics and got the WWF to change the outfit, and have been strictly controlling how their image is used ever since.

  67. daruna

    the fire temple censorship especially sucks because that whole theme is amazingly atmospheric and eerie, but they went and changed it to try and preempt some outrage that would be completely ridiculous if it did happen!

  68. LunaTwi01

    Censorship of retro games. Better than regional audience censorship aka Bowdlerise. Like anything 4kids done.

  69. Andrew Spencer

    You are a little behind on things. Hogan has be returned to the wwe universe.

  70. Liar Whiter

    I figured you’d already be getting tons of comments about your error in calling a hexagram a pentagram.

    But, I’m surprised you didn’t mention that the Megadrive version of Devil’s Crush (called Devil Crash) has an actual large pentagram at the uppermost part of the play table, instead of an 8-sided version like the TG-16 has. I’m not sore which could be considered the original version, as I suspect the Japanese version of Devil’s Crush probably has a pentagram on the top of the table too.

  71. bwburkeGaming

    Calling it The Ocarina of Time isn't going to get you any fans, Larry…

  72. Jared Watson

    11:51 the weirdest part of this piece of censorship is that this very image, completely unaltered, appears as a spirit in smash ultimate. I guess nintendo doesn't care about skull kid anymore.

  73. josephskiles

    I really hope your diet it going well Larry, we want you around for many years to come bud !

    With the way people go out of their way to look for the dumbest damn things in the world to get bent out of shape over I can kinda understand companies tiptoeing as much as possible. The huge problem is art needs to push boundaries to shatter preconceived notions and this will never happen in the PC world some people are trying to make. I don't know how comedy for instance will survive if this world keeps up it's thin skinned ways 😒. Eventually I hope the world regains it's senses and people once more put effort into changing themselves to fit into society instead of expecting the majority of the world to change to suit them.

  74. Kurtis Haren

    I'm kind of curious which version of Ocarina of Time I have. It's one of the old N64 cartridges with the gold-colored casing. Wouldn't that mean that it's the pre-censored version? I haven't played the game in years, and I don't have the console or game itself where I can easily set it up to check. (I live at college and it's in storage at my mother's house right now.)

    Also, seeing the 3DS version upscaled like that looks really good, much better than I would have initially thought. I need to get around to setting up Citra to let me do that. I've been meaning to do that anyways since I want to play the "Great Ace Attorney 2" demo and I can't find a MicroSD adapter to get the patch onto my 3DS. Now they've got to get custom texture replacement as a Citra feature, like they do for the N64 emulators, so we can put higher resolution textures on it and see if it can look even better.

  75. Mike Fenton

    Guru Larry lookin mint. Atta boy.

  76. SilverFatalis 5653

    Umm it's vivi, not gigi, my friend, unless he's called that in other countries

  77. Jack Silverson

    Was the Skull Kid thing really censorship though? I remember they gave him an actual face in Majora's Mask instead of the "concealed in shadow" thing that Ocarina of Time had. Maybe they were just future-proofing in case Majora's Mask 3D actually did happen?

  78. Sherbet/Platypi-p

    Man, your constant complaining while trying to make quips is just, exhausting.

  79. Chad Poopter Griffin

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  80. Steve_ En

    Actually Larry the WWF (at the time) got quite a bit of gruff from Canada for portraying the Mountie as a sneaky villain..
    Hence why he would become part of the Querbecers and their theme song would be the old "we're the mounties" song but edited (poorly) to be "we're NOT the mounties"

  81. DatAlien

    Having fired Hogan they might no longer have the rights to license his likeness.

  82. LadyEtihw

    "the original Shinobi, just now with extra dog"
    You son of a bitch, I'm in

  83. NoGuffGames

    Love ya, Larry, but I got to give you get a thumbs down for calling Scott Hall a murderer without mentioning that it was in self-defense, that he was acquitted and that it led to a lifetime of substance abuse. At least mention his recovery.

  84. Steve_ En

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    Scott Hall killed a man in self defence. As in he took the guys gun from him in a struggle and shot him

    You're better than that larry

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    No mention of the changes to DOOM and DOOM II in the DOOM 3: BFG Edition?

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    A pantergram is a five pointed start that was just a red star of david. Nintendo must be

  88. Otaking Mikohani

    To Vince McMahon, public homophobia is somehow considered more acceptable than private racism

  89. gibbeynator

    They didn't change Skull Kid because he was racist, they changed Skull Kid so his design would be consistent with his appearance in Majora's Mask.

  90. Colin G

    Gigi from final fantasy? I thought it was Vivi. 12:19

  91. jaomang

    Did Larry just call Vivi from Final Fantasy IX Gigi?

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    Perfect timing! Was just binging your videos a couple hours ago!

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  94. Checkpoint Reached

    But… 1.1 and onward Fire Temple music is almost the exact same as 1.0, it just replaces the moment where the chant kicks in for the Shadow Temple's choir soundfont. Not literally reusing the Shadow Temple theme as a whole for the dungeon. And Skull Kid's redesign in OoT3D was NOT a new thing, that design originated from Majora's Mask, the N64 original. In specific the US and UK version, where the lips in the kith were clearly lips, so much the duck beak was a whole new model for the overseasrelease.

  95. L Blair

    For a short period the WWE removed Hogan from their packaging of action figures by just sticking a red sticker over his character's picture on the back of other figures in the line. Bet that cost mattel some money to do.

  96. Dracul JOSHI

    Those are not even pentagrame… they are hexagrams.

  97. Fanus Obscurus

    So, just my two bits on Skull Kid. It may have also had something to do with the fact he also had very big and visible lips.

  98. wariodude128

    Hey, Larry, I have a fifth case of idiotic censorship of retro games. It covers a bunch of them, too. You know how in a bunch of old games health packs had a red plus on them? Well, apparently the Red Cross decided in the mid 2000s they didn't like that very much. So after threatening legal action, games such as Doom and Splinter Cell changed the red plus into a pill that was half red and half white. And that's why I think the Red Cross are a bunch of wankers. Heheheheh.

  99. Chris LeeWoo

    Don't blame Nintendo. They have to appease the angry Karens or they might try to hurt sales.

  100. A.B.

    In Zelda, it's the track of the Azan, which the call of prayer. Mixing it with music is not allowed and is considered as a sin. That why Muslims felt offended when they heard it.

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