3 FNAF Fan Games #2

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3 FNAF Fan Games #2

Whoa, hi- okay.. “WARNING.
This game contains spoopy content.” “NOTE!” This a quick, oh… Okay, hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to “Three Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Games” It’s time again because they are still being made, constantly and voraciously This is “Baldies Basics in Nightmares” I’m gonna start off with (some)one that’s kind of a hybrid of two separate ideas that we all know and sometimes love Uh… Oh God that’s a nice remix, I suppose. Oh God! “Baldi will appear either on the left, right or middle. If he appears in the middle, play a sound.” “If he appears on the right, press “L”‘ What the Frick! “If he appears on the left quickly go back.” “2D nightmare principle:
If 2D nightmare principle meter depletes completely you will be forced into detention.” “Make sure to keep the meter..” Hohhh my GOD. Hang on, let me read this. I’m not even gonna read this out loud Okay. Alright, so Baldi’s is a big bitch. The principle is some kind of sanity meter You gotta press “E” for first prize And use the safety “scivors” And you got to do playtime and use the safety scissors, and sweep will happen randomly. What the hell? Oh my god, oh my god, what the fuck? What? What?!? Huarrrrgggh!! It’s so many instructions! What kind of class am I supposed to take to try to be able to beat this game? Alright, so there’s two separate instruction sets You know, whatever. I’m just gonna go for it. Baldi: Baldi’s Basics information and warning… Of course, okay Baldi: That’s me. “That’s me.” “Survive 300 seconds to unlock the secret ending! Good luck! “Make sure you have visited the how to play section for more in-game tips.” No, not in game tips. Just absolutely how to play Okay, “A” to look at left hall. “S” to go back to middle. “X” to hide tips Okay, let me keep those up for just a- Mr.Sweep: Ohhh sweep sweep sweep! *Uneasy* OhhHHh Principal: Detention for you- What did I do? Principal: you should know better. What did I do? I don’t know what I did! Okay, I guess I’m in detention now. Thank you. What happened to your face? What happen to your luscious lips? What happened to your vibrant eye- Mr. Sweep: Ohhh sweep sweep sweep! Okay ????: I am coming where you’re- here I come Baldi: I am coming where you’re- here I come AYE!! Okay, I have no- I have no idea, also it’s too bright in here! It’s not moody enough, it’s not moody for Baldi! Okay, let’s try that again, shall we? I’m gonna have to read the instructions because I have no idea how to do anything. But let’s try this at least one more time before I go back to the instructions Okay, there’s something about the meter okay, I got to go up and hover over the meter or something like that. Weird… Mr. Sweep: Ohhh sweep sweep sweep! Okay, sweep sweep sweep away! I don’t know where the safety scissors are… OH *inhale* WOAh I… OUuaaaghh I- Oh! Hi, uh, well Q? ah Q. There we go, right, okay. Mr.Sweep: Ohhh sweep sweep sweep! whaoohwha- W- AY! HEY! WOAH!!- WOAH!!- WOAH!!- WOAH!!- Baldi: *Muffled* Welcome to Baldi’s Basics, information and learning. Baldi: That’s meee! What? I gotta go back and learn how to play this. Okay, I got it. I got this, I got this, I think, I got this. You ain’t got nothing on me Baldi! Hah? You ain’t got nothing on me. You ain’t got nothing on any of me. Mr. Sweeper: Ohhh sweep sweep sweep! I don’t know where I am- ooOH- UMm.. “sound”! 1st Prize: I am coming- Uhhh?! nO YOUR NOT!! Oouuuagh- Got him I’m doing it. Hey, I’m doing it. Hey Wow. Hey, I got him. That’s going down quick. Mr. Sweeper: Ohhh sweep sweep sweep! Sure ya do, you sure, do don’t ya? You sure do… Hoh- Eugh… I don’t like you Baldi. I never liked you before but I don’t like you now. The tricky ones gonna be when he appears on the right. I gotta press the “L” button which is far away. Okay? All quiet. Op- uh- no you’re not! No you’re not!! No you’re not, no you’re not- I…! WHY ARE YOU THERE? Where was you…? Where was you? That’s bullshit, that’s bullshit. Okay…? Try it again. Hello…? Alright so we can appear while I’m just looking at him, huh? Okay. Oh, I don’t like how you just dive- dive baba! I don’t like how you just dive bomb out of the nothingness of the sky WHYYY? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA? Maybe it’s cuz I’m just keeping my hand over on the… the meter and that’s no good Well, uh uh L! L! I don’t know that did but it worked! Hey no Q go. No, no, no, no, okay. Okay. I’m faster now Hup, nope, nope. Nope. Nope. Nope Well, uh uh uh… Okay, I guess I won and how am I gonna survive 300 seconds of this bullshit. Hundo hundo, baby Woah! Oh L! L! L! *Frustrated grunt* 150 halfway there! Halfway there almost done- Now we’re halfway there. Yeah, this is surprisingly stressful for a really shittily made game. I wouldn’t say it’s even really shittily made I’d say it’s just… slightly less competently made- that was close Uh no! Not now! NOT NOW NOT NOW! *Sigh of relief* Two hundo, two hundo comin’ up. Big two hundo Big two hundo for me. I’m losing now. Don’t lose it now. Nope. No your not, no no your not, no your not No your not, no your not, no your not. That that meter’s really going down fast… Okay, come on. Oh god! I’m gonna make it! I think! I just gotta… focus! In on the task at hand Sweep sweep sweep the hella fuck away from me! Okay, 250. So close. So close. So close No go back! *Sigh of relief* *pant* *pant* *frustrated noise*, so close, so close… so close. So close so- HI UM- GO AWAY! Oh fuck I for- almost forgot. Oh, oh god. Oh god! OH GOD! I almost forgot No, go back, go back! Aghhhhhh! That’s all there I know not now ????: *Distorted* Great job! You survived 300 seconds. ????: It’s not much, but you won! Baldi: Baldi’s Basics, information and learni- *Sarcastic* Thanks… Wow I did it I feel so good about that… I feel real good! All right, take care! You have fun! Have a good… life! Farewell. That was surprisingly good. That was surprisingly good. That was quite good Now this next one is probably going to be quite bad Uhh…. this one’s called five nights at Blue’s Clues Collection? The following games included are not intended to be serious and our joke games, but it’s not call five nights of Blue’s Clues It’s called “feev neets at blees clees” *chuckling* “plee” *chuckling* And then the sequel: “feev neets at blees clees tee” *chuckling* Five five minutes at boos coos tree Feev neets at boos coos whore Feev neets at blees cless remustared Lets just go to the beginning let’s go to the beginning. How do I (Someone is already dying!) *either this is someone imitating a phone, or it’s someone who can’t fart right* (OHGOD!!WHATISTHIS?!) Needs that you have to look at the cameras, but you don’t have cameras so you’re gonna die (What?) Well that was feev neets at blees clees one Let’s try a feev neets at blees clees tee Oh boy night ass 12 *Mute Anal* Well its night ass and I’m I’m here to kick gum and chew ass and im all out of ass Well, I can’t seem to do nothing so Uh Oh What a masterpiece what a masterpiece is if a guy go feev nets at boos coos tree Oh god, 12 ass, night ass This is actually a pretty faithful recreation of it i mean just being perfectly honest. It’s a surprisingly decent recreation you got you gotta admit the kids getting better Oh thats funny, oh this is the best, oh this is great that’s not even close to on the wall Okay. Oh no. Oh, no. It’s Bees kees it’s it’s boos coos Uh-oh boos coos Guess well, if you’re hearing this, um, congratulations You’ve beaten feev neets at blees clees tree. Um, I just wanted to point this out This is a troll game. I Only made this because it was an inside joke by me and my friends grab it or It’s prolly a millennial thing That’s by the way. Um, anyway, this is just an inside joke game. I hope you guys understand the humor of it and If you rate this game one Then I understand why because it’s kind of just immediately supposed to be a parody of the fact that fan games out there But anyway, I hope I hope you guys look forward to my next later project soon This will probably be the last game in the series. It’s completely up to luck if I even decide to make a fourth game But the fourth game will be much different. It’s not gonna be copying off of fnaf 4 It’s gonna be a lot more different Anyway, I’m gonna I’ll be I have to get back to work on my one of us and then bujji’s projects So thank you guys so much for playing of what we’ll feev neets at blees clees And as always I will see you all in my next project that I do Good. Bye guys That’s so sweet It’s less sweet now Well, what about feev neets at boos cloos whore i wanna play – Viacum cancelled boos coos erry place will Oh God All right, five dabs ass Okay days five days. Oh Oh I’m moving. Okay, I’m in hell. Oh, well Oh Oh hello Well, thank you thank you for my ears exploding I appreciate that also I it’s weird cuz they’re steadily getting better at this They’ve got parallax scrolling in here and they’ve got. Well, I’m dead I guess Let me mute ass here real quick. Thank you That’s good. Okay. Well now that I properly muted the ass. I’m eagerly awaiting the death that is IM TIRED OF ALL YOU PRICKS! *Mark is shocked and disturbed* WELL. Well then, I am shocked You’ve completed these idiotic Challenges. Well, you know, I’m an idiot. So idiotic challenges come naturally to me Did you honestly think something big was going to happen at the very end? Honestly? No, I expected nothing I didn’t even expect this, but I appreciate it It’s a little bit of attention and everyone knows I’m an attention whore not really But what’s going to happen might interest you are my ears gonna bleed? I’m ready Scream at me any attention is good attention in my eyes. Oh There’s no se- Well, you know I’m not shocked uh-huh, okay, what if this was made by Scott Cawthon And he just decided to like really shit out something Wait, but there’s one final one feev neets at blees clees remustered Okay There ya have it All of feev neets at blees clees. Can’t believe we got through the whole game. What a journey that was what an emotional journey I’m so Glad that that we that we that we did that I’m so glad alright See ya. All right. So to cap it off this is weekend demo like a lot of these five nights at Freddy’s fan games they are just a demo and I don’t know how deep this one goes, but it seemed relatively interesting. Hello, if you can hear this I Need your help. I’m trapped I think I died I I I can’t feel anything I’m afraid You need to survive hide in the shadows He can’t see you in the dark Play his little game and I promise you I will help you escape Press the space key, so I know you Understand well, then why do you need my help? Okay Oh shit. Hello You’re gonna give and go…? WooAHHHHHhhhh Okay, I wasn’t ready for that I didn’t know that that’s what that would do ah You got me you got me good. I will admit to you that you got me All right. Let’s try that again Okay, thanks babe see you love you good night, I wish you would have told me that just marginally sooner Okay, so this seems pretty standard five nights at freddys fair Hello? Oh! Woahhoho! Enchanté, enchanté. Ah, I see. Uh, uh am I supposed to do something about that? Am I supposed to- he’s a frisky. So I can only imagine that I’m supposed to uh, oh They do really frisky Okay, I imagine I’m supposed to turn off the power when They’re here if they do are here Why would you do that AH! I WHA?! WHAT? What the fuuuudge? What just happened?! Wait what what just happened is there any way to skip this call nope, oh OH, OOOHH Okay, so we’re getting back into it I didn’t know about this over here that That seems like something that I should have known about but I didn’t even know that I was s – hello Okay. Well then I saw you chica. How are you doing? Can you not kill? Well shit I’m just guessing that they would be at my door if they were gonna kill me, right? Right? RIGHT? Right, okay. I’m gonna turn I don’t know what I’m doing. I hope I’m doing right. Am I? I don’t – I have no idea Just I don’t trust that I dont trust the noises! What does it noises mean? I don’t know. I don’t that bad. Is it good? Is that is that good is that bad I – I don’t know NO, no No? Is there a reason for that EGH okay You’re oh shit, oh shit! Oh, OH SHIT! Just told everybody okay so that that dude that was the thing he did appear there It wasn’t helpful, oh shit Okay We’re alive, maybe? I say maybe because honestly I have no idea. I think we’re alive. Uh oh, OH! Hello! How are you? Okay standard five nights at freddys fair Pretty basic bitch going on here. Just like my basic bitchness Being scared by it one hour left. What are the odds that I’m gonna die of right now in the last hour, huh? Pretty high. Oh shit Don’t trust that What I don’t trust it, I don’t trust any laughing Oh I dont trust no giggles in the darkness in the DORKness In the dorkness of the night. I don’t trust Shit, you are all gonna be the death of me Come on dingdong Dingdong already. Come on. It’s been so time for dingdong. Come on im late for dingdong. Oh clock. Oh shit I’m late for dingdong! There we go. Now that is the ding dong of which I know Oh Got the tasty treat, it’s Halloween get the cupicakies. Don’t mind me, excusemwa I don’t know why I’m gathering these but, mmm finger lickin good. *Licks fingers* Hey, were you gonna eat this up? Thanks, man. I’m real s-waaayyy OHHH Green Freddie Okay, um. AH, you bitch! I’m going to make this quick because the master is approaching he is the one who is controlling them I Am beginning to remember who I was I can see the wires the The heads it it hurts so bad. I think I had a family Anyway, keep it up. Thanks for the encouragement Thank you! I feel good about that AHHHHHHH UUGHHHHHHHH! What did I do?! What did I do? Well, I turned out the lights I put it back in the box it came out of, Im not touchin nothin Keep up the good freaky work touching all these animatronics Like that is that we are accusing me of?Why did I die so quickly?! Saw some homeless guy I dont know what that means what do I do if I see someone what is it? Oh Shit, okay What does it matter if I did or not? Am I supposed to do something about him? What am I supp- what do you expect me to do? OH! OH I SEE! I don’t think there’s any point to me actually checkin the other HEY! Get back in your box! GET BACK IN YOUR BOX! We don’t want your kind around here. I think chicas gone for the night I think that’s what he was talking about putting the big yellow one back in the box. I Don’t know what else to do then because I am at a bit of a curvfuckle I’m a little bit lost and I dont know what to do, I’m lost WOAH! NO! NO! I’m alive by the skin of my teets. Don’t trust the laughing. I don’t trust the laughing We’ve worked anyway HEHEHEHEHE got you don’t trust shit HEHEHHE I’ve got you. Oh, I see you. What the fuck was that? What? The way why was foxy there? Wait. Oh hi um… uhhhh Problem! I detect a problem! I think I think problem prob, prob problem. Prob, problem. What oh no, it’s not that this okay PROBLEM think I’m supposed to keep an eye on you cuz that’s how I know foxy works. I Think that that camera there is the one closest to me so if they’re there I’m in a bit of d- oh shit. Oh Shit foxy, where’d you go? We’re oh I see you back there. That’s right. Yeah you get back unless you’re closer to me and then I don’t like it. Ooooh oooh oooh. This is so much giggling this is so much chortling I don’t I don’t like that chortles I swear these last two hours last longer than the other ones. I think the pre-emptive thing the preemptively putting this out is Good seems to be working and foxy seems to be back in his hidey-hole. So That’s nice. It’s a lot of clanking a lot of clankin no no foxy. No Come on now foxy, you know better, you know better you get back in your hidey-hole ALMOST THERE Don’t Clank me. Dont clank on me. EH! I did it! Here we go more muffins give me the muffins put muffin in me I want it muffin me. I am the muffin man I’ve come to take your muffins. I can’t escape apparently Muffins are there no muffins for me That was not a muffin that looked like a giant turd. I don’t know. That’s a penis, but I’m picking it up. Got it Okay I am a little bit suspicious as to what I’m supposed to be doing here. Oh, that is huge. Okay Big chica. Okay, did I miss something? Was that supposed to be the last thing I was supposed to get because I think I might have goofed it a little bit. Oh What is that? What is that? Oh Those are too big Those are too big Those are way too big. What am I tiny? Just a tiny itty bitty little Freddy. Okay, so I think I need to find another piece of the chica puzzle I think that’s what it’s suggesting here so if I just find the last piece, oh here this. Hi Wah, and that’s the end of the demo and I get a cookie for all that Alright, so that was not bad. Not bad. Okay, and we’re just gonna hard crash. Okay. That was not bad Not bad at all. And that was not bad for three five nights at Freddy’s fan games The middle one was obviously bad, but it was made to be bad, but it was hilariously bad I laughed a lot and that gives it some enjoyment out of it So thank you everybody so much for watching If you got other cool games that you want me to play or other cool stuff that you want me to do Let me know down in the comments below. Thank you everybody so much for watching And as always I will see you in the next video, buh bye! *Outro music plays*

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