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  1. valerie lopez

    2:56:17 that’s what you get cheaters

  2. Glitch94

    Oh the irony of the ball banged onto the foul pole from Howies Home Run 1:55:39.

  3. Justin Bodley-Bjorklund


  4. Andrew


  5. Aviator43

    This will never get old

  6. Aviator43

    Dear 28 other fan bases, you’re welcome for winning. Sincerely, the Nats fanbase

  7. Smoke Dozzle

    Damn cheaters

  8. JDC Productions


  9. lhia0416

    I know the community guidelines call for comments to be respectful. It's hard to say anything respectful about those cheats Astros though.

  10. iamhungey12345

    The stream was fun.

  11. Inquizition

    Even with the home plate umpire in their pocket, the Asstros still couldn't help choking their lead away

  12. SAM IAM

    I think Astros are the real ones behind spreading the corona virus so they dont have to play through the season.

  13. I EAT BATS Dude

    I was watching this at nats stadium and that place exploded when Howie hit that homer

  14. CulverTowns


  15. Vengeful Gaming


  16. Vengeful Gaming

    Bang bang bang bang

  17. superninja252

    Thank you for #OpeningDayAtHome MLB, please keep showing and stream more gamess, let fans around the world have historical access to the classicss

  18. Austin Tucker


  19. Mr.Annie Flick

    Only astros fans would dislike this video. Their too salty

  20. María Riveraちゃんねる

    That 'boom' at 1:55:01, that was gold. Home run by Howie Kendrick.

    Remember, you heard it first on #TalkinNats that Nationals were going to be World Series Champions 2019.

  21. Dr. Oh's channel


  22. Leo Lin


    Trash can: Bang bang

  23. Joel Ulerio

    trash can
    Other MLB players: let’s teach them a lesson

  24. Claspedcolt9

    Hey Angels, make sure Rendon makes the playoffs again, will ya?

  25. Real Underdog

    Houston ain't got one thing real there. NASA, Astros criminals.

  26. XGh0sT 7

    Imagine cheating and still losing

  27. landover1988

    Number 1 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Go DC🤟🏾🕺🏽

  28. Douglas Henry

    Jose Altuve may abuse trash cans, but Howie Kendrick hit just one foul pole and undid it all.

  29. Boss modes

    Still get chills

  30. ckendall67

    Easily one of the best World Series-winning journeys in baseball by the 2019 Nationals 😀 Between the 2019 Nationals & 2011 St. Louis Cardinals, two World Series-winning ballclubs that I really liked seeing winning the whole thing in the end. 🙂

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