2019 World Championship Finals Tease

November 9, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

2019 World Championship Finals Tease

After the Group Stage, a lot of people
were saying we were a lucky team. We almost didn’t get into the Quarterfinals. Making it through to this point has been very difficult but it proves that FPX is a team with a lot of strength. Something the LEC and LPL have in common is we fight a lot but I think the LPL’s individual abilities are stronger. If we’re able to win the Championship this time, then that would be two in a row for the LPL. It would mean that we’re the number one region!

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  1. Norms

    Perkz vai fazer a boa ta safe

  2. love heaven

    g2 win pls

  3. Jayke Collins

    betting 100$ for FPX to win 3-1. I probs lost all my money

  4. Muaivadra Bloodline

    FPX will crush G2. 3-0

  5. Nexus Naga

    FPX winning. I've been correct since 2013 so hopefully my streak continues lol.


  6. barondorado

    3:15 kind of cringy

  7. Onasis Stoychev

    Video is amazing as always, but the music in this years hype video is just… no words..

  8. Little Emolga

    Someone get hook Someone is dead😎

  9. Marlon Cruz


  10. Jo4c5

    Doinb is such a happy person lol

  11. Paweł Kusiak

    Maybe the LPL individual abilities are stronger but as a TEAM not anywhere close

    G2 win

  12. Caio Carvalho

    Riot is teasing me more than my crush

  13. Michael Wu

    Fly fly Phoenix fly

  14. Depressed Panda

    Welp I hate to judge but this video got no hypy

  15. Usop Sempoi


  16. Kentucky Fried Siomai

    2:18 – 2:30
    Okay.. FPX is great, your team is great. But LCK won worlds 5 times in a row, so your region is not the best.

  17. C yril

    G2 or FPX?

  18. Daniel Alcazar

    Doinb : if we win, it'll be two times in a row for LPL. It would mean that we're the number one region.
    Nope. Korea won 5 in a row

  19. Dominik Kiełtyka

    i'm so sorry, but doinB has to wait for his world championship

  20. Jialin Hu

    I just love how much passion Doinb has for LPL. We really appreciate him here in China!

  21. 정형진

    T1 win

  22. Freed X

    They all want that LV trophy case tho


    Watch me

  24. Wenyao Xu

    U still suk caps 🙂

  25. Wenyao Xu

    G2 n FPX xd not well selling tickets right lmao

  26. Alvin Fan

    FP looks good in Nike gear.

  27. Fenninger gg

    a que hora juega knekro ?

  28. Minh Tuấn

    From Vietnam <3

  29. Tomás Rodrigues

    Honestly, if fpx were to face SKT they would have lost… G2WIN

  30. Jack Hoff

    4 AM PT


  31. Darmy Montana

    No hype 🍌👎 just arrogant team. 👎👎👎

  32. Alvaro Rivas

    I Hope FPX win!

  33. Dustin Micksch

    SKT will bounce back next year…

  34. Ilisio _

    King Slayers vs King Slayers

  35. NineTailed Nerd

    Lets go G2

  36. TuuTuu

    Its time for a new empire because they took down the Kings? 😮 The plot is good af

  37. Sam Pan


  38. Lizzy allen

    EU all-star team!

  39. Rylan James Gonzales

    Wait what? I don't see any TSM here.

  40. 朝夢

    Go FPX go!!!

  41. Bretharus

    Have you guys been hearing the True Damage Music on the Rift in the beginning of the game ?

  42. ZeRo CsD

    Doinb : 2 straight championship if LPL win once again。
    Bro, LCK won straight 3 or 4

  43. Deus Cruz

    Good Luck with both of the team. Without SKT I'm out of here. 😂

    I didn't even bother to vote on my World Prediction.🙄

  44. Arven Escario

    You can see how much DoinB love the game 💖💖💖


    You cant discount either team…. cause they crushed superteams along the way to get here…

  46. youwise8D


  47. SpiralXL

    I just don't care who wins I'm actually just waiting for the opening ceremony 😂

  48. Mitchell Daubon

    This worlds has been so good. In my opinion unless we get a 5 game LPL slug fest, 2018 was better.

  49. Karin Ritter

    When is NA playing?

  50. GordL

    Ppl: so excited for the finals
    Me: so excited for True Damage

  51. treu nguyen

    No faker

  52. The Jefferson Show !


  53. i i

    The tease's have been epic story telling

  54. Ben Richard Richter

    DoinB is a typical Sunnyboy fro his optic 🙂

  55. Jagic Yooo

    SKT's empire was gone after the God shed tears..

  56. Ezreal Togonon

    G2 trash attitude

  57. Kuya Mar

    Fpx must win. Hahaha. I want g2 yo taste defeat.

  58. Mike LoL

    Go FPX!!!!

  59. Ooga Booga

    The battle between Phoenix and G2 will exciting but do not for legends never die they rise

  60. Shiki Yuro

    The only problem with worlds this year is that there can only be one winner. Only one of this two lovable teams will complete their story arc this year

  61. Z Fong

    I'm so hyped let's go G2 let's go FPX let's go S9

  62. Luis Fernando

    LPL Vamos. Champions.

  63. Cl Vsr

    I am so fed up with this Europe narrative, "we don't do that for our team but for Europe". I am like what are you trying to do to make me cry or trying to reveal my nonexistent patriotic feeling like if I were living during the mid 19th century LOL…

  64. Strange Birds

    RUELLE <3

  65. Vher was Here

    i mean, i dont even care who wins right now. they both really deserve it. its like hashtag Worlds2019NewEmpire right here!

  66. Lexther Letim

    Im still hype for the true damage appearance.

  67. Shazuan Ajiji

    Kingslayers? More like battle of the godslayers

  68. cheese potato

    I sadly think G2 will win. And I say sadly because they are so cocky and arrogant. I hate that.They have no respect for any team. I don't want them to represent the nature of competition.

  69. Christnen Meyvin

    Perkz, the face of yasuo

  70. Julz Ale Vincent Absin

    tarzan will always be better than jankos

  71. Tâm Thần Đi Nắng

    Doinb's spirit tho

  72. Al Roi Benavidez

    If g2 wins i think they'll be the first region to win on their home region venue or is there a team who've already done that?


    이번만은 LPL이 우승하면 좋겠네 ㅎ

  74. Đào Đức Thông

    1:15 how worried Wunder was

  75. Christopher Weaver

    NA love coming to you G2 ! Bring it home baby !!!

  76. Thomas

    Fly, Phoenix Fly

  77. GGX Gang Member


  78. loui casapao

    I think this year lpl will get the world championships..

  79. Anthony Li

    Killing FAKER gets highlights…feeling bad

  80. Damian Le Cong

    Doinb already have incredibly cute and beautiful wife whom he married this year, this is enough luck for one man… He simply cannot win this worlds xd

  81. Winter

    “LEC and LPL skill gap teaser”

  82. Hermie Grahm

    Go FPX!

  83. Lam Nguyen Viet

    G2 WIN
    from vietnam with love :3

  84. 1909Fredde

    when are the finals?

  85. Dokusei

    G2 don't underestimate FPX.
    Finals in Europe = Hopefully G2 wins this.

  86. Shirou Sensei

    I hope FPX wins the worlds.

  87. EvilsVein LoL

    Ahh I had chills through the whole video, LETS GO G2

  88. 오르카

    이번에 T1못올라온건 좀 많이 아쉽다..빡커형 군대갈텐데..

  89. Octavius Altman

    My vote is for fpx bc everyone seem to be on g2 side and like caps but I like the under dog more.

  90. Jinhunter Slay

    Wait….*PARIS* !!?

  91. Mary Grace Padua

    This gets me f more excited!!! UwaaaaAAaAAaAHhH

  92. Mary Grace Padua

    This gets me f more excited!!! UwaaaaAAaAAaAHhH

  93. Squidward

    Man.. where is the subtitles? feels bad man.

  94. Isaac Philip

    Fly phoenix Fly is gonna win

  95. naman mehta

    Better worlds song lmao

  96. John Marlowe Mamaril

    Im a fan of SKT but i vote for FPX

  97. Dimitri Silva

    The cup looking clean. Noice

  98. 최준혁

    하 쉬뱗 개뺙췰네 뉘뮗 졿또 우리 튀원이 올라가야 줫관쥖데 ㅡㅡ

  99. dave lorenze

    Should be "2019 Finals Tease: Prestige Edition"

  100. Touff

    Phoenix fly, G2. Watch out.

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