12 More Underrated AMIGA Games | Ep. 186

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12 More Underrated AMIGA Games | Ep. 186

The Naughty Ones is simply an old-fashioned
platform game designed by a Demo Group by the name Melon Dezign and published in 1994
by Interactivision. Its creators, Jacob Hansen and Henrik Mikkelsen,
even left a message on the game’s disk asking for players not to pirate their game. They even stated that they had no time to
make a proper protection, so it was up to us, Amiga gamers, to spread it like bunnies
or simply respect its creators, ‘cause they’ve offered Amiga fans amazing demos to show off,
and unlock, all the potential of Commodore’s machine and never asked us for any money. Back to the game, we have to simply collect
a key to be able to advance to the next screen. That’s it! So addictive! Obviously that there’s enemies to avoid
and to eliminate, just by using one of the many weapons available, and bonus items waiting
to be picked up in the most awkward and unreachable places. It’s also up to us to go get those much
desirable items, risking losing a life, or leave them be and go through the exit door
and to the next stage. An amazing arcade platformer that every fan
should try, if you happen to have a traditional Amiga computer or a CD32 console! It’s an incredible game, in every single
aspect! Saint Dragon was so addictive, both on the
arcades and on my ZX Spectrum, but was on the Amiga that I would, later, further explore
it. It really lacks a deeper parallax scrolling
effect, but the developer who ported the game just followed the exact same template of the
arcade original from Jaleco. And, that was a freaking awesome achievement! The game plays and sounds practically identical
to the arcade game! Graphics are superbly drawn and colored, evoking
the feel of playing the coin-op original. And, despite the number of sprites on screen
and the sheer size of the enemies, scrolling and animation moves at a pretty smooth pace. There isn’t much to say about the plot of
Saint Dragon. We play a cyborg warrior who has decided to
rebel against the evil and oppressive forces of our tyrannical leaders. Like in RoboCop, we’re part machine part
dragon, so I guess that we have feelings!… One of the hardest games I’ve ever played
on the Amiga! The SNES completely different version, that
I’ve already reviewed, is way easier and enjoyable! Even so, I’ve always had a sweet spot for
this Amiga original, that is graphically identical to the Mega Drive port. But let me tell you, the Maverick 1 is the
perfect weapon to exterminate the Aliens once and for all! Kid Chaos was an attempt, from developer Magnetic
Fields, to give Amiga fans a Sonic-like experience on their favorite machine. It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s fluid, it’s
a must play to everyone that enjoys fast platforming action, just like me! It’s true that, back in 1994, it didn’t
bring anything new to this over saturated genre, but it’s a really solid platformer,
technically impressive and interesting in its stylistic approach. It’s challenging and addictive at the same
time, and its plot is as simple as this: a kid, by the name Chaos, was transported
from the stone age into an unknown world by evil scientists from the future. It couldn’t be simpler than this! We have to run around through each of the
20 levels available, or sections, destroying targets with our club finding, in the process,
hidden passages which will offer us bonuses like apples and power-ups. It feels like an easy game at the beginning,
but as we progress in the game, the damage factor will be higher and higher. It was also available on the CD32 and, during
development, it was known as Kid Vicious, a title dropped at the last minute due to
a threat by lawyers from famous punk rock band The Sex Pistols that saw it as a pun
on the name of the musician Sid Vicious. This intro tune really sets the mood for things
to come! Yeah!!! Roadkill is one of the greatest top-down racing
games from its generation, with amazing sound, graphics and an overwhelming parallax scrolling
that reminds me of the very first Micro Machines released a few years before. Vision Software developed this futuristic
racing game in where all sorts of weapons can be used against the other 9 opponents. Yes! 9! Nowadays we see this style of gameplay all
over the place and, besides Roadkill, Re-Volt was, and still is, another favorite of mine,
but on the PC and Dreamcast, that was released 4 years later. There’s no 4th place in Roadkill. We must finish every race in the top three
spots available at the podium, and the higher we finish, the more cash we get. Even during the race, we can go for the Jackpot
and even Super Jackpot, destroying completely all the other racers on track! Yeah! Bring it on!! This one is only available for AGA machines,
like the Amiga 1200 or 4000, and for the Amiga CD32. The
French division of Ocean Software, whose main objective was to develop 16-bit titles for
Ocean, came up with the character Mr. Nutz, created by Philippe Dessoly, that had its
original debut on the Super Nintendo back in 1993. A year later, a sort of sequel was released
for the Amiga, this outstanding platform game with that same cute character that could well
be a true system’s mascot! A Mega Drive version was also planned and
finished but never released, so Mr. Nutz: Hoppin’ Mad remains as an Amiga exclusive
and extremely fun to play with the Maverick. I have so many fond memories of playing Cabal
at the arcades and later on my good old ZX Spectrum 128K. Tried the Amiga version a couple of years
later and I was, once again, addicted to it. In Cabal we’re behind enemy lines and have
to fight through five levels, each with four stages, in order to stay alive and reach safe
ground. A friend can join in and the general idea
is to move our character from left to right shooting at all the enemy soldiers that comes
running on from the sides of the screen. Pressing the fire button, we’re able to
shoot and move around that giant sight. Releasing the fire button will allow us to
move the character from one place to another, running or rolling along the ground. As you’ve noticed, also bigger things need
to be destroyed, like tanks, helicopters and trucks. Use grenades to take down these tougher opponents,
but be aware that our supply is really limited. For last, one of me most satisfying thing
on Cabal is the ability to also reduce those buildings to bits and pieces. So much fun and an amazing port by, again,
Ocean Software. Now for a clone of Bubble Bobble, I present
you Super Methane Bros.! But, don’t let the word “clone” scare
you! Yes, it’s a clone of Bubble Bobble, but
it’s a freakin’ good one! Apache Software developed and released, by
1993, this highly addictive action platformer, again, for all Amiga computers and the CD32,
being also well received by the gaming press of the time. The gameplay is simple: go through all the 100 screens or levels,
absorbing all those annoying bugs with our methane gun and shooting them against a wall,
all this within a time limit. That’s it! So simple! And that’s what makes it addictive, Bubble
Bobble style! Sorry! I couldn’t help myself! And some of you will stop me right here and
yell: Super Methane Bros. was ported to Windows, Linux, RISC OS and even iOS! Yes, it was. But was under a General Public License and
for free, so, the Amiga original is, technically, still a commercial exclusive release. I absolutely love Midnight Resistance, on
every single system to where it was ported. My favorite conversion is probably the one
for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis made by Data East themselves, but, sadly, it was never
released in Europe. Nowadays, I can play it using my home-made
arcade cabinet, but, back then, I could only enjoy it on the ZX Spectrum and on the Amiga. And it was awesome to see the arcade cabinet
being featured in the second RoboCop movie! Ocean Software grabbed the license and Special
FX was the team responsible for this conversion of such a highly popular coin-op game… at least, here in Portugal! And I can’t get this amazing soundtrack
out of my mind! It’s simply one of my favorites of all time! In this one, some nasty alien invaders have
kidnapped our family. So, obviously that our mission is to try and
rescue them going against a huge army of enemies, ranging from foot soldiers through to massive
F-14s and huge floating heads that spit maggots. If you’re familiar with the arcade original,
you know that Midnight Resistance also offers multi-directional scrolling and huge backdrops,
ranging from winding mountain trails to massive underground complexes. The two-player option remains intact, with
the clever use of joystick control, allowing us to fire in eight directions regardless
of which way we’re travelling. Collecting keys dropped by the enemies will
allow us to improve our firepower and choosing the right weapon is crucial to advance in
the game. It really plays like on an arcade cabinet
with huge and well animated sprites, along with smooth eight-way scrolling. Impressive! Now, here’s the Amiga version of the TurboGrafx/PC
Engine original Bonk’s Adventure. In this particular case, the title was changed
to B.C. Kid, but the addictive gameplay and amazing graphics and sound remained intact! Just look at this magnificent work of art! And played with a Maverick 1 is such an enjoyable
experience! The pre-historic theme applied to video games
is always a subject for huge laughs! Chuck Rock was an original Atari ST and Amiga
title that came from the creative minds of renowned developer and publisher Core Design
and the box art said it all! This is a freakin’ hilarious game that I
absolutely loved back then, along with UGH!, from developer Egosoft, that came a year later
and continued this pre-historic mayhem, firstly on the Amiga and later on DOS. We control this muscle-powered sort of elevator
/ flying machine to take our fellow cave buddies from one place to another within each screen. This one was reviewed in the early days of
It’s a Pixel THING so, feel free to check one of my early videos! And, be careful! This is one of the most addictive games I’ve
ever played!

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