10 years of the Scariest DOS Games ever made – DWRelive – Halloween Special

It’s that time of year again! Get your candy, pumpkins and costumes ready
because it’s Halloween! And Halloween just wouldn’t be complete
without a game to scare you! Growing up there were a ton of really creepy
games that freaked me and my brother out everytime we would play them. So It got me thinking, there were games that
scared me as a kid but would they still scare me as an adult? So it’s time to relive these games and see
if they are as scary as I remember. This is our search for the scariest DOS game! (Evil laugh) Now to make this fair, I played all of these
games in the dark, with the sound turned up nice and loud so each game would have an equal
opportunity to scare me. I tried playing each game for up to 2 hours
but some didn’t get that much time due to the nature of the game which you will see
in some of the reviews. I’m also doing 1 game for each year and
I decided to have the last year be 1995 since that was the year that windows 95 came out
and then it started to dominate the market. I remember that the only reason why we got
windows 95 was because my dad wanted to play Diablo and it was a windows only game! So I think it is appropriate to stop at this
year. So without further ado let’s get to our
first game! Translvania 1986 By Penguin Software: This
game is a text based game and I’m so glad I turned the sound way up because the music
to this game is Non-Existent! I mean the game was made in 1986 but couldn’t
you have at least put some kind of sound in here. Even Pong had sound! Alright let’s begin “Velcome to Translvania… Vont you sign……” Really… All they are missing is an over the top “Blaahhhh”
Who is my next of kin? Why? Hmmm my next of kin… UGG! You are facing an ancient stump covered with
faint writing. Ok so let’s go North. Yeah this game is just boring and confusing. Ohh a menacing “VereVolf” Let’s fight
him! Well looks like our furry friend had us for
dinner… I would try this again but it’s pretty clear
that this game will not be scary at all. Not having any music and since it is just
horrbily drawn picuteres destroys any type of scary atmosphere for me. So on to the next game Maniac Mansion 1987 by Lucasefilm. Now this game is a classic. It was so popular that it even got a remake
in 2004 called Maniac Mansion Deluxe but we are gonna stick with the classic. A little fun fact, the creator of Maniac Mansion,
Ron Gilbert developed the SCUMM game engine all because of this game. This stood for Script Creation Utility for
Maniac Mansion and it would be used in a ton games up until about 1998. But let’s get to the game! So you play as Dave who is the main character,
along with 2 of his friends that you get to select. The objective of the game is we are trying
to save Dave’s Girlfriend who has been kidnapped by a mad scientist. Look at the size of his head! I love it! The game works off of a verb-noun system with
preselected options on the bottom here. The opening scene is pretty cool too as you
are locked out of the house and have to find a way to sneak in but once you do, the game
gets a little creepy because you have to sneak around the house completing objectives to
try and save Dave’s girlfriend. This game isn’t so much scary as much as
it is a bit of a thriller and a little funny. Like right here while I was sneaking around
the house, the doorbell suddenly rang and now the mad scientist or one of his family
are going to be walking around the house. If you get caught, they put you in their dungeon. This game is also on a timer and if you aren’t
careful! Game over! This game has a ton of objectives you can
do, along with multiple endings but the creators stated that made this game to make fun of
B-movie horror films although it does get some points for being “a little creppy”
it’s not that scary. Forward another year! Darcula in London 1988 by SDJ enterprises. Well the opening screen is a bit interesting. I remember seeing this game as a kid and never
understood it so hopefully now it will make sense. Apparently you play as the characters from
Brohm Sokers Dracula and you are tasked with killing him. Turns out this is more like a board game than
an actual horror game. Well… let’s see what happens during the
gameplay So you have a ton of provisions and the typical
vampire killing aresenal. Crucifix. Garlic. Sacred wafer? REALLY!? That is just awesome! I want one! I really want the next vampire movie to have
someone throwing wafers at the vampires. We need to make this happen! Sorry back to the game. you have random events that happen throughout
the game and the object is to kill dracula and there are quite a few different things
that can happen. Mina can get turned into a vampire herself,
you can get arrested for breaking and entering during your intvestigation, it isn’t a horrible
game considering it was made in 1988 it’s just not scary at all. yeah… onto the next one! Alright a Nightmare on Elm Street 1989 by
Westwood Associates the game starts out with an interesting screen and then you get to
see our boy in the burnt flesh Freddy! He claws the screen and then kills Joey we
didn’t even get a chance to save him. A moment of silence for our boy Joey …. Ok
he’s dead, let’s select someone and play. So level 1 is really weird, you have this
top down type of screen where you have to find Freddy’s house and while you are looking
for this house, Freddy is chasing you and there is this weird thumping sound that I
guess is supposed to be scary. (Thump Thump) I ran everywhere looking for
this stupid house but luckily I found it after about 10 minutes and I was already starting
to get bored with the game. But once you finally get into the house, this
is where the character selection screen starts to make sense. All of the kids get special powers and Will
and Taryn are easily the best. Will gets to throw lightning bolts and Taryn
gets to throw knives! How cool is that? But then we get Kincaid and Kristen, they
get a punch and kick. Yeah they suck! So we run around to find a key and then climb
down to the next level with the assistance of this nun that then laughs at us whenever
we die so I’m pretty sure she isn’t on the up and up. You can save your game and reload it to try
and get to the gardening demon from hell but honestly this game is only scary when you
see Freddy Krueger’s picture but that’s not saying much so NEXT! Escape From Hell 1990 by electronic arts! So the intro is kinda scary.. I guess. I mean at least there’s music so hopefully
we get something a little scary this game. Yhe game starts out with you laying down with
your girlfriend and then she suddenly vanishes. You get a call from the Divine Phone Company
and then a demon tells you that you have been transported to hell. Alright we now we are talking! Let’s do this! Ah- what the hell is this? Okay, apparently this is a top down, action
RPG game and you have to ally yourself with people like Ghengis Khan and Stalin. I guess it makes sense since this is hell
and you’re supposedot be paired with bad guys not good guys. This game is just pop culture references in
an RPG about Hell. I mean they brough in mcdonald’s Slogan
of over 60 billion served! (This game was made in 1990 don’t forget. And they even bastardized the post office
Slogan. Yeah this game is horribly slow. It isn’t too bad as an RPG though, you do
get to team up with Horatio and Hamlet to fight off the guards of Hell. But it’s not scary at all. So another year, another game! Onto the next one! Dangerous Dave in the haunted mansion 1991
by id software is a 2d side scrolling action horror game where you are trying to rescue
your brother Delbert who is lost in a haunted mansion. The game starts out with almost no dialog. You run into the mansion and start shooting
up zombies left and right. This game is probably going to be my shortest
review because there isn’t anything scary about this game. The gameplay wasn’t too bad but in regards
to scaring me…. not happening. The other problem is, each time you die from
a different enemy, it gives you this interesting cut scene and I want to watch each one! and
I keep getting sent back to the first level… Sorry to dissapoint but this game is a let
down in regards to being scary! Sorry Delbert, in the mansion you stay as
we go to the next game! Alone in the Dark 1992 by infogrames Now this
is a game is one a lot of you probably already know. Playing it immediately makes you think about
Resident Evil and that is because this game is considered the forefather of the survival
horror genre. If you are a fan of that genre, I highly recommend
checking this game out! The game starts out with a selection screen
picking between a male or female character but even though it’s only for aesthetics
as far as I can tell, the stories are completely different! The guy sounds like an insane lunatic! Then the girl sounds like she is just trying
to figure out what happened to her uncle so there is only 1 logical choice of course. The guy! The game itself is pretty creepy but for me
this only happens when you turn off the sound. Listen to the difference! The music takes away from things like the
Creaky door, the moans and the eerie footsteps but this game definitely is scary. However, The controls on this game are horrible,
once you get hit by an enemy, it’s pretty close to a game over unless you’re able
to back up. Then when you die, the stunt zombie from thriller
comes in and drags your corpse away. I love how her eyes are still open during
this whole thing! This scene actually scared me! I forgot about this thing jumping through
the window. So you first see it hopping around right outside
and then it jumps through the, yeah… that scared me. I’m happy because I finally found a game
that was actually scary! I love how if you put the dresser here and
then the creature tries to jump through he makes this angry moan like you just ruined
his day! (MOAN) I love how you don’t always have
to fight either and sometimes going for an all out assault is for nothing. Like this creature right here he can’t be
killed as far as I know. I hit him about 30 times and he still didn’t
die. You have to use a mirror to kill him. I don’t understand how that works but hey…
whatever works. So the whole story is you’re investigating
a house you get trapped inside and you are trying to escape. While you are trying to escape you realize
that the house must be burned down because it has been used as a spot for evil rituals
to increase the longevity of a pirate by binding his soul to a tree. Yes this is the actual story! You burn down the tree and get the hell out
of that house! So there is this one part of the game I absolutely
love. You are walking down the stairs trying to
escape and all of a sudden from out of nowhere the door slams shut and you start getting
laughed at and you have no idea who it is. I would love to be able to do that to people. Just, SLAM (Evil laugh) but once you leave
the house that’s it. The game is over! It’s a really quick game but as of right
now, this is the scariest one we have played! So clutching our blankets, we move onto the
next one! 7th guest 1993 by Trilobyte. The game is considered an interactive movie
puzzle adventure game because a lot of the scenes are live action. I’ll tell you right now though… the acting
is terrible! Now At first the atmosphere of this game was
a little creepy but not so much scary. You run around and solve puzzles going from
room to ro-….. Nope! Back I go! Alright that was pretty scary… So now I think we are finally getting an alright
horror game. Acting aside, this game is both creepy and
a bit more scary than I had remembered. The game is also really fun to play. The puzzles can be insane like this one right
here. You have to get these rooks from one side
of the board to the other but you can’t have them be in a position to where they could
take each other out. I remember beating this game as a kid and
the ending honestly scared me back then. So the 7th guest is this kid that wandered
into the mansion by accident and the old many needs this kid’s soul so he can complete
a pact he made with a demon, the demon inturn made him rich. So the kid eventually gets away and then the
old man gets dragged down to hell. This scene really scared me as a kid. Now that we are done with this one, we’re
going to accept the invitation for our next game ! Ecstatica 1994 by Andrew Spencer Studios. Now this game feels almost exactly like Alone
in the dark. The story is about a nameless traveler and
you get to pick between a male or female chracter. Now the biggest problem I have with this game
is it is too damn funny to be scary to me! So as you’re walking into town you get pounced
on by this demon and this thing just slaps you into next century! It is great! Here watch That is so awesome! This combat system is ridiculous and it’s
like that for every single fight! It’s doesn’t matter what your fighting,
it doesn’t matter who you are fighting. They are gonna get slapped! So I’m officially renaming this game to
“Slapstatica!” On a serious note the naration of this game
is terible, the characters are way over the top and spoiler alert this game is not going
to be number 1! Sorry! So let’s slap on the next game! Phantasmagoria 1995 by Sierra. This game is a point and click Live action
adventure game and it kind of reminds me of the 7th Guest but there is a huge difference
as soon as you start playing the game…. The acting. It is so much better in my opinion and it’s
not Oscar winning by any stretch of the imagination but it definitely isn’t bad Don! DON!! We start out with our main character Adrienne
and her husband Don who have just moved into a mansion that was once owned by a magician
named Carno. They soon discover that he had 5 wives that
all died mysteriously but there are rumors that he was using black magic and got possessed
by a demon. A few days after moving in, Adrienne’s husband
starts to act overly agressive and as the game progresses he sinks deeper and deeper
into madness and becomes more and more of a bastard in my opinion. Adrienne begins having these visions of what
happened to the wives of Carno and this is where the game starts to really freak me out! They don’t hold anything back when it comes
to the violence of this game. It is unapologetically violent and it only
adds to the fear because you have no idea what might happen next. You find out later that Carno’s last wife
tried to murder him by listen to this! “sabtoging his equipment for his most dangerous
trick which ended up with his head being burned and brutally disfigured!” In her defense though, he did brutally kill
his previous 4 wives so I think that she was just taking the initaitive and taking him
out before he could take her. We later find out that Don actually did get
possessed by the spirit of Carno and he tries to kill Adrienne leading to a bloody showdown. I would go into more details about the ending
but it’s so violent that I can’t show a lot of it on this channel. This game is definitely a contender though
it was really done! And this is our final game! Let’s find out which game is the scariest! Now I have put all of these games through
my super secret review formula then I can confidently come up with our winner. And the winner is: (Drumroll) Phatasmagoria! This game is scary! Even though the gameplay was simple, it allowed
for the story and the horror to build up perfectly. The 7th guest did come close at number 2 but
ultimately the gameplay really took away from the fear factor. Some of those puzzles are hard! Looking at you, you stupid microscope puzzle! And while the horrible acting was funny to
me, it did take away from the game being really scary. Phantasmagoria also has the biggest budget
of all the games on this list but besides the money you can tell that a lot of love
and care went into this game. They hired professional actors, they hired
a professional special effects studio and they went all out with the music as well! The composer did an amazing job because sometimes
they would take out the music completely in some scenes to let the suspense build up. All of this combined made for a game that
was the perfect recipe to try and bring chills to anyone playing it. And because the game is so violent the tension
builds up perfectly you have no idea what’s going to happen to Adirenne at any moment. So if you are looking for a game to really
get you scared this Halloween, Phatasmagoria is the way to go! However, if you are trying to stay away from
a ton of blood and gore, then I invite you to try out the 7th guest! It’s definitley a close second on my list. Reliving this game is like trick or treating,
some houses give good candy, some houses give bad candy and in 1994 I got a rock! But then you find that one house that everybody
loves because they are giving out those king sized candy bars. Even though I had to play some horrbile games
to find what I consider to be the scariest horror game for DOS I still had fun doing
it. And to me that’s what trick or treating
is all about! Having fun! I just wanted to thank everyone for watching
DWRelive Reviews and if there is a game you would like us to review please leave it in
the comments below! We’ll be posting new videos one a week so
click that notification button to get the latest in the series! As always, Relive those great moments one
game at a time! Until next time!

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