‘집행검’만들어서 오이 베기

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‘집행검’만들어서 오이 베기

Hello, this is the 3D artist, Sanago. What we are making today is P2W Sword- ‘The Excution Sword’. As I’m sure you already know, this is a weapon item from the beloved historical traditional Korean game,
‘Lineage’ The reason why this virtual item receives such attention can be attributed to the fancy designs, of course but in reality, it’s mostly due to the infamous price. An upgraded sword can buy you
over 460,000 packets of ramen. This time I’m goning to make this thing big so I’m placing this stiff steel rod at the center and a more flexible one for the guard
after shaping it with tools. I’ve played Lineage when I was young. There was this monster called ‘Monster Eye’ I got so scared of them, I still remember the nightmares. What a young, clueless youngster I was, playing those computer games until dawn. Now that I’m all grown up I’m making some items from obsolete computer games. Amazing, isn’t it. Still, I’m pretty satisfied. If I was born in the old times I would’ve been working at a forge. Draw along the outline of the sword first. Weapons are among the easier ones
to make with a 3D pen but since it is all done by hand, it can easily become askew or asymmetrical. So for the starters, focus on the overall balance
rather than the details. It’ll be too heavy to swing around if I fill it completely so I’m making these flat surfaces
while leaving the inside empty. It will still be able to endure a lot of stress,
thanks to the steel rod. Actually I just didn’t want to do the extra work filling it. However, this part receives especially a lot of stress so I’m filling this part. This is my cat, Antoine(앙뚜) Whenever I try to slack off he makes sure to climb up and give stern looks. Make these alternating vertical and horizontal lines to make a sturdy surface quickly. The video makes it look fun and quick the only quick thing here is how fast
it makes you want to give up. Sure, it looks fun x100 times sped up actually it still looks fun editing this footage but sitting in the same place for 5 hours make your back hurt and your shoulders and your eyes and your head and your fingers and your butt Head, Shoulders, Knees Toes Knees and Toes Everything hurts. Actually it doesn’t hurt THAT much. Flatten the surface cursorily with a woodburning tool, make the flat part of the blade separately and cursorily precisely shape the blade and by “cursorily precisely” I mean Melt and flatten the surface cursorily.
But precisely. It feels so satisfying when you pull it from the paper. Reinforce the rod inside to make sure it stays in place and fill the other side of the blade. For human figures I usually stack about 3 layers but I am making it a bit thicker for a blade. Here is a charging port. Test the circuits for the decorative LED first. Solder the LED cursorily and connect with the boost converter,
which will raise the voltage of the battery. It lights up well. Now place the components inside the crossguard. Fix them in place first, finish up the soldering and tidy up the cables. Now we just need to place the battery in the grip But this battery is too big
for the thin grip of the Excution Sword this one is big sideways and Nago has big feet. So I bought this damn expensive long battery. Affix the battery and we’re almost done. Now just need 30 more hours of work. It is almost over my patience is… Now we need to fill all spaces with filaments but if I was filling all these with a 3D pen my head to shoulders knees and toes
might start to ache all over again so I’m melting these directly with a lighter and fill the inside. Let’s fast forward the rest because I’m lazy. It just struck me if the sword’s full name is
‘The Excution Sword of Jin Myeong Hwang’ who is this ‘Jin Myeong Hwang’? Was the Lineage employee who designed this item named Jin Myeon Hwang? Nope. Jin Myeong Hwang is actually a title,
the full name is Jin-Myeong-Hwang Dantes Dantes is the head of the Dark Elf race and the one behind the destruction of Glu… Gludio town,
apparently. So someone super strong, I guess. Now we are working on the decorative details. Make the details separately and attatch it to the blade decoration. Shape it with filaments, cursorily. Trim it with the woodburning tool and grind with a mini grinder to make this half-baked shape into this refined shape. Polish up the hilt using the same process. Cut off the steel rod from the beginning. Now we’re polishing the blades. Rub the surface with a high-speed grinder. It may look like I’m grinding but what’s actually happening is,
I’m flattening the surface with the heat from the friction Compared to a surface
polished with a woodburning tool, you can see how much more flat and smooth it looks. You can also add details like this to make it look better. Make engravings into the plain blade and it becomes super superb. Make sure to remove the protruding plastic with a knife because it is very satisfying. You can also utilize sketches to carve details. The downside is the residual paper sticking but nothing a knife can’t fix. Make a diamond shape as a highlight and you can easily make this fancy detail. Using the aluminum foil
that I got with the fried chicken delivery yesterday fill up the place where the gem will be placed. Cover it up with pink transparent filaments and make gradiants with purple. Make it smooth like Freeza’s bald head and remove it temporally to get rid of the foil insdie. put some filaments inside a bit, put in some cotton from my pillow and the gem-like Freeza head Uhhh I mean
the gem that looks like Freeza’s head goes on top. Do the same for the small gem at the bottom. Time for painting. Spary the gray primer over 2-3 times As for the blade, I used the silver spray that I bought recently and ruined it The spray looks way too garish and cheap so I colored the golden parts with acrylic paint. I just need to grind off the ruined part and re-paint. Liquid from a Chrome Marker,
mixed with some black acrylic paint. When you paint, make sure to paint over 2-3 times to make it look smooth and nice. Even better if you use darker colors to make shades Paint the hilt as well and finally, pull away the masking tape to reveal the Freeza’s baldy. Remove the tape at the bottom as well,
and The Excution Sword is finished. Truly, the elegance and balance befitting the title of the strongest sword in Lineage. The jewel in the center
seems to elevate its value even further. (although it looks like freeza’s bald head) There is an USB C-type charging port
underside of the guard so you can charge it anywhere, anytime. Well then, time to slice up some cucumbers. Tie up the violent beast, make sure it cannot move and threaten it with the Excution Sword. There was a Kendo school near my home.
For the 3 years of my high school years I had considered hard going for it and eventually didn’t. Welp, time to clean up Jeez, it smells like cucumber here In truth, I like cucumbers. after the cameras stop rolling, I delightfully pick up the fallen cucumbers and eat them. This kitchen knife sure is sharp. after the chopping, when you pick up one and Yeah, as if.

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